VIDEO: Dad Shoots Carjackers to Save Kids

( – A Texas father of two young kids shot two teens trying to steal his car with his wife and children inside, and the entire incident was recorded on doorbell camera footage.

You can watch the video a bit further down this post.

The video shows that the father managed to keep his cool and used his firearm to prevent a potentially terrible outcome for his two underage kids.

The carjacking attempt, which ended up disastrously for the robbers, occurred at the targeted family’s home in Houston, Texas.

The mother had just driven the family SUV home and was pulling over in front of the house when two wannabe carjackers, both of them 16, came up to the car.

They tried to open one of the rear doors with a 1-year-old child seated on the back seat, the Sheriff’s Office of Harris County announced, as cited by Fox26.

Another child of the family was also inside the car at the time, but the police haven’t specified the age of the second kid.

At the time of the carjacking attack, the father was in the passenger seat. He reacted immediately by shooting several rounds through the rear window, hitting the wannabe carjacker.

The mother, still in the driver’s seat, also reacted quickly by driving the car away to safety.

The Ring camera footage reveals that there were at least four gunshots.

Despite getting hit, the teen criminals escaped in a car waiting for them nearby – as shown in the footage.

They were taken to a local hospital, where the police found them. Both of them are in stable condition.

None of the family of four got physically hurt in the robbery attempt. At this point, the Sheriff’s Office says the father isn’t facing charges as he was acting in self-defense.

Here is the video along with a news account: