VIDEO: Fauci Now Says THIS About COVID Restrictions!?!

Dr. Anthony Fauci

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the controversial director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden, said in a recent interview that, in hindsight, the COVID-19 restrictions should have been “much, much more stringent.”

You can watch the video clip a bit further down this post.

Fauci, who has said he will retire before the end of Biden’s term in January 2025, said:

“We know now, two and a half years later, that anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of the transmissions occur from someone without symptoms. Either someone who never will get symptoms or someone who is in the pre-symptomatic stage. Had we known that then, the insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm, and there would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing, or what have you.”

Here is the video:

Congressional Republicans have promised they will investigate Dr. Fauci if they take back power in the House or Senate following November’s midterm elections.

What is your opinion about Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that, in hindsight, the COVID-19 restrictions that were put in place should have been “much, much more stringent”? Do you agree or disagree with Fauci? Please share your reaction by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good day.