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Video: Fauci and Rand Paul Verbal Brawl

Over the last six months, there’ve been no bigger brawls in the United States Senate (see video below) than those between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci every time Fauci testifies before a committee that Paul sits on.

Today was no different as it got heated and ugly fast with Paul accusing Fauci of committing a crime by lying to Congress and Fauci accusing Paul of not knowing what he’s talking about.

In short, Fauci repeatedly accused Paul of either being an idiot or intentionally trying to misrepresent the work of the Centers for Disease Control, where Fauci works.

Watch the video below and then share your reaction and opinion by emailing [email protected]. Who do you think is being the most honest with the American people? Sen. Paul or Dr. Fauci?

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