Video: Hero Cop Rescues Dog From Burning SUV

Cop Saves Dog From Burning SUV

( – At a time when far too many Americans go out of their way to condemn and even physically attack the men and women of law enforcement, it’s essential to draw attention to the acts of bravery and kindness they do every day that save lives.

Even the lives of our cherished pets.

You can watch a great example of just such a lifesaving event in the video a bit further down this post.

On January 22, in Colorado, Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Gregorek was dispatched to a report of a vehicle on fire.

Arriving on the scene, the vehicle’s owner called out that his dog, Hank, was still in the vehicle – an SUV that was filled with smoke from the fire.

Deputy Gregorek immediately started breaking out the windows of the SUV to locate Hank and, when the owner was unable to extract Hank from the rear compartment, reached in and pulled Hank to safety.

Watch the video below of Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Gregorek in action as he, in just a matter of seconds, locates and saves Hank, who would’ve certainly died from smoke inhalation had another minute or two passed. Then share your opinion of Deputy Gregorek by emailing [email protected]. In your opinion, is Deputy Gregorek a hero? Is he a great example of our professional law enforcement officers across America?