VIDEO: Kamala’s Bizarre ‘Climate’ Statement About Trees

Kamala Harris

( – Just moments ago, Vice President Kamala Harris, in her usual condescending tone, lectured Americans about “extreme climate.”

Did you know that cities have no trees?

Yes, Kamala Harris actually made that claim.

You can watch the video clip a bit further down this post.

According to Kamala Harris:

“When I think about then, anything that is about climate. We’re talking about the environment. We’re talking about extreme changes to the climate that manifest itself in a number of ways, including extreme weather events. Think, from my home state of California, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes. Think about the climate issue in the context of what we need to do to deal with, for example, extreme heat and what that means in urban communities where there’s only asphalt that just actually exacerbates the heat effect, and where there are no trees. And what that means in terms of the public health consequences of that.”

Here is the video clip of Kamala Harris:

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