VIDEO: Border Patrol in Battle With Illegals on the Border

( – US Border Patrol officers skirmished with a swarm of Venezuelan illegal immigrants at the Southern Border after one migrant struck an agent with a giant flag pole and others threw rocks at them.

You can see some of what took place in the video further down this post.

The clash with the illegals occurred in the El Paso Sector of the US-Mexican border, forcing the attacked detachment of US border agents to fire pepper balls against the illegals and push them back across the Rio Grande and into Mexico.

Video footage shared on Twitter (see below) shows the moments after the clash, as the illegal immigrants retreat towards the river before the advancing border guards.

One of the migrants can be seen carrying a gigantic flag of Venezuela, whose pole he used to hit a Border Patrol officer. Even as the illegals are seen retreating in the video, their flagbearer still tries to use the flagpole as a pike, thrusting it in the direction of the American border agents.

The skirmish with the Venezuelan illegals occurred around 12:20 pm local time on Monday after a crowd of them tried to cross the Rio Grande International Boundary, The Washington Times reported.

It remains unclear why the migrant with the flag used the pole to strike a border agent, but the assault led the US Border Patrol to kick out the entire Venezuelan crowd from American territory.

“One of the protesters assaulted an agent with a flag pole, at which time agents responded by initiating crowd control measures. These measures included the use of the authorized less-lethal force pepper ball launching system,” a spokesperson of US Customs and Border Protection told Fox News.

Retweets of the video footage showing the last stage of the pushback claimed the US Border Patrol used rubber bullets. Still, the record was set straight by the National Border Patrol Council, which made it clear the officers were firing pepper balls.

“Fake news: They were NOT firing ‘rubber bullets.’ And the video clip doesn’t show what happened prior … the crowd throwing rocks at agents. Agents were using pepper ball launchers which are designed to disperse large crowds of unruly people,” the union tweeted.

Landon Hutchens, a CBP spokesperson, confirmed to the El Paso Times that the illegals had been throwing rocks at the Border Patrol officers.

“[After the flagbearer went after one agent, a] second subject threw a rock, causing injury to an agent, at which time agents responded by initiating crowd control measures,” Hutchens said.

Even though the thrown of illegals carrying a giant Venezuelan flag appeared to have committed aggression against US border guards, pro-immigration activists still condemned the latter.

“We are absolutely appalled by this video. People with the incredible courage to seek a better life deserve to be met with dignity,” wrote on Twitter the Texas Civil Rights Project.

More than 5 million illegals, including more than 1 million gotaways, have entered the United States since Democrat Joe Biden occupied the White House 21 months ago.

Here is the video: