Video: Kamala and More COVID Mask Craziness

Kamala Harris with Schoolchildren

( – As if everyone in the United States of America hasn’t had enough of the COVID-19 mask craziness that has dominated almost every aspect of American life for more than two years, Vice President Kamala Harris just added to the level of absurdity that has driven the mask debate.

You can see what happened in the short video clip further down this post.

While attending a school function and assembly at Thomas Elementary School in Washington, DC, Harris went maskless while all the schoolchildren on stage with her had to wear COVID masks.

Common sense would dictate that it should either be everyone close to one another at a public event should wear a mask or no one should be forced to wear a mask.

Particularly with children, elected officials should not send mixed signals.

It is a safe bet that more than one child — and certainly parents — was asking, “Why do I have to wear a COVID mask if the Vice President of the United States of America is not wearing a COVID mask?”

And those kids and their parents would be within their rights to ask that very legitimate question.

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