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Video: Cop Kills Knife Attacker – Media Gets It Wrong

Time and again, the mainstream media gets it wrong when it comes to police-involved shootings.

The latest example took place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on September 13th when a police officer shot and killed a man who started to attack the officer with a knife. As you'll see in the video below, the officer had less than three seconds to defend himself from serious bodily harm or death as the man with the knife comes at him.

Yet, as Drew Holden demonstrates in a series of tweets that we've provided below the video, the mainstream media creates a far different story of the attack - leading to protests in Lancaster that have had the city on edge.

Please watch the video. Look at the still picture of the man with the knife. Did the officer have any other choice other than to defend his own life? Then, look at the examples Drew Holden provides (there are many, many more on his Twitter page) of how the mainstream media portrayed the incident.

Is this a classic example of media bias? Please share your thoughts in the comment section further down this page.


  1. Raymond says:

    The news media is one of the problems, if a black policeman shoots a white perpetrator, the media would say it was justified without checking all the facts. Why is that?
    If the media would publish facts about blacks killing blacks, maybe it would help stop killings, period.

  2. Maggie says:

    Keeping eyes shut tight when being shown video of true happenings allows the media to retain their ignorance

  3. Kevin Reed says:

    Vote Trump 2020 and save our country.

  4. McRant says:

    How to keep from being shot by the police:
    1) don’t break the law
    2) don’t resist arrest

    Pretty damn simple
    Last year, 13 Unarmed blacks were Killed by the police. That’s THIRTEEN out of 42 MILLION blacks and a couple of MILLION cops. That’s not systemic!

    Look up Chris Rock’s funny act about resisting arrest

  5. Robert says:

    In my honest oppinion the cop was wrong to use deadly force and shoot this back man. A well train police has other none deadly use of force. Tracer him is one. Hit him with the batton. Move out of his way. This a police officer that should be fire from the force he serve on. Don’t become a cop if you cannot use deadly force on someone trying to attack.

  6. Julia Ogden says:

    Let’s fix that headline, shall we? “Police Officer Fends Off Knife Wielding Attacker By Shooting In Self-Defence!” And the media didn’t “get it wrong”, they FLAT OUT LIED to PROMOTE RIOTS! Face it, the Main Stream Media are following an agenda organized and funded by the DNC and deep state friends! Where do you think the 3 BILLION dollars donated to Haiti went? The Clinton Foundation handled that money…and it NEVER got to Haiti? That’s what’s funding your riots in Portland, New York, and now this area! The media start the ball rolling, and the BLM’s and Antifa COMMUNISTS move in! MSM doesn’t care if they are lying…it’s their job now!

  7. David Cvijanovic says:

    What makes no sense to me is that these supposed peaceful protesters can run around our country and loot, riot and burn citizens businesses, and beat up citizens that don’t agree with their protests!!! Now I’m watching these THUGS on the internet(because the biased media won’t report on this subject)from the BLM & ANTIFA movement going to restaurant’s that have food service out on there patios, these THUGS are going on their property and flipping the tables and terrorizing their customers while they are dining in peace and the next thing they know is a crowd of THUGS are knocking their meals off of their tables and telling them to get the FUCK out of the area…
    I have an open & conceal permit to carry a hand gun and if I was dining at one of those restaurants, I would have started shooting these thugs down in self-defense…
    I’m sorry to say that our rights are being Violated and the justice system isn’t helping the average American at all these day’s and There’s going to be a vigilante movement against these thugs and the court systems are gonna be able to do a damn thing about it and it might lead to a new Civil War only this time it will be citizens against citizens and not against the government….

    • Robert says:

      The Antifa went to Sturgis and they were asking for police help.

    • HRABINA says:

      Kudos! Great response. We are no longer permitted to protect ourselves from attackers, policeman or not. If the perpetrator is BLACK, we can’t shoot back. What? Just lie down and die? How did America get so screwed up? Everyone knows how, but the revolutionaries are looking for a way to use force against anyone, without provocation, and the BEASTERDS are getting away with it. True Americans will not stand up to this threat, so we WILL FIGHT BACK.

  8. louis miele says:

    journalistic integrity…. a thing of the past currently we call or propaganda ministry the News or Reporters who rarely do .. simply report … no Who what where when Why … all cast aside for the SLANT always to the left everything on the TV is suspect from the Left or the Right all is propaganda… we have no “fourth estate “ no real JOURNALISM only sensationalized propaganda… Herman Goebels( propaganda minister for Hitlers Nazi movement) said if your gonna tell a Lie make it a big one and repeat it continueously and the people will eventually believe it ! we live in a revival of the Nazi era …Antifa is the rememant of that ideology… fascist by actions and retoric… and the fourth estate is ushering them into power just like Hitler

  9. Anthony G. says:

    Yet again a narrative of an excuse waiting for a reason by the ever so lying and untrustworthy news media! Their FCC License should be suspended and criminal charges filed for all damages as a result of misreporting the facts! I served in the Marines, seen and done many things protecting all American Citizens and our Allies. For this assailant to exercise his freedom by attacking a law enforcement officer there was only one viable outcome and the perp received just that! Good riddance. I would have dropped him too! FYI Joe Biden, the lowlife who shot the two police officers had a hand gun, not an assault weapon, at least try to know what you’re talking about. You are no leader, Soros puppet boy just like Hussein Obama who lied and used the good black and white folks in this country! Just retire already, you’re record when you did kind of know what’s going on is very embarrassing for America!

    • louis miele says:

      here here ! agreeded … start issuing indictments and rejecting FCC licenses… take the knife from their hands .. save our way of life our Nation and its law abiding citizens… arrest arrest arrest !!! criminal charges first then civil charges and compensation for all hirt by the lies and propaganda.. the incitement tp riot and do violence has real consequences.. in our justice system

      • Penny says:

        I agree but Democrat lawyers and judges will let them go. If it were you or I that tried defending ourselves against these so called “Peaceful “ protestors they would throw us in jail. We aren’t allowed to defend ourselves and just let them kill us. I call B.S on that and people are sick and tired of these thugs people will fight back and that’s how it should be.I am a Democrat yet I will vote for Trump you don’t have to like him but at least he is for the people of America,and he is the one helping us to stay a free America instead of what Democrats want. They want us to be like Venezuela or Cuba just talk to those that lived there and came here to get away from communism and Socialism. Democrats are lying to the people and to many believe what they promise that’s very sad.

    • louis miele says:

      here here ! agreeded … start issuing indictments and rejecting FCC licenses… take the knife from their hands .. save our way of life and our Nation

  10. Susan Colleen Kelsey says:

    I can’t believe the sports teams and media who are supporting BLM!! Of course, the lives lost in all this madness is beyond sad, but what about the lives of police, children, innocent bystanders, unborn babies? Why don’t they matter also? I am still in shock that criminals can get away with all these crimes. Justice against wrong-doing must be brought back to our society, or our country is doomed!!


      Bring on the punishment already. Why is our government letting these people get away with all of this? Stop them before they acquire any more power and destroy any more lives or property! Don’t just call their actions ILLEGAL, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  11. George E. Johnson says:

    I can’t wait for one of these media creeps, blm, or antifa or their familiez need a police officer. Lucky for them most police would help even knowing what assholes they are helping. It’s fhe way most of them are!

  12. Bill Burdett says:

    Exactly why the media has NO credibility anymore! When most people read the first report of an incident like this reported through the media, they immediately think “how did they misrepresent the story this time!!!

  13. Michael J Korger says:

    Here we go again! The only Black lives that matter are the ones shot by police no matter what the circumstances are. Where are the protests for the large number of Blacks being killed by Blacks every week especially weekends? It was just announced that 64 minority kids have been shot dead so far this year. Has there been even one protest??? Where are the protesters by abortion clinics? Hundreds of thousands of Black babies are being killed AGAIN this year! Biden and Harris are all for expanding killing more babies. How sick can they be?

  14. Randall Webb says:

    In Texas they would have field dressed the punk.

  15. Sic&Tired says:

    OH….My Goodness……The Law Officer shot a White Person – We Better have it Blasted ALL Over the Media.!!!! Good Thing it wasn’t a Black Person or another Holly Hell would begin by ALL the Morons and Idiots, who feel they have been cruelly disrespected…. NOT.!! I don’t care if the Law Officer was White, Black, or Any Other Race…..Good for Him, so he didn’t get killed.!!! My Hat is Off to that Officer for Protecting Himself and getting rid of piece of waste to our society…..



  16. Bothered Bob says:

    In my opinion, the media didn’t get it “wrong.” They outright LIED because these lies are the only things that promote their leftist agenda. Most of the media, and all of the BLM and Antifa do NOT care about black lives because there are absolutely NO reports of blacks killing blacks. There are no reports of blacks killing white people. There are reports of white people killing blacks because THAT is a “racist” issue. The other killings make their way quietly into the statistics, which are totally ignored by the media, BLM and Antifa. What the media, BLM and Antifa care about is ANY policeman, regardless of race, killing a black CRIMINAL. That’s it.

  17. Bob V says:

    Picking up a weapon against a police officer, ESPECIALLY in any case even close to this one, should render an immediate execution, by the police officer. If a derelict of society will do that to a cop, there is not one other person safe from a psycho like that.

  18. Kevin Blake says:

    Yes the media needs to be held accountable for their misinformation and possibly even charged by our doj for inciting violence this is unacceptable and freedom of the press should not permit these actions.

  19. Sic&Tired says:

    GLAD….The Law Officer – “Protected” Himself from a Complete Idiot and Moron, which we have SO MANY OF THESE DAYS.!!! This needs to be done to more of the Crazies Out There.!!!! When a Person, Hurts or Damages Property, or whatever the Act against the Law – IS.??….That person now HAS NO RIGHTS…. I wish more of these types of occurrences would happen – where the Law Officer is and was doing the “Right Thing”….in Protecting Themselves and at the same time Getting RID or a Waste of Space to Society. More of this Law Enforcement – when done within the Law……..Good Riddance to the Scums.!!!

  20. Frita says:

    Just a concern the man with the knife looked like he was far enough away deadly force may not have been needed. Maybe the police officer ate toooo many donuts and couldn’t use due deligence to get away.

  21. Carol bowers says:

    99^ of those killed by COPS ASKED FOR IT and were criminals. BLM Marxist to destroy our way of life and freedom and Democrats communist and GOD. Help us all. To many stupid people have no idea what socialism /communism is and will vote democrat.

  22. Ronald Pekkala says:

    If MSM has no bad news they just make some up, or twist the truth. That has been proven too many times. Lies sell.

  23. Just another example of wrong reporting on the police action, what was he doing with a knife chasing a police officer, what was the policeman suppose to do, get stabbed first, then try to shoot? Why was he threating his Mother with a large knife ? Why did the family call the police? None of these matter to the media, lets just make another riot and destroy what we can. What has happened to our society? Its horrible for all of us who know this was projected to the public in a totally biased manner. Shame shame on the media. Linda Krawcheck

  24. CB says:

    The media is the driving force behind this crap! They should be ashamed of themselves. If you break the law, you pay! Don’t run! Stay still and do what the officer says!

  25. Angela Sharrard says:

    That’s nothing new, reporters, journalists, and the media twist, add to and fabricate the facts.

  26. John Hannon says:

    Was the cop supposed to wait to get stabbed before he used lethal force ?
    Another one bites the dust , who cares .
    One less vote for Biden , no incarceration , Happy Meals or public defender , good riddance to bad rubbish .