VIDEO: Horrific Crash, Explosion and Fire

Truck Crash

( – It is not clear what caused the driver of a dump truck on an Ohio highway to drift onto the shoulder of the road and crash into another vehicle, but the instantaneous explosion and horrific fireball were caught on video and it is nothing short of a miracle that both drivers are still alive.

You can watch the video of the crash further down this post.

According to reports out of Ohio, a dump truck crashed into an Ohio Department of Transportation vehicle on Thursday morning, seriously injuring both drivers.

The dump truck was traveling on I-77 when it drifted into the shoulder lane and crashed into the rear of the Ohio DOT vehicle that was sitting stationary on the shoulder of the highway. The crash took place near Graybill Road in the City of Green, Ohio.

When the dump truck plowed into the back of the Ohio DOT vehicle, an immediate explosion occurred, and both vehicles were engulfed in flames.

The dump truck driver was transported to a hospital and is suffering from life-threatening injuries.

The Ohio Department of Transportation posted the following to its Facebook page:

“Early today, an ODOT District 4 Highway Technician was struck alongside Interstate 77 in the City of Green. He was transported to a local hospital and is currently being treated with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. We are extremely fortunate he is alive, as this could have had a much different outcome. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. This is the 82nd ODOT crew struck this year.”

Here is the video of the crash and resulting explosion: