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Video: First Trump Rally Since Leaving Hospital

As part of the Red Alert News promise to always bring you the latest significant news and events, here is President Trump’s first campaign rally since he was hospitalized just a week ago for COVID-19.

The rally took place just a few hours ago at the White House and, unlike many of the President’s rallies, this was a very short speech at just under 17 minutes.

Because the President spoke for such a short period of time, questions are being raised about whether he has fully recovered from the coronavirus.

The White House called the rally a “Peaceful Protest for Law and Order.”


What do you think? In your opinion, why was the President’s speech so short today? Please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page.


  1. Mary Brenkman says:

    President Trump is not my favorite but he’s the best we have at this time & why do we wonder why he speaks only a short or long time. I’m just surprised he hasn’t told us all to go you know where with all the nonsense he has gone through. better pray he stays with us.

  2. Steve Abram says:

    Evidently, president Trump said all he wanted to say. These idiot dems are like a convict trying to dig through concrete with their fingers to get the dirt on fellow convicts before they get it on them
    Corruption only leads to more corruption and the dems are eyeball deep

  3. Rayelen says:

    President Trump did a great job. He sounded great, didn’t hear him coughing. People has to focus on positive side.

  4. Gary Hull says:

    Why is it only Trump rally’s raise concern? What happened with Sturgis event that was to be a massive spreader? Do they believe majority of people actually believe their hypocritical lies? Why is ok to mass protest, destroy, maim, loot and kill but it won’t spread the virus? Why does it seem that MSM and Marxist educators are to blame for 90% of issues?

  5. I think President Trump did great. He just stayed focused and on point. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  6. Carol Consolo says:

    People always try to make a story even if there isn’t one. The man carries a heavy heavy load under most circumstances and he was ill with something we don’t have a handle on. So, he’s home, probably taking breaks between working shorter hours, and just because he only talked for 17 minutes, some reporter who didn’t have any other exposes for the day decided he hasn’t recovered. Leae it alone already!

  7. Donnie Smith says:

    Nancy as Barney Fite says is a nut, Trump however is the best thing to ever come to our country. I just wish he didn’t have to put up with all these nonsense, since taking office.

  8. Jeff says:

    Sandra, you hit the nail on the head with TERM LIMITS. If there were term limits we would not be dealing with these lunatics!! Someone please explain how we the people can make this happen. If Congress has to make term limits law I don’t see it happening. HELP

  9. It was good to see our President appear before a smaller crowd. It does not diminish his popularity as our President nor does it need to draw criticism from the left and accusations about his health. I put my faith in Trump that he knows what he can handle until his episode with Covid passes, so should other people, From what I saw, he did social distancing and as far away as he was from the crowd he did’nt need a mask. So what’s the problem media and demorats! Your puppet Hiden Biden will never have the stamina Trump has even on his best days! Get over it! Trump 2020

  10. Sandra Lee Jones says:

    I AGREE!

  11. Sandra Lee Jones says:

    I am so sick of these democrats getting away with everything and anything. There should term limits. Crazy Nancy needs toi GO!

    • Catherine Snyder says:

      Nancy needs to retire — she is too old to be in politics and recently her opinions aren’t worth much. She just likes to start trouble but she should leave this country alone and just stay at home and enjoy her family. The time will come and she will be sorry that she just didn’t take care of herself and enjoy family.

    • Barbara E Billingsley says:

      I agree!!!

  12. I think the psychiatric checkup needs to be for her!