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Video: Cop Knifed in Neck, Completes Arrest

After a sheriff’s deputy shows a young man (see video) compassion and understanding during a mental health crisis, the young man attacks the deputy with a butcher’s knife – slicing the deputy’s neck.

Watch the video and witness the tremendous composure exhibited by Deputy Charles Williams as he chases down his attacker, subdues and arrests him, all while having been knifed.



  1. Resa Teter says:

    Biden needs to see this after his comment yesterday about shooting them in the leg. Yes, we would prefer that, but this officer tried the psychological way, and looked what happened. He is fortunate to be alive. Bad things happen too quickly to alway have time to be “nice.”

  2. PSzugaj says:

    99% police are GREAT and have a terrible job and place their lives in danger day after day. How dare some people who disrespect these great hard working Americans. Makes me ashamed of these rioters, looters and people who kneel . People should praise these people everyday?? Instead of defunding cops each one should get raises !!!

  3. Pegs says:

    That should be ATTEMPTED MURDER !!! he needs to be PUNISHED to the highest degree. NO RESPECT for our Men in Blue. he appeared to be mentally unstable .

    • Editor says:

      Hi Pegs: We agree!

    • Linda says:

      Without even seeing the video, I can say that someone with a mental disorder is not something they have or want by choice. Sadly most law enforcement officers and courts view them as CRIMINALS instead of treating the problem disorder, it’s simpler to just throw them in jail/prison.
      I applauded this officers insight & compassion and he should receive acknowledgement & perhaps TRAIN other less adept officers on patience & skills in observation & proper handling of situations like this.
      This was exceptional police work by today’s standards, which sadly are shoot first & ask questions and assess afterwards.

      • Val says:

        Lady, you are nuts! The young idiot stabbed the officer in the neck! If the the blade had hit wrong, the officer would have bled to death before help could have gotten there! I am 78 years old, and I would have shot the idiot after he stabbed me in the neck, and I wouldn’t have been aiming for those legs that were in constant motion!