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( – In a conclusion that must have terrified President Joe Biden, former Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has told comedian Bill Maher that the legal proceedings against Donald Trump in Manhattan “should have never been brought” because it has led more Americans to identify with the former president.

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According to a report by Politico, Trump’s campaign had a substantial fundraising success, concluding May with $116.6 million, which is $25 million more than the funds raised by President Joe Biden for his reelection campaign.

Cuomo expressed concern that a significant portion of New Yorkers, over half, perceive the justice system as biased, which prompted Maher to highlight Trump’s subsequent financial support surge.

Cuomo articulated his apprehensions regarding the trials, particularly in New York.

“You know what’s scary about this from my point of view?” Cuomo asked.

“The trials in New York. There’s Florida, Georgia and two in New York. The two trials in New York: New Yorkers said, 66% said the justice system is politicized. And there’s nobody in New York who likes Trump. And, still, 66% said the justice system is politicized. That’s why I think he’s not paying the same price for these verdicts because they believe it is political. And you wanna talk about a threat to democracy? When you have this country believing you’re playing politics with the justice system, and you’re trying to put people in jail or convict them for political reasons, then we have a real problem,” the former MY governor elaborated.

Maher then discussed recent media coverage of the election.

“I saw two stories in the paper today about the election. One is that Biden has slightly pulled ahead — although not in the states where it’s gonna matter — but nationally, which was news to me. And then the second one was fundraising,” Maher said.

“The trial in New York, the one he got convicted for, was the greatest fundraising bonanza ever. He was lagging behind Biden and now he’s pulled quite a bit ahead. That trial was the greatest reason people had to send their checks for five, 10, 25, whatever dollars to Donald Trump,” he added.

Maher also referred to the concept of a Hobson’s choice in relation to Trump, explaining that it often feels like “it’s a Hobson’s choice always” because “he’s always guilty.”

Hobson’s choice, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, means “the option of taking either what is available or nothing at all; no choice.”

The comedian cautioned against prosecuting Trump due to potential adverse consequences.

On a following day, Trump responded to Maher via social media, labeling him as “highly overrated” and criticized the use of his show as a benchmark in political discourse.

“Bill Maher, the highly overrated ‘Star’ of the ratings challenged show with the Fake, Loud and Obnoxious laughter pouring out of your set every few seconds, even when nothing was said that was funny (which is most of the time!), suffers from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, sometimes referred to as TDS. Republicans should stop using him as a reference point, his show is dead!” Trump expressed on Truth Social.

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