VIDEO: Horrific Shark Attacks Kill Two Women


( – A series of shark attacks over the weekend — one caught on video — killed two women and injured one man.

The injured man was a surfer catching waves off New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

According to several news accounts, the surfer fell off his board, and the shark attacked his left foot.

This year, it was the third shark attack in Volusia County, Florida.

The victim is expected to recover.

More horrifically, two women were killed by sharks just hours apart from each other in the Red Sea near an Egyptian resort.

One of the attacks was captured on video as people on a pier attempted to save her by throwing her a life ring.

According to an account in the New York Post:

“The woman, identified as Elisabeth Sauer, and a Romanian lady in her 40s, were separately found mutilated less than half a mile away from each other near the popular tourist area of Sahl Hasheesh.

“Sauer was swimming near the resort when the Mako shark struck, ripping off one of her arms and a leg, the [Times of Israel] said.

“Video showed her swimming away from the shark and toward tourists who threw her a flotation device as the water filled with blood.”

Here is a video of the attack. WARNING: Some readers may find the video too difficult to watch.