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Video: Karl Rove Blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene

Last night on Fox News, Karl Rove went after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-FL).

At one point, Rove said of Greene:

“If you believe that the Jews control a space laser that starts fires in Northern California and that there’s some unnamed, high-ranking, government official whose got a heretofore unknown security classification called Q, and all the nutty things that flow with that, you should be taken off the prestigious House Education and Labor Committee and confined to the dark recesses of the furthest building away from the House floor. And then let the voters decide in the next election. She is a problem for our party.”

Please watch the video below and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Karl Rove’s comments about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene? Why?


  1. Jim Hannigan says:

    With all the scum in the Democratic Socialist Party and all their vile actions and incessant attacks, why is any Republican / Conservative criticizing any other Rep/Con? We just never seem to learn. Newt Gingrich has said that Reps play badminton and Dems play football. I play martial and military arts.

  2. Robert D. Plymale says:

    MTG has a right to Free Speech. Leave her alone. This is just another freedom we’ve lost on the road to Socialism/Communism. This country is in a sad state of affairs.

  3. Fight4Justice says:

    We do NOT have to FULLY AGREE with EVERYTHING a representative THINKS OR FEELS (*EVERYONE has a RIGHT TO THEIR OWN BELIEFS!!) but we do NOT have to AGREE with everything out of MTG’s mouth to know that SHE HAS AMERICAS BEST INTEREST AT HEART! Most of her POLITICAL VIEWS are what WE THE PPL VOTED HER IN FOR!! She KNOWS the swamp is CORRUPT & she’s FIGHTING for AMERICA!!

  4. xtinmover says:

    Karl Rove doesn’t have the facts straight and is perpetrating the cancel culture. It isn’t his party anymore anyway. He’s a dinosaur waiting to become sludge. It’s a big party; the main criterion should be: a. love of country, b. Love of the US Constitution, and c. love of freedom. Deny these and your a Democrat…

  5. James Street says:

    Karl Rove is mistaken or lying. Who knows which? Not that he gives a shit. He’s one of the deep state dug in establishment Rino’s. He needs to carry his beluga whale looking ass (no offense to beluga whales intended) somewhere away from public view.

    • Let’s take old Karl and stick his white board where the sun doesn’t shine. Just another shrub follower who should leave the country for the betterment of civilization.

  6. Don says:

    No one with any common sense thinks Rove has any real use to the country whatsoever and he needs to sit down and shut up as usual.

  7. Cindy Deaton says:

    I applaud her! She has something lacking in most of the Republicans, and that is courage! We need more like her!

  8. DDM says:

    To me Rep. Green is someone we should be praising instead of trying to tear down. She shows more nerve than all the other Republicans in the house or senate. Both groups of leaders need to take lessons on standing up to the Demonbrats.

  9. Debby says:

    I love MG they need to protect her!!! Deversion from Liz Channey!LC started impeachment herself Dicks daughter!! Rove & Mitch were in charge of Georgia Senate race both losers!! Rhinos Finalist..Dems taking Guns Speech work restoring what Pres.Trump did in spite of Rhinos did…

  10. William Gandy says:

    Would not be a bad thing for Rove to be gone. Just an establishment republican liability. Looks like it is a newcomer doing the job the ilk of Rove do not have the nands to do.

  11. Dorothy Hull says:

    I think Karl Rove is right on with the lady.we need to clean up the republican party so that it acts and sounds like azRepublican.There are several in congressm who )) need to switch sides because they sound like the other party, not the flag waving conservative,back your president,pro-life,pro military so we can protect our great country.I am a 90 yr.old woman Veteran of the Korean Era My husband was a 23yr.Veteran.who loves this great country and it greaves me to see and hear how disrespectal folks in this countryl) are to The President. No matter which party he belongs to.If our Govt. Officials can’t act with respect and dignity,then they need to get out or be voted out.we all need to help build up and not try to tear down what the blood of so many of our patriots shed for us to be a free and grest(not perfect)nation.

  12. Anne Melancon says:

    I am with all of you who supported what President Trump has done for this country. The republicans are weak, all through his presidency, he had little support from some republicans, the fact that no one has been arrested for the Russian Hoax is flat out disturbing. The Mullet Report, 40 Million dollars, came up with nothing against Pres. Trump, than we had Willian Barr, showed nothing & now the Durham Report, found that Kevin Clinesmith, who pleased guilty, got 400 hours of community service and no fine. Where as Carter Page got 5 years imprisonment and $250,000 fine, all based on a lie by Kevin Clinesmith. So, here we are no one is going to jail for any of the lies in this Russian Collusion. The swamp use this time to cover up for all. The politicians in Washington DC, on both sides of the isle, are corrupt and Trump was bringing it all out and they knew they had to find someway to stop him. Fast forward to this election, economy doing great, until the China Virus, use it to pull off the greatest fraud in election history, with Big Tech, the main stream media and the corrupt politicians in Washington DC, and now another impeachment of Pres. Trump, who is now out of office. Breaking the constitution again, as they did in the election, and the swamp is so big, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, voting for impeachment. The hate of one man, to let the radical left take over our country. We need answers, the middle class, has to rise up and demand answers, not from Washington DC politicians, like Carl Rove. Might not like the way Trump talks, but his policies were right on. He kept his promises and did what every Republican President has been trying to do, especially with Foreign Policy. Look where we are now, with the Rinos agreeing with radical dems. It’s so sad, look at where we are now, because the Republican Party is all part of the swamp. President Biden, a puppet on a string, signing 47 executive orders, not even knowing what he is signing, destroying all the good Trump did for our great Country, which would be great still if the left would follow his plan, but all they want to do, is bring this country down, and have you depend on their government, which we will all pay the greatest price. Our Freedom, Power , Greed and Money will destroy this great Country. We better open our eyes, and demand change. We all need to turn to God, and ask for his mercy. The Swamp is destroying this country on both sides the isle.

  13. George E says:

    Former Congressman Steve King of Iowa was a LOT less crazier than Ms Greene of FL.. In his last term he was removed of all committees and then lost his final primary and replaced.

    Ms Greene should suffer no less than King.

  14. Terri says:

    Let the voters decide ha that is a real laugh, if someone with some back bone or balls can fight like President Trump maybe we can see voting as being an American freedom again, but with this administration, it is a total joke!

    • Inez Bowman says:

      Why the hell are we listening to anything the democrats have to say. Now some
      ass-hole is blaming the Jews (just like Hitler) for starting forest fires.
      What we need to put out is the rotten greedy democrats (starting with Nancy Pelosi, old prune face, some of the faces she makes on camera makes her look like she has a few marbles missing) Next comes stupid Joe, and follow with that weird Harris. I a white, female and not Jewish, I have friends who are black etc.
      I went to public school with any color and we all got along, until the damn democrats whipped this crap up. I am sick of Biden and he just got in the door.

      • George E says:

        It is QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene who is blaming the Jews for crying out loud!!! NOT any Democrats!
        Please get your facts together. Thank you!

  15. Jody says:

    Buhbye Karl Rove
    another RINO turncoat bites the dust.
    True Patriots stay focused do not be derailed

  16. Holly Rose says:

    Knowing more about Greene now sje should be removed as she is psychologically unstable and unfit for congress. Florida why did you vote for a screw loose woman as greene? In reality the republican party should be disbanded before they cause anymore harm to America. Go Democrates!!!!! Long may they live.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      We will see what you think of the democrats when they take away all your rights.

    • Iris says:

      You are the loose screw, swallowing all the socialist garbage and electing a man with dementia! Of course we know the plan is to put Harris in as soon as possible and she’s anti everything American including blacks of which she had a terrible record of unfair treatment. When you hate an entire population that you don’t know you have a problem!

    • USA PATRIOT says:

      Why do democrats hate we Middle Class Patriots and our freedom of free speech ??? God Bless YOU Marjorie Green !!!!

      Why won’t you gutless Republicans join this young lady .

      She is a fighter just like President Trump. And Loves. Middle Class America!! She is fighting for our Constitutional rights and Freedoms

  17. Sic&Tired says:

    KARL ROVE ….. Is Beyond Being an Idiot – A Walking / Talking MORON.!!! Too Bad that Miserable Man even gets ANY TV TIME.!!! He should jump in the Ocean and Be SHARK BAIT…. or …Just Never Come Up to the Surface Again.!!! Can’t give any of these Idiotic People any Slack Anymore – when they show Just How Stupid They Really Are.!!!!

  18. Michael Duffy says:

    Again, another leftist idiot who wants the American people to believe that the conservative politicians, and the AMERICAN people are stupid. They think that we don’t see the corrupt, dishonest policies of the Democrat’s. Biden has already proven his incompetency, and the Democrat’s have to be impeached from each and every office.

  19. Candy Clanton says:

    Disagree because the ‘so-called’ reprint of something she said years ago was a misprint – it wasn’t Jewish Space Lasers starting the California fires, it was “China” not “Jewish”. You all must think all of us can’t read or just plain stupid like you all!

  20. Sherry Chase says:

    Makes one wonder if he’s part of the far left.

  21. alan byrd says:

    Karl Rowe is a turncoat, a bush swampy, stabbing Americans in the back every chance they get. No conservative should listen to him.

  22. Voldemort says:

    If Karl rove and Cheney and the senior republican in the senate are attacking MTG. She is definitely on the right track and should be supported.

  23. Ricky Saurage says:

    Republicans should back other Republicans. Why not do the research on what She is saying instead of following the Democrats. Evidence is there if you bother to look for it. I have a suggestion ask your voters what they think. Oh I forgot, we’re all idiots right. Quit fighting other Republicans!

  24. Peg C. says:

    Seriously, we need to have some type of mental evaluation of prospective politicians. Just listening to the nonsense that comes from Marjorie Taylor Greene makes me nauseous. How anyone from any party can listen to that drivel and agree with it is ridiculous.

  25. Kathy says:

    Karl Rove,I can’t believe you! I’ve always liked you and stood up for you, and now you turn on Rep. GREENE,I guess you feel the same about President Trump too. You are as bad as Chaney and Romney and the rest of those RINO’S.

  26. Jim Jackson says:

    If US Congress would get off of their butts and do their jobs, Congressman Greene wouldn’t have to do what she is doing, whether you like her or not.

    • USA Patriot says:

      WELL SAID 😊. DITCH MITCH. MCConnell, Kentucky hates you being
      A Benedict Arnold Traitor. Move to China with your Chinese wife and never come back .

  27. Mimi says:

    Takes a newbie to call out the old guard and the villians. Marjorie Taylor Greene gets my applause and thanks. She has guts, unlike Kinsinger who voted for impeachment, shame, shame on him. On them all. Caving to the CCP, California Communist Party, & that’s you too, AOC. Hurray for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  28. Susan B Mitcham says:

    There are more important things that needs to be discussed besides Ms. Greens comments. I remember Pelosi’s comments in China town and Maxine inciting attacks on Trump, but that is ok because they are Democrats. They need to learn they are all same and you punish a Republican without punishing Democrats for same thing. You are no better than anyone else.

  29. William R Watts says:

    Karl needs to retire! His current comments are “over the hill” (if you get my drift!

  30. Jim Westfall says:

    Rove needs to retire

  31. edi says:

    Rove/Bush et al definitely not America first people.

  32. Ken says:

    All I hear is you bitching about the Republicans! Your don’t say anything about not going after Corrupt Biden and all the Democrats that is totally deranged and doing things against the constitution. Who are you and your whiteboard, your are doing this cause you get on tv and blabber shit we the people don’t want to hear about your percentage this and that! You are a nobody! At least Greene is trying to impeach Biden, she is doing more for the US and the Republican Party than you will ever do

  33. edi says:

    Back stabbing rino of the first degree. Anti Trump from the beginning.

    • Godwin says:

      Karl rove a well known swampy RINO the likes of mitt Romney and every other RINO with neanderthalic mentality needs to leave Ms. GREEN alone.
      She’s one of the bests conservatives has seen in recent GOP coward capitulation. SHAME on you Karl rove.

  34. I do not agree with Marjorie Green on everything, but in my opinion, now is not the time for a showdown with each other, because while we are fighting with each other, the demonocrates will destroy us one by one. We now need to rally into one strong fist in order to survive …

  35. Robin Kerby says:

    This shits needs to stop with these far left looney tunes, how about we start going after them and demanding they be removed. My Gosh you would think a bunch of kindergartners were running our government, actually they could probably do a better job, if these people do not get their heads out of their asses and start focusing on this country we can forget everything because it WILL NOT MATTER. Concentrate on the important things, oh here is a crazy thought, how about the economy and the Pandemic for starters. I truly believe they are trying to distract all of us with this High school bullshit so they can work on the more dark evil things they have in store, I hope I am wrong for all of our sakes.

  36. Edna says:

    KArl Rove should pack it in. He is the typical rhino. We don’t need him in our party

    • Rove is another retard of the Bush regime. Don’t people remember the failure of shrub and the knuckle draggers that were in his administration. We could suffer for years with the ignorance that he brought with him. Never ever let a bush near the White House.

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