VIDEO: House Explosion; 4 Dead

( – HAPPENING NOW: The tragic house explosion in Plum, Pennsylvania, that has left four people dead and one missing was caught on video by means of a doorbell camera in the neighborhood.

You can watch a video of what took place at the bottom of this post.

According to

“A house explosion in Plum on Saturday killed at least four people and injured several others, sending shock waves throughout a community that has been stricken by similar explosions in the past.

Authorities announced the revised death toll at a press conference late Saturday.

“Officials did not release the victims’ identities, ages or genders, where they were found or where they died. They said another person is still unaccounted for.

“The houses immediately to the right and left caught fire and were quickly engulfed. Both were destroyed, reduced to rubble. Pops of what sounded like ammunition exploding periodically could be heard

“Authorities said it was too early to determine a cause for the explosion.” [emphasis added]

Here is the video: