VIDEO: DeSantis Fires Back After Being Called ‘Human Trafficker’

Ron DeSantis

( – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has ripped into leftist accusations that he is a “human trafficker” after he flew 50 illegal immigrants to the affluent Democrat community of Martha’s Vineyard.

You can watch a video of DeSantis’ remarks further down this post.

DeSantis’ move was designed to bring the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern Border to the mansions of members of the leftist elite such as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry David.

In an event in Florida on Tuesday, the state’s governor hit back at the hypocrisy of Democrat critics who have been turning a blind eye to similar actions by the Biden administration but on a far larger scale.

“When Biden is flying these people all over the fruited plain in the middle of the night, I didn’t hear a peep out of those people,” DeSantis told reporters when asked to comment on the accusations of human trafficking.

“I haven’t heard a peep about all the people that have been told by Biden [migrants] can just come in — and they’re going, they’re being abused by the cartels. They’re drowning in the Rio Grande. You had 50 that died in some shed in Texas. I heard no outrage about any of that,” the Florida governor stated.

He stressed that leftist critics are enraged about his shipment of illegal immigrants because it reached the Democrat elitist community on Martha’s Vineyard island.

DeSantis also emphasized the horrible treatment of the illegals by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“I’m sorry, those migrants were being treated horribly by Biden,” he declared.

“They were hungry, homeless, they had no opportunity at all. The state of Florida […] offered transport to sanctuary jurisdictions because it’s our view that — one, the border should be secured, and we want to have Biden reinstitute policies like ‘Remain in Mexico’ and making sure that people aren’t overwhelming,” the Florida governor stated.

He reiterated that the illegal immigrants his chartered flights took to Martha’s Vinyard volunteered to go there and were not tricked or “lured.”

“But, short of that, if you believe in open borders, then … the sanctuary jurisdictions that should have to bear the brunt of the open borders. So that’s what we’re doing,” DeSantis declared.

In April, Florida’s state legislature approved $12 million in funding to its Department of Transportation for removing illegal immigrants from the state.

Here is the video of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

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