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Video: Inside an Illegal Immigrant Detention Facility

Finally, after repeated requests and demands, journalists from around the world were able to gain access to one of the Biden/Harris Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities in Texas.

So you can see with your own eyes what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been hiding, Red Alert News is providing the following video from NHK World News.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section about what the video below reveals about how the Biden/Harris administration treats illegal immigrants. Thank you.


  1. David Smith says:

    I am praying I get the stimulus check on the 7th like they say and they don’t force me to get a vaccine like they are trying to force people who want to travel to get it Then I can get my Social Security and leave the late great America I will pray for you all

  2. David says:

    I don’t believe trying to vote people out will work it didn’t when the American people tried to vote Trump back in I fear the only way this Country will survive is if some very good shooters take aim at all the politicians Funny they can’t shoot Trump because he was not a politician swamp creature

    • Randy Thompson says:

      Let me tell a little story. There was a Senator for Missouri who had trouble remembering who she worked for. Claire McCaskill flipped and lied for quite a while until the people of Missouri got sick of her crap and voted her rich ass out of office. She immediately became a lobbyist and has for the most part disappeared. Hawley replaced her rich butt and has been an excellent US Republican Senator. So it is possible to vote the junk out of office. YES! You just have to get your message out that your problem official needs to get out. Good Luck! Keep calling your problem out and put your message out there.

  3. Steel L says:

    the UN is useless. For those of you looking to impeach this senile puppet…forget it! This only opens the doors for communist harris to move in..she and AOC are two of the most evil people on this earth. We have very intelligent, strong women that are capable of straightening out this mess.
    Americans have been dupped into believing that the virus is their biggest enemy..try the billionaires that have been planning a globalized government forever and are finally pretty close to getting their wish. It’s still unclear who they are targeting..the sheople that got the shot or those that resisted. All I know is that the majority of the Americans are not vaccinated..and this is by choice. The bordor is a sin against humanity. Shame on these disgraceful parents that have placed their babies in jeopardy.

  4. Jo says:

    I do not think Biden knows what he is doing. He is just someone’s puppet. Obama’s, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer or those who are doing thier best to destroy our country. He says he wants to be tranparent. He is not. He lied. He pushes COVID rules on American citizens but ignores any COVID rules for the illigal immigrants coming into our country. Why are all these children coming without parents? None of this makes an logical sense. It is just cruel, evil, wrong. He needs to put aside his pride and reinstate TRUMP Policy. His policy is not working for USA. He is not working for the citizens of USA. He is not helping these children. There is no common sense to what he is doing.

  5. Milan says:

    All of our National Guard troops in D.C. need to pull out and go to the southern border. Stop all illegals now before they totally destroy our country. We really need to MAGA.

  6. Milan says:

    Since many of our most educated citizens were never Trumpers, they don’t want to admit how big a mistake they made. They also don’t want to admit the election was rigged and stolen. If they were honest with themselves, they would have to admit that the majority of Bidens’ executive orders were only intended to undo President Trumps” successes and destroy his legacy. We need to pull our National Guard out of D.C. and send them down to guard our border. We must do something to stop this CRISIS before these illegals totally destroy our country.

  7. Dan Stephensen says:

    Demon Rats as USUAL Do NOTHING while things go to hell in a
    Golden hand-basket. Why is the Biden Crime Family NOT PAYING
    FOR THEIR CRIMEs ?? If the election had been FAIR, THIS WOULD
    NOT BE HAPPENING. PERVY JOE MUST GO ! ! ! ! And the ever foolish
    K.Harris (and her vicious handmaiden Pignosi.)

    THERE IS FINALLY a real reason for Impeachment: DERELICTION OF DUTY

  8. Phil says:

    You folks wonder why people voted for Biden in the first place. How quickly you forget! They didn’t. It’s what the enemies of freedom did to the ballot box that put him in power.

  9. John Deck says:

    Well Mr. President, why aren’t you going to the Boarder between MY Country and Mexico? The people of the United States elected you to Administrate our Government, NOT to DESTROY or GIVE it AWAY. No other Country is eliminating their Boarder, so why are you unilaterally making the decision that our Country is available to anyone and everyone that want’s to take from it.
    Mr. President I have served some of you predecessors and NONE of them would have pulled such a STUPID, UNAMERICAN stunt.

  10. john says:

    Why did so many people vote for him in the first place?

    • Jack Spring says:

      People weren’t voting for the mindless idiot, they were voting against Trump. There is a difference.

  11. Thomas R. Driber says:

    We have heard with our ears the horrible reports from the members of Congress who have ventured to the border. Now we are witnessing the video of the devastating conditions with our eyes. We the American People believe that a CRISIS is taking place. So we have seen and we have heard of what the problem is. Now is the time for the President and Congress to deliver a safe and humane solution to the People of the United States. No more bickering, no more finger pointing, knucke down, abide by THE LAW GIVE US A SOLUTION. Mr. President and Members if Congress you are being paid to do this. You are not fulfilling your responsibilities of keeping our country safe. Get to work and give us a timeline for your remedy.

  12. Sherry Millage says:

    If Trump were still President, Congress would have impeached him two months ago for this travesty. There should be action NOW.!!!

  13. Robert Shriver says:

    Biden needs too be impeached immediately by the people for the people. If he hand all his cronies was put in a atmosphere that he put all them immigrants in they should go after him hand punish him in sever way like he idoing too all of them. American citizens and all legal immigrant’s should demand him too be impeached ASAP Be for he does any more destructive moves with his stupid executive orders. Familia Harris tells him Yes Joe sign it or else along with Piglosie, hand Chucky dumb xxx.

  14. Biden is President of no country. Without borders, we are less than Mexico. These scenes are disgusting! Your dog’s get better treatment than these illegal pawns. Biden should be charged to his campaign accounts for These scenes.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. US taxpayers paying for illegal and immoral actions of this administration. No infrastructure bills until we have a defined border!!! Insanity is redefined.

    • did you really expect anything else from Socialist Democrat traitors who have no respect for our Constitution, our laws and the legal citizens of the USA. They only care about an anti-democracy police state called Amerika. WE the people must act in our own interest it is clear that Socialist eeliest on want the power to enslave American in their version of indenture servitude of the masses!
      We have met the enemy he is this Big Brother government those on the left lust for. We have identified them now we must stop them to save America. In every election vote anyone with a running for any office in any election from dogcatcher to President of the USA must be defeated to destroy their power base. Vote RIGHT to save America and prepare for the fight!!

  15. FILEMON O. TELLEZ says:


  16. joseph mcconley says:

    If the US can’t take care of this terrible situation, where is the United Nations. They should be looking at this

  17. Chris Brewer says:

    Lawless Country, ruled by a lawless government. Child trafficking at tax payers expense. And we let them do it. This is not American at all.What away to profit by trafficking in people. A way to secure a vote. What evil in these people.Wide open human trafficking at the borders ready to be intercepted by a rogue government. It’s inhumane. And ITSA shame we are allowing this to happen. I’m done with democrats period!

  18. Jean says:


  19. Chris Brewer says:

    Child and human trafficking done legally by the Biden bunch. This is sick what they have done and what they continue doing is not lawful. Anyone person that believes what this administration has done is legal'” needs to join right with them.Biden, Harris, Pelosi need arrested.This is a way for them to profit. Don’t dare think they don’t.Democrats are sure on a derail path. I wouldn’t support a Democrat policy.Not even a dead vote from me.

  20. Dennis says:

    This crap is just unbelievable. How is it possible that people in this capacity can get away with totally destroying our country so they can take total control of our country. There has to be a way that us Americans can get these _ _ _ _ heads out. I’m talking about Joe Biden, K Harris, Nancy Palosi, Chuck Schumer. President Trump, please come back just as soon as you can. You have no idea how much all of us miss you.

    • Vote against any Democrat in any election for lowest to highest in any election for city, county, state to federal. they disarm us they has us. Keep America the land of the free because of the brave!!!!

    • Jack Spring says:

      The American people can be pushed only so far. In Joe’s own words – “Don’t under estimate the American people.” President Dumbass already has.

    • Robert Miller says:

      It’s called the 2nd. amendment!!

  21. timmy says:


  22. victor says:


  23. Honest says:

    Biden and his Crew don’ t know what Shame is , let alone spell the word~ All Demo rats are the destruction of Our USA~

  24. victor says:

    now let’s see the camps they are hding

  25. Fed up says:

    Why aren’t more politicians screaming about this border disaster,if it was Trumps doing the people would be asking for his head,the media would be all over covering it every day but now it’s being swept under the radar and all we hear is there’s no crisis,the Democrats must really think the people of this country are idiots

  26. Mj Tuller says:

    Biden should be ashamed of Himself! He’s made a mess of America in such a short time!But what he has done to the illegal immigrants is very very sad!Time to start going for IMPEACHMENT!!!!

  27. G says:

    Anyone check to see if Joe and Hunter are not under one of those tin foil blankets? AOC can be now used in a remake of the commercial this is your mind on drugs😂 How much can America and the World stand to watch before the nightmare in DC movie ends.

  28. Gilberto says:

    We DEMAND that AOC shows her face where these children are. We DEMAND that she cry like a baby and give a speech!!!
    We demand that if she does not she has to resign from her post in Congress!!!!

  29. ken says:

    do not say trump failed

  30. bruce says:

    This is what they were complaining about during Trump’s presidency. This was an Obama policy and we are right back at it. We had this solved with Trrump, but no more.