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Video: God’s Gift to the Left?

Jane Fonda is considered by some to be an icon of the Hollywood elite.

Fonda is also a self-described radical of the politically left with a history of outrageous statements and actions that goes all the way back to her behavior during the Vietnam War.

When Fonda speaks, it's fair to assume that she speaks on behalf of many on the left.

So, what does it mean when Fonda says, "I just think COVID is God's gift to the left?"


Please watch this short video of Fonda and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page.

Jane Fonda in Vietnam

Jane Fonda in Vietnam


  1. Charles Farmer says:

    I don’t think God is gifting anyone that is so against what his word says.

  2. Marie says:

    My comment was blocked. Not surprised

  3. Terry says:

    You were crap when I was in Vietnam, and you are still a crappy old lady today. You hated America then and you are still full of hate for America today. You say COVID is a gift from God to the left. You are still working for the enemy of our country.

    • Dave says:

      Chu Chee, Plaque, earned me and you a place on the squad.

    • Lynn says:

      Only thing that was in the Jungle that was a feel good about this leech. Was we had paper and leaves to wipe our “HanoiJane” daily.
      1st MI Bat. South Vietnam

  4. GBA says:

    You just proved once again how Un American you are! You Obviously are Not A Godly woman, and could care less for your fellow Man/Woman! The things you’ve said to stay relevant, you are Shameful, and need to leave this Great Nation…Now! It’s people like you that have tried to disrupt the Greatness of this Nation. Cov19 is All of mankind’s problem, and God is Watching! ?

  5. Irene Hoch says:

    Only wicked hearted people could wish Covid on anyone. I see you now Jane and know who you are. If I liked you before, well you just showed your Ass you no longer exist.

  6. Beyan hudson says:

    She was a traitor to our guys in nam and she’s a traitor to the American people now, Her daddy would be turning in his grave over this bitch and what she has done.


  8. Lindy Peteet says:

    I guess Jane means it took over 200,000 American lives to make the Democrats
    feel like they have some kind of advantage??? Shame on her, she should have respect for the lost lives and the people who have suffered through this and the businesses that have been lost.

    • Marie says:

      She doesn’t feel the loss or the pain like the rest of everyday Americans. She sits in her ivory tower free from worries about how to survive while our livelihoods are in jeopardy. We have lost so much as a nation because of this virus that was inflicted on us. Most people learn with age, it doesn’t seem like you have. Shame on you for saying COVID is God’s gift to the left.
      Are you that starved for attention? Again your on the wrong side of America.

  9. Sic&Tired says:

    Jane Fonda ….Also Got Her Brain from a “Rent-a-Brain-Store” on the Corner – like so many of those on the LEFT… and she was dumb enough before she went into the Store and pick out a Sub-I.Q. version of a Brain that doesn’t even register on the I.Q. meter….Thus, a very Negative Number for an I.Q. That Sums it up for Her – Over all these past Years going back to the Vietnam War. I know Henry Fonda would be truly ashamed of her as a daughter… She belongs to the Moronic Idiots Group that we have running around in our Country… Seems like they grow like Mold……… Sick and Tired of Individuals Like Her.!!!

  10. Henry Dumas says:

    No one gives a dam what you say or what you think,so go back in your hole!

  11. JOHN B UHR says:


  12. If she hadn’t been famous and rich at the time, she would have been tried as a traitor.
    Even her father disowned her and thought qshe was wrong.
    Jailing her wouldn’t have been enough. Hangingg her would have been justice!

  13. Kimberly says:

    Never cared about people’s lives did she?

  14. Carol Cataldi says:

    She means every thing was going fantastic for the president till the virus hit.that the left would not have any thing to fight with.

  15. I feel she regrets her Hanoi related actions. She has had a lot of grief in her life & Ted Turner stating he missed her was the least of it. She is still a beautiful & very talented actress. Which of you had never put a foot wrong??? Hate eats at you from inside out. Think about it the next stone you throw, or ugly word that
    comes out, even an ugly mean thought eats at you.

    • Lynn says:

      As a Vietnam Vet. The only punishmentthat I can think would be proper is if she be is Mcain’s private room at the Hilton. Ho Chi Ming would have no problem with this leech. I am sure this whole would fit in and they could celebrate with her.

  16. Norma says:

    Hanoi Jane,you should have been tried and shot for treason long ago. You should be ashamed to show your face!

  17. Ronald Gunn says:

    What can I say, she is a lair, a traitor, and a low life. why she is even breathing good air that some one else could use is beyond me.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Jane, you couldn’t get back into Hollywood after the stunt you pulled in Viet Nam, so now you have to get into the public eye again with more leftist hate speech. I’ll bet if you checked the records that just as many Democrats are dying from the virus as Republicans. I would never wish it on anyone, but then I have a heart and love my country, unlike you. Stick your opinion in your ear, Jane, we don’t want to know it.

  19. Terry says:

    She should have put to death for treason during the Vietnam Nam conflict

  20. Sharon says:

    No one remembers you, didn’t even know you were alive till today! Even after all these years you haven’t changed. Full of hate!

  21. Liz says:

    What a moron. Idiot also.

  22. William Broadwell says:

    She is a traitor for her actions in Vietnam, and always will be.

  23. Sam B. says:

    At-a-girl Hanoi Jane. Way to spread MORE hate from the left that continues to shoot themselves in the foot with classes rhetoric like this. Bs like this is yet another reason why sooo many of us dems(yes I’m a barely leaning left dem) r jumping ship backing TrumpPence & other republicans in Congress. say “Covid is gods gift to the left” is pathetic. Comments like this & other bs rhetoric out there is what is imploding the Democratic Party. So said…sorry dems but it’s true!
    Get out to the poles & vote people! Avoid mail in ballots if at all possible to avoid any issues with ur vote!!! There r already several issues out there with mail in ballots. Talk it up!!

  24. Robert says:

    Who cares what she thinks

  25. Only a person with her political bent would think the virus is a gift. Maybe her God will present that gift to her personally

  26. MN OldMan says:

    Hanoi Jane strikes again with anti-American drivel

    • Mike says:

      This POS is a traitor to this country & I’m sure her family is ashamed of her!!! Heh Hanoi crawl into a hole & die. You already look like you have been enbolmed.