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Video: He Died Because He Pulled a Gun

While outrage and a protest quickly formed yesterday over the police-involved shooting of a Black man in San Bernardino, California, and the mainstream media quickly jumped to conclusions, Red Alert News is providing the audio, video, and photographic evidence that indicates the police officer acted to defend himself and protect others in the immediate area from an armed felon with a lengthy criminal record of violence.

In order, here are the 911 call, video from the police officer’s body worn camera, and most significantly, cellphone video from a bystander that clearly shows the suspect pull a gun and begin to turn toward the officer. Upon recovery, the suspect’s weapon was a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. The gun was loaded.


Judge for yourself. Was the police officer justified in shooting the decedent? Share your opinion in the Comment section.




  1. FrankAboutIt says:

    One less COP Killer on the streets.
    A clear case of Systemic Ignorance.

  2. David Smith says:

    LOL You’re right Sally that’s why I said I was a moron LOL And you can join me being called an idiot because you said you saw something black but could not tell if it was a gun like me and a few others were called idiot’s. But they will crucify you for saying the cop was not 100 per cent justified to shoot the man 4 times because the radio report said he was waving the gun around and jumping on cars from what I read. The officer did tell the guy hey I want to talk to you with his gun drawn and grabbed the guy when he was walking away from him. Why he did not call and wait for back up is beyond me He is much braver than I am I would have waited for back up. If I had the time. But he did what was right If he didn’t do what he did the guy may have started shooting innocent people Never can tell. But thank you for correcting my moron English mistakes seems I speak better Spanish that English LOL Take care

  3. Sally says:

    When I watch and stop the video in several places, I see the black man take something from his waist that is dark in color. Cannot see what it is. Do not understand how the policeman saw it for certain either, unless he felt it during the scuffle. But why was there a scuffle anyway. Did the policeman lay in wait for the man? Seems like the man should have been given a command. Especially since I hear someone ask “what are you doing”? Anyone would be upset if being ambushed by someone….I would be and I am a white female. Something is not fair here, to bad more cannot be seen. Why is the policeman alone, where are others? The man evidently was not shooting, since whatever he had in his waistband, was not out as the policeman tackled this man. Why should the man not defend himself? Not certain if he even knew he was being tackled by a policeman. More needs to be seen to determine what truly happened. The 911 call may not even have been the truth who knows?….this video does not tell all so that a correct determination can be made.

  4. David Smith says:

    LOL Mr Joseph you are right I am a moron I called you Mr Stephen LOL But the other two mistakes you made of course your keyboard was sticking was when you said your Dad was Porto Rican I believe it is Puerto Rican and when you said we’re I live I believe it should be where and I believe there was one more when you said I seen it the first time I believe should be I saw it the first time But what do I know I got your name wrong because I was talking to someone else Your the smart guy I am the moron LOL

    • Sally says:

      LOL….you said ‘you’ instead of ‘your’……LOL – but you are actually correct about the other mistakes. Except that you said ‘your the smart guy’….thin it should have been ‘you’re the smart guy’. I also just hate someone to say ‘me’ when it should have been ‘I or myself’….referring to me rather than I is just plain wrong. Oh well! I am sure I do not get it right all the time either!

  5. David Smith says:

    And my educated friend Mr. Hurd read chapter 44 of title 18 United States code What the federal law says about felons and firearms but you are right some states are allowing felons to own guns now like giving a gallon of gas to a pyro maniac and driving him or her to a forest. And Mr Stephen you had a typing error my friend you should use saw instead of seen in you letter unless that is the new English like rap like when you said I seen the video I believe it should be I saw the video but what do I know I am just a moron LOL

  6. David Smith says:

    Well I am glad I am not the only idiot is what we were called who did not see the gun being drawn hey Nonnel and sick and tired and Bradshaw how does it feel to be idiots like me but I was promoted to moron LOL By the brilliant man who called us idiots because we didn’t see the gun being drawn. Maybe we can play blind man’s bluff LOL Take care every one I hope you all are not driving cars if you could not see the gun being drawn that would scare me LOL

  7. David Smith says:

    LOL One says he pulled a gun from his shorts the other said he pulled a gun from his wrist band really a wrist band carries a gun now I need to catch up with technology and there were other blind idiots who could not see the gun being pulled And by the way Joseph I worked two full time jobs to when my step dad got MS and then got a job at the same tome from a company Nestle’s owned great job 80 to 95 hours a week it helped me support my mother and adopted sister back in Texas while my step dad was sick funny his 5 kid’s could not help I had to pay all the bills just grateful I had the job to do it but graveyard shift is hard even my Rottweiler started to growl at me when I came home. But what do you expect from a moron LOL take care every one be careful with this dam virus

  8. David Smith says:

    No Joseph I am white and being called a moron doesn’t bother me And you are right you are not my brother. We had race riots in my high school in 1972 and it was not black kid’s against white kid’s it was the grown up blacks coming to our school and beating up the white kids my black friends seemed to disappear when I was getting beat up by 9 blacks me and my friend. After that they decided to put cops and metal detectors in our school as a very pretty white girl got her face slashed from a razor knife she was a friend never saw her again her family moved. Funny none of the people were caught But they did find dynamite in a black kid’s locker the next day compliments of the KKK. But don’t worry this moron will be leaving the USA and you educated people can live in peace with each other Don’t need an ignorant white cracker around anyway LOL Maybe I will get a magnifying glass so I can see the gun either way it is sad was the guy high or drunk?? both lose he dies now the cop wakes up every morning or goes to sleep thinking I just killed a man no mater what the event was if you have any feelings it will haunt you even if you were justified. Ask any Veteran my friends came back and were totally different they had to kill or be killed but it still bothered my friends. but I am glad to be a moron shows a black man can be smarter than a white man. Guess that will teach my grandfather who was almost a grand dragon in the KKK he didn’t like me because I had black friends Spanish friends I had the whole United Nations as friends in our house I hope God has mercy on what little soul he had left. Well I will pray cops don’t have to shoot or kill but I know they will it is human nature Take care everyone It is why I would not want to be a cop for anything Maybe being so stupid and a moron I can go join BLM They seem to be making a lot of money LOL Maybe I can give them my house because I have white advantage LMAO LOL Laugh at least I got people’s blood pressure elevated LOL All my post were just a joke except I really did not see the gun sorry and the race riots were real and sadly so was my grandfather and so was my friend who got her face slashed But that is life Good luck to you all I will send you some Borsch from my girlfriends house we bought together with her daughter in Russia

  9. David Smith says:

    Yes Joseph I am that stupid idiot who could not see the gun being drawn and when you get 65 I want to see you see things like a hawk all I saw from the blurry video was the cop and the guy going to the ground Sorry my eye sight is so bad I guess that makes me an idiot too do you think Blind people are simple minded too.

  10. Joseph says:

    Yes absolutely justified shooting by the police officer second I’m a black man but I’m not a scumbag criminal black man I’m a law abiding person who respects police officers unlike alot of other black men who just want to pull out the race card as soon as they do something wrong.. us blacks need to get off of welfare and food stamps get a real job and start thinking for our self instead of letting them Democrats think for us and just giving you welfare and food stamps.. yes my mother is black and my father is Porto Rican just incase someone says I’m not a black man because I don’t like joe Biden the hell with Democrats like fagbama who only put men in women’s restrooms and gave out free phone. TRUMP gave me two jobs I like that better

  11. Susie Smith says:

    What kind of Black-Lives-Moron thinks an armed felon is entitled to pull a firearm on a police officer and become THE VICTIM, MUCH LESS a HERO? I believe all these little bitty minds that believe martyrdom belongs to those deliberately breaking the law so they can become BLM heroes are nothing more than psychopaths, not just sociopaths out there, but with a new excuse to just do what they ALWAYS do. But to be called HEROES!? OH PLEASE!! BLESS OUR HEROES IN BLUE. Pull a gun on police?? Bring your own body bag to the party. You’ll NEED it. AND JUSTIFIABLY SO!!

  12. FrankAboutIt says:

    The suspect definitely, and clearly pulled something black from his waistband, right side; it hit the pavement and made a metallic sound as this Big suspect threw the officer off like a small kid and the suspect moved quickly to regain his feet. From the video, the officer appeared fully justified in Shooting the suspect. Obviously, there are those who, out of ignorance, hatred for police, or deep innate racist sentiments toward Whites, will spin the story to try to make the officer out to be a racist. This simply won’t wash with the video evidence I saw. Thank God the officer is well and alive and able to continue serving the community where he’s stationed.
    I once had a black man who was 40 years old at the time tell me around 1970 that if an officer stops a man for any reason, before the officer tickets, or arrests the man, the officer and the man should fight each other. If the man beats up the officer, he should then go free with no further action against him. This 40 year old man was dead serious about this. It just serves as an indication of some of the ignorance that has existed in our society for many, many years.

  13. Theresa English says:

    I watched the video 4btimes to make sure I saw everything.the gentle man pulled the gun out his wrist band and.then officer was justified by what he question about that.the guy was in the wrong.

  14. Mariellen Galbreath says:

    The guy pulled a gun, the cop was justified.

  15. Sherry Chase says:

    You pull yours! Then I pull mine! It’s my life or yours.

  16. David Smith says:

    T Beach thank you for saying where and when the gun was but I still did not see it And as far as a felon owning or carrying a gun I believe that is against the law if I am not mistaken Also I did not listen to the report of him carrying a gun and pointing it around If that is the case and I already agree the officer was right in what he did. Pull a gun on me and I promise you I will shoot you. Black white red green I don’t care. I must have been not informed correctly I was told a felon can not own or carry a gun maybe it was just certain states have that law. either way I was wrong about the event next time I will try to watch everything before I open my stupid mouth in guess that guy Serpico was a what if and the report I read about the police going to arrest a drug dealer and gang member kicked in a door and shot and killed a man because he jumped up from his couch He had his daughter with him. They then handcuffed his daughter after they made her go face down in her dad’s blood. But sadly they had the wrong apartment and the drug dealer already knew they were coming and took his drugs and guns with him. But that must have been a what if too. I could go on but no point I am just an old fool who doesn’t always agree with the police. And what they do. And what they don’t do my opinion does not mater anyway. I will be moving to Russia as soon as the virus let’s me they are making a big stink of all the blacks being shot by cops but they don’t say anything about the whites who are shot twice to three times as much and white women who are raped by black men around 24,000 a year from what I read crime stats say maybe we can go the old west and everyone carry a gun LOL

    • Joseph says:

      Brother are you blind look at the video a few times more it’s not hard to miss the firearm.!!! And in the 911 call it was said that he was jumping on cars and had a gun with him.

  17. Rosa says:

    He got what he deserved, if you pull a gun out or shoot at a cop,then you deserve what you got.

  18. Becky says:

    Sad another life had to lead to not obeying a police officers command to stop and put up your hands !!!! Even if I was doing something I don’t think I would try to overpower the law !!!I would still be alive to see them in civil or supreme court.That is what they are there for .But please be alive to show up and see what happens

  19. Gary O says:

    In my younger days and while working in law enforcement there was a simple rule that was well known in our area: “START NO $HIT THERE WILL BENO $HIT” apparently the thugs of today have not learned that lesson.

  20. David Smith says:

    Mr. Hurd no I don’t want my what if’s to be what happen But Police killing innocent people and raping women are not what if’s what Hitler Stalin Lenin and Pol Pot police did are not what if’s All I was trying to say was accidents can and do happen Ever hear of the Rolling Stones Heartbreaker?? True event Mistaken Identity happens all the time. I don’t know what I would do if a cop came up towards me with a gun drawn and grabbed me Was the guy wrong Yes he was he should have stopped and answered the cops questions being a felon and carrying a gun could have got him shot And I am sure he was not going to go peacefully I did not say the cop was wrong. I seem to remember a place called Kent State and didn’t the police just shoot some people for no reason seems they were teenagers and black just so happens. I was just saying it could have been a horrible mistake. The cop already had his gun drawn and grabbed the guy. I did not see the other video did the cop see the guy pull a gun because from the cops video I could not see him draw a gun. Have you ever had a cop have a gun drawn to you and grab you when he wanted to ask you a question just because you did no jump and ask how high??? I have had cops do a few things to me that I did not think were right. But not important Just waned to say how police can become very evil when they are given power anyone can. And no I would not be a for all the money in the world even with a bullet proof vest a shotgun in my car and a trained dog.

    • Joseph says:

      Now I won’t call you brother but dude you’re as stupid as they get you are absolutely a idiot I’m black and I’m sure that you are one of the ones who always pull the race card do you receive food stamps and welfare as the rest of the black community like we’re I live then I tell them the truth and I’m a sell out.. you are absolutely a moron.

  21. Sic&Tired says:

    I guess….I must be blind, due to the video isn’t very clear as to the subject pulling a gun – in respect for the Officer to shoot the victim. HOWEVER, if there was a pulled gun by the victim….By all means – shoot the idiot.!! And as one commenter stated…..Just abide to what the Officer asks of a person, but to start a tussle – that is only asking for trouble and it usually is the victim, who gets the worst outcome of the ordeal. I will assume the Officer did do his job and protected himself….Good for Him as a Law Officer – whether he was White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or Red. Protect yourself and the surrounding people and area.

    • T Beach says:

      When they first hit the ground watch his Right hand. He pulls it out of his waistband and puts his arm up under his chest to try and get up. The reason the cop approached him with his gun already out was the 911 call reported he had a gun and was waving it around. Alchol and firearms not a good mix. Play stupid game win a stupid prize

      • Joseph says:

        TB it’s like you are the only person and me who sees this or do we have superman’s eyes because just about every idiot saying that they don’t see a firearm I know that I seen it the first time I seen the video it’s clear as day and the 911 caller said it.

  22. Danny L Bradshaw says:

    I didn’t see a gun slow it down or use a pointer
    Yet if he did pull a guy im glad it didn’t take a full mag to put him down its not a Hollywood life

  23. Ken says:

    He went looking for a fight the tried his best then the people reached in his shorts turned to shoot the cop plain and simple
    Cop did his job

  24. Jack says:

    Amen…Please get rid of the human trash in this world!! Thanks our Police…

  25. Larry says:

    More of these black scumbags need to be shot, as well as their race traitor buddies. Their time is coming!

  26. Terry Cordova says:

    Blacks bring problems to them selves.their attude is always screw you cracker. Cops werent looking for him till someone called the cop on him.

  27. David Smith says:

    wonder what would have happened if the suspect was hard of hearing and did not hear the officer tell him to come here I want to ask you a few question instead just see’s a cop with a gun drawn and being grabbed by the cop. there have been true stories of bad cops shooting and killing people and planting evidence and raping women so what are you going to do Hitler’s police would grab people off the street for no reason and we all know what happen then or his Hitler youth would stab you with their knife given to them by Daddy Adolph if you didn’t raise you salute in the air. A cop has a radio nightstick handcuffs mace and has been trained to subdue someone. Did he have to shoot the guy three times???

    • Roger Hurd says:

      You are full of what if’s. Did you want it to be the way you explained? You’re examples are not what happen nor factual.

      What if? Come on!

    • JOHN says:


  28. subject did not comply to lawful,legal commands.subject physically resisted,then
    drew a pistol from his (concealed)right side.only option given officer was to fire.Officer will be crucified by media,his department,states atternies office.Burn,Lootand murder will make city and citizens PAY!

  29. George Crenshaw says:

    When you come armed, you can expect trouble. When an officer intervenes you can’t resist and pull a gun, you will be shot dead.I’m sorry for the criminal and I am sorry for the man behind the badge. He didn’t have a choice. The other man did.!!!

  30. Richard K.Lindemann says:

    Since the black man was a convicted felon with a long rap sheet,he wasn’t suppose to have a gun.The Police Officer did his job and took this scumbag off the streets and protected many lives.All these blacks and others who holler Race Violations who don’t know the facts first before complaining,need to be kicked out of this nation,EVEN IF THEY ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS!ALL THEY DO IS CAUSE PROBLEMS AND VIOLENCE!WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR STREETS, NEIGHBORHOODS, COMMUNITIES,AND OUR NATION FROM THESE ASSHOLES!BETTER WE KICK THEM OUT THAN KILL THEM,BECAUSE THINGS WOULD BE FAR WORSE IF WE DID THE UNTHINKABLE!

  31. Daniel Girdano says:

    What is wrong with these people that’s all he had to do was comply with what the police officer said it would have never got that far he would have never got shot you can’t fight with the police. When you don’t comply and then fight with the police you’re putting their life in danger along with yours.

  32. bernard says:

    kill armed killers before they kill good people.

  33. David Smith says:

    I must be going blind from what I could see from the officers videos he pulled a gun on the suspect and grabbed him because he did not do what the cop said to do. I did not see the suspect pull a gun. but that may be in the other video I did not see yet. if the suspect pulled a gun then the shooting was justified How do all these people who have been in trouble with the law figure they can carry a gun. it is illegal if you have a felon conviction to carry or own a gun.

    • Roger Hurd says:

      No law can be made to prevent a US Citizen from being armed. Regardless of a felony or not. As far as brandishing a weapon specially on law enforcement is completely retarded. If you pull a weapon don’t point, be prepared to shoot at center mass of leave it on your hip.

  34. Although the camera faded out,I couldn’t see exactly what happened. Regardless, the suspect should have stopped when the officer asked him too.

    • Belmont Urgelowich says:

      He should have never resisted I don’t care color has nothing to do with it your resisting and you have a gun you will be shot when you have a gun, common sense what alot of people now a days don’t have

  35. George says:

    Hell yes. If you fight the police and ultimately pull a gun you get shot. its that simple. The officer did his job and nothing more.

  36. James says:

    Too bad the man was shot, all he had to do was obey the officer. When a nation turns from God and no longer respect the laws given to us by God, then we have a rebellious society. The officer was justified, too bad for the criminal.

  37. Gary Madl says:

    I tell my children all the time, DON’T fight with the Police when they detain you, give them the information that they ask for! If they think they’ve been mistreated, they can take to the courts to see if they are right! this isn’t that hard to understand.

  38. paul day says:

    from what i saw on the film ,i would have shot him for sure.

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