Video: Cop Kills Thug With Amazingly Accurate Shot

( – There’s a reason that professional law enforcement officers spend so many hours training to discharge their firearms under a wide range of circumstances.

The video below shows how that intense and repeated training can pay off and save the life of an innocent victim.

As Police Activity reports:

On February 9th, deputies [with the Kern County California Sheriff’s Office] were called to the area of Pierce and State roads in Oildale on a report of a man “breaking car windows and committing assault with a deadly weapon.” That weapon turned out to be a hunting knife. The suspect was later identified as 25-year-old Deven Karl Moore. Around 1:21 p.m. deputies located Moore walking northbound on Pierce Road telling him to “stop and drop the knife and drop the fire extinguisher”, but he did not obey commands from the deputies. Moore fled to a nearby guard shack at a business in the area and took a man hostage at knifepoint. It was at that point that Deputy Austin Burgess fired twice into the shack, killing Moore who was pronounced dead at the scene.”

While that may sound fairly straightforward, you need to watch the two-minute video below to see how amazing the shots fired by Deputy Austin Burgess were given the position that Deven Karl Moore was in as he held the hostage in the guard shack.

WARNING: Some may find the video below disturbing. To proceed, click on the Watch on YouTube link below.