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Video: Cop Killed While Serving Warrant

( – WARNING: Please be advised that the bodycam video footage contained in the tweet and YouTube videos below show an actual shootout between a suspect and police officers. One of the officers was shot and killed, and another was seriously wounded. The video may be too graphic and disturbing for some. If you believe you will be disturbed by the videos below, please do not watch them.

While we do not want people who may be emotionally harmed by watching videos like the ones below that we are sharing from the Houston Police Department, we do want Americans to see with their own eyes what our brave men and women in law enforcement are confronted with on a daily basis across the United States. It may sound like a cliche to some, but it is true that when police professionals leave the house in the morning, they do not know whether they will come home to their loved ones when their shift is over.

In the bodycam videos below (the tweet contains one two-minute snippet of what took place, while the YouTube video [click on the “Watch on YouTube” link to open the video] has the entire incident as recorded on multiple bodycams worn by the police officers involved), you will see multiple Houston Police Department officers at the door of a residence where they are attempting to arrest Deon Ledet who was wanted on a warrant.

As you’ll witness, what the officers most likely believed would be a routine arrest of a suspect, went horribly and tragically wrong. Unfortunately, the video graphically demonstrates that there is no such thing as a routine arrest when it comes to the violent criminals who walk the streets of the United States. The suspect is killed during the shootout.

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