Video: Fauci Finally Gets a Clue

Dr. Anthony Fauci

( – It has taken far longer than millions of Americans would like, but it appears that Dr. Anthony Fauci has finally got a clue of what Americans expect and want of him and the Biden administration when it comes to coronavirus mandates and restrictions.

You can watch Fauci in his own words in the video a bit further down this post.

Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health and the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden, when asked during a recent interview whether it is time to ease up on COVID restrictions and mandates, said:

The world and the United States, and particularly certain parts of the United States, are just up to here with COVID. They just really need to somehow get their life back. You don’t want to be reckless and throw everything aside. But you’ve got to start inching toward that.”

Perhaps it has finally sunk in with the powers that be in the Biden administration that millions of Americans are no longer going to adhere to COVID mandates and restrictions that don’t make any sense to them.

Please watch the video of Fauci below and then email your reaction and opinion to [email protected]. What is your opinion of Fauci’s latest statement? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Is it time for all levels of government in the United States to ease up on COVID mandates and restrictions?