VIDEO: Kamala Defends Abortion and California

Vice President Kamala Harris

( – With remarks that angered social conservatives and pro-life advocates while encouraging pro-choice liberals, Vice President Kamala Harris defended both abortions and championed how California handles the controversial procedure while speaking in the state.

You can watch the video clip further down this post.

According to Harris:

“Here we have leaders who understand the importance of the principles upon which our nation was founded, which are the principles of freedom and liberty. The importance of recognizing that in a democracy that champions the concepts of freedom and liberty, the government should not be in a position, nor should it have a right to make the most intimate and personal decisions that anyone can make about heart and home. Because in California, we understand it should be her decision. And if she chooses in consultation with her faith leader, her family, those she trusts. But it should not be the government. In California, we understand one does not have to abandon their faith or their beliefs.”

Here is the video clip of Harris:

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