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Video: Kicked off Flight Because 2-Year-Old Wasn’t Wearing Mask

If this series of videos is accurate, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise, Spirit Airlines needs to explain why they threw this family off its flight because their 2-year-old child wasn’t wearing a mask while eating.

A 2-year-old.

Watch the series of videos below of how this family was treated and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with the flight crew throwing the family off the plane? Why or why not?


  1. bob says:

    Spirit Airlines has NO spirit….and no longer has my business, or the business of lots of others who have seen this outrageous behavior…including the bimbo in the adjacent seat who caused most of the problem. Go out of business Spirit….you are LOSERS!!

  2. Sarah Horne says:

    This is why I will not fly and give the airlines the satisfaction of my paying to have them subjugate us.

  3. Joan Hamrick says:

    The 2 YO is a baby she is trying to eat she doesn’t need a mask on even if she’s NOT eating. She’s a baby!!!!! She’s still in diapers. The STUPID people trying to make her put a mask on should be fired and the airline needs to be sued. Sue ALL the people that work for the airline that were trying to make her wear a mask too.

  4. Robert M Copley says:

    Funny how the C-19 virus became so prevalent with all of its phoniness but since it is or has been a priority to wear masks (I do not), I think that all the airlines should be shut down and ingress, egress of foreign travel should be curtailed. Especially funny how C-19 virus cases went up and flu cases went down. Normally flu cases were in the hundreds of thousands with a very large number of deaths as contributed to the flu.
    “CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019”

  5. Odette says:

    I pray every day that we who find the airlines practices and behavior absurd, unacceptable and dare I say, predatory, take a united stand and fight back. I agree that everyone on that airline should have stood up in their seats and supported that family! I will never fly that airline for sure but the sad truth is,this is what the airlines have become. They are another arm of government control, a means of making the general public SUBMIT to insane rules!
    I don’t believe in suing generally but I hope the father sues the airline and their employees and it makes it through the courts. We must stand united against this tyranny!

    • Totally agree!!! There was NOTHING WRONG with that baby being wo a freakin mask!!! Soooo wrong on sooooo many levels!! We want OUR FREE AMERICA BACK!!!!

  6. David says:

    I would find it a hard thing to do eat my food thru a mask. Where I get confused about children not being required to wear mask is I don’t know if the virus cares what age you are as long as you breath. But I have read where some flu’s and viruses only affect certain age groups for some reason I would want my child to wear one for the child’s safety but not while they are eating even me with my big mouth would have a hard time doing that LOL

  7. Glenn R Kulich says:


  8. Roger says:

    A complete case of horsecrap, removing a family because a two-year-old was not wearing a mask. Children that young are at a very small risk of catching the virus and they are very unlikely to transmit the virus. This stewardess needs to learn her job is to serve the public not condemn them for something as trivial. I hope the family sues the airline and takes a huge chunk of their money away from them.

  9. David says:

    I say we vote Greg Gutfield in as President He always makes me laugh or at least his writers do

  10. David says:

    I fear if they do not find the police officer guilty of murder in the Floyd case you will see America burn and a civil war between blacks and whites I pray I am wrong

  11. David says:

    Holly Rose just because you were abused as a child does not give everyone else the right to abuse the cildren








    • Kelly Miller says:

      This is absolutely disgusting what spirit airlines did to them. I would never fly them ever again and now know many others that will not either!! They are a disgrace.

    • Sarah Horne says:

      Yes, why didn’t people stand up for the family? Have we become so cowed that we don’t help others when there is injustice? Shame on the others on the flight who did not stand together with that family. So incomprehensible.

  13. Suzanne Shubat says:

    Utter stupidity. Small children have long been excused from wearing masks. The attendant was not handling this appropriately at all. He caused the problem.

    • Phil Tharp says:

      Suzanne; in my community children under 2 years old aren’t even required to
      wear masks. And this little girl was punished for not wearing a mask W H I L E
      E A T I N G. I mean, how cold and callous could this airline be??? An this was
      not just any family–it was the family of a well-known actor, Tom Hanks. Penny
      Marshall, who uses Tom in many of her movies expressed an especially vocal res-
      ponse Hopefully this airline will go under fairly soon.

      • The family of Tim Hanks??? Are you SURE???? WHAT were they doing on THAT airlines??? That’s the cheapest, low rent airlines around! I flew it ONCE out of desperation and would NEVER AGAIN!!! Certaintly they could’ve afforded a different airline!! Makes no sense to me!!
        That flight attendant needs her head examined to see IF THERE’S a brain in it!!! Stupid woman!!!

  14. Anita Yarbrough says:

    This is so sad. The little girl was eating. This Spirit Airline employee should be fired from her job Maybe this family should sue the airlines for defamation of character. Why are we even having to deal with this in America…land of the free!

    • My point exactly! We AREN’T FREE any longer!! The mask police rule!! We need to rise up and say we’ve ALL HAD ENOUGH!!!! This “virus” is 99.99% recoverable from if u get it!! Whole thing’s a joke!! Follow the Science and study our immune system!!! It’s an amazing thing, left to DO what it does best, build immunity!!

  15. Bill says:

    Obviously, when Rose got slapped and sailed across the room she hit head too many times as she off her rocker. The point isn’t child discipline it is all about power and control. There isn’t anywhere where a Two yr. old is forced to wear a face mask, aside from that they don’t work that well anyway. The world has gone nuts. What ever airline ever forces little children to wear face masks needs to one boycotted!

  16. Linda S Hitchens says:

    Kudos to the person who filmed this incident! How shameful of Spirit Airlines. The kid was peacefully eating and they took her food away and upset the toddler + family + other passengers. The family was beautiful. They should sue.
    Add me to never flying Spirit. (Retired Lawyer & former “Stewardess”)

  17. Curt says:

    Obviously, when Rose got slap and sailed across the room she hit head too many times as she off her rocker. The point isn’t child discipline it is all about power and control. There isn’t anywhere where a Two yr. old is forced to wear a face mask, aside from that they don’t work that well anyway. The world has gone nuts. What ever airline ever forces little children to wear face masks needs to one boycotted!

  18. holly Rose says:

    Don’t blame the airline. The fault lies squarely on the parents for not teaching the child discipline. Parents should and must teach children obedience, strict obedience. I was a rebellious child and still am but I know when to obey. When as a child I didn’t obey I was flung across the room and slapped until I did what I was told to do. Life isn’t easy and one never gets what one want out of this life

    • Chris says:

      The child was EATING we are aloud to eat without masks. But what we aren’t the privileged and we aren’t John Kerry reading on a major airline WITHOUT a mask. He was even harassed, just left alone. But Those people are the PRIVILEGED 😤 time to BOYCOTT and lawsuits need to be done or be reimbursed in other ways

      • Patricia says:

        I see parents who have taught their children that masks are part of everything. I saw a young mlm with three littles and all three were compliant and helped the baby in a carrier keep hers on. It was no big deal to them. Parents should have taught at home…it’s part of our lives at this time. I saw a young family in WalMart yesterday that were all compliant and doing beautifully. This scene could have been avoided.

    • JackieChris says:

      The child was EATING we are aloud to eat without masks. But what we aren’t the privileged and we aren’t John Kerry reading on a major airline WITHOUT a mask. He was even harassed, just left alone. But Those people are the PRIVILEGED 😤 time to BOYCOTT and lawsuits need to be done or be reimbursed in other ways

    • Robert Jr Salinas says:

      Holly you are off your rocker

    • Gwyllim says:

      What part of ‘children aren’t required to wear masks’ doesn’t your ‘brain’ understand?

    • marnie says:

      Boycott that airline big time. More insanity going on. Sue the pants off them.

  19. mike says:

    This is crazy…. but people with a bit of “power” think they can make the rules….

    The way to fight back is to boycott these industries…… its going to happen, so smack them in the wallet….

    I will no longer fly Delta or go to a baseball game again because of all this garbage……

    Net thing is vote out all of these politicians that support this…..term limits…. they have been robbing us blind for years!

  20. Will Full says:

    This is an asinine policy … children of that age are NOT susceptible to covid [actually ages from newborn to 11 yrs of age]; and making a 2-year old wear a mask while eating is beyond reasonable, let alone having one wear one constantly at all other times too!

  21. allan takase says:

    The sheer stupidity of this encounter is incredible. No 2 year old whether they’re eating or not should be forced to comply with this absurd rule. Then you put a imbecile like this flight attendant to enforce a ridiculous rule which compounds the problem. It could have been easily avoided by her ignoring the child instead of trying to assert her “authority.”


  22. Pegs says:

    # BOYCOTT spirit airlines !!!! BEYOND STUPID!!!!!!! FIRE the bitch attendant!!!! I BLAME her!!!

    • Pinocchio says:

      This is nothing more then discrimination against white people, which approved by democrat liberal! If it was a black family the crew wouldn’t say a worlds! The second civil war is coming?

  23. Ken says:

    I hope that this family sues Spirit Airlines and we need to start boycotting any other businesses and airlines that do the same stupid thing.

  24. Jean Louise Meyer says:

    I think the airline need to a backbone they should not kick the family off the plane because they 2 year old didn’t have a mask on.

  25. Buff says:

    Only if your an illegal immigrant do you not have to wear a mask, even if you have COVID. This government and their stupid rules are getting waaaaaay out of hand. Please someone in power do something, anything.

  26. Totally disgusted says:

    This is pure insanity,I will never fly Spirit airline again they can give me a free ticket and still won’t,what the hell is going on in this country its just out of control,I hope she sues those heartless bastards

  27. AJ says:

    The stupidity will continue until you refuse to do business with those that demand you wear a useless mask and support china.
    March 2020, Denmark did tests on masks. Result 19% effective.
    March 9, 2021, Natural Blaze published, “The coroNOvirus Really by Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath. This article completely destroys the fraud/hoax pandemic with their own documents and the flu vaccines also. Jon Rapport requested scientific/medical proof from 47 state departments of health proving that this “mystery virus” had been isolated. None provided any proof.
    June 2020, Vaccine Gates and the military joined to produce genetically modified mosquitos to provide vaccine to those bitten by them. Released in Florida and Texas. In 2018, vaccine Gates was quoted he wanted to start using nanochips to control the world population. Nanochip measure in millions of an inch. There’s is also “nano dust”. How many nanochips can one mosquito carry? Nanochips don’t need batteries and can receive commands and send messages. You could ingest nanochips/nano-dust by breathing, eating, drinking. So it looks like they are determined to make us all slaves. Time to stop this tyranny completely.



  28. Anna says:

    This made me cry I was so angry and disgusted. This is not my America anymore. This poor family. I hope they sue. Its difficult and stressful enough traveling with a small child and then to have to go through this once onboard. People stand up against this far left nonsense. Other passengers should have stood up for this family. Freedom is more important than a plane ride and we are losing more of it day by day. Shame on this airline and I hope they go bankrupt.

  29. Kathy says:

    Am I the only one noticing that in the past 12 mos there have been ZERO new deaths from the plain old flu? What gives? We have gone from 400,000+ deaths from ‘the flu’, to no new deaths from the flu. And…if one doesn’t die from cancer, it is all counted together in the number of those dying from Covid.

    • Norma J Mitchell says:

      Yeah!!! Right, and every year when it’s flu season, you don’t hear anything about wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the flu!!!!

    • AJ says:

      In 2020, John Hopkins University, Genevieve Briand, did research on the reported spike of covid deaths. Results no spike. Deaths from heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and other natural causes were lower and attributed to covid in the same amount. China flu is just a flu!!!

  30. Lloyd I Marihugh says:

    Spirit has been my go-to airline, but because they have no common sense and are lead by fear, I will find a new airline.

  31. David says:

    OMG The stewardess should have got a cross and crucified the child and the parents Please tell me they didn’t really do that it was fake news no one can be that stupid and evil to a 2 year old child Unless they were Democrats LMAO

  32. RON KNOX says:

    if it was a minority family all hell would have broken loose

    • Sam says:

      You’re absolutely correct! They would be burning the terminal and all of the Spirit planes! Also the flight attendant wouldn’t have said anything to begin with. This has turned into a crazy upside down world. Thanks Obama! Now we have all of his crazy liberals making our country a communist hell!

  33. Scum bags just refused my 87 year old veteran dad aphysical therapy visit.
    He has two breathing excemptions.
    It was for kart to get around in.
    They said he had to wear a mask people were getting scared.
    Complaint will be filed .heavy fines.

  34. James Southern says:

    The paranoia and stupidity needs to stop. This plan demic is 99% hype and less than 1% fact. It is not legal to force people tpwear these almost completely useless masks either, If I paid for a flight and did’t have on a mask and they kicked me off I would sue the airline and the government for this ridiculous mandate that only makes the issue worse. These masks do not stop a virus. Viruses are smaller that the mesh of the weave of the fabric. Get a brain and get a life then stop accepting Faucci and his lies. He is on the Board of directors for more than one Pharmacuetical company and they stand to make nearly a trillion dollars off of this farce. The only real COVID VACCINE OR CURE is made in Israel and they won;t allow you to hear about it. Why? because the big corporations, those in congress and the FDA, Faucci, Cruz, andBuden will not make a dime off of those meds. Whereas the ones they are advertising do not cure it, cannot promise they will stop it. and do not have a valid reason to be take because they are not proven to hel develop any immunity to it. They have however killed people, have re-engineered DNA in them to rewrite your DNA and one has nanobotd in it. HMMmm.

    • Tregar Shippey says:

      I agree 100 percent!

    • Kate S says:

      Mr. Southern, please do not include Ted Cruz in your list of villains. Recently, his committee was gathered to discuss different matters. The committee members were the only ones in the room. Everyone in the group has had covid and has had one vaccination. Someone called attention to Mr. Cruz that they should be wearing masks. Ted Cruz explained about how everyone in the committee had had covid and had had a vacination and he refused to wear the mask. So the Dems are attacking him and are raising money to defeat Mr. Cruz in his re-election bid in TX. If, Mr. Southern, you want to do something useful, send some money to Ted Cruz and his campaign, and keep him and others like him in the Senate and in the House. They are fighters for truth and honor in America. They are not cowards like so many Dems are.
      And yes I am wondering how anyone can eat with a mask on and why the other passengers didn’t stand up and support that family. Maybe they don’t speak English and didn’t understand what was going on. By standers need to stand up for people who for people who are being attacked.

      • Kate says:

        Correction to my comment to Mr. Southern. Bystanders who don’ stick up for the people who are being unjustly attacked, add to the problem and by giving courage to the attacker. And more of it is going to occur. And we could have ended the pain imposed by a stupid, heartless airline employee if people had actually stood up to her. Thanks.

  35. James A says:

    The Peter Principle prevails here. Clearly, the Stewardess should go back to baggage handling as she has achieved her highest point of incompetence. She should not be interacting with paying passengers. I’m not the litigious type in general, but clear guidelines for under 5 y olds is established and it would be good to pursue a civil suit on principle alone. Maybe you get enough to cover college for your daughter? The absurdity of it all needs to be defeated and the pocketbook is the best place to start—sue them.

    • Robert Miller says:

      Can someone please tell how can this child eat with a mask on? Am I missing something here?

      • Phil Tharp says:

        Can’t believe how chicken-S this airline was; like HOW can anyone eat
        with a mask on?? I think it had to do with the family being that of a movie
        star–and they didn’t like Tom Hanks. I think he’s one of the neatest actors
        there is; I loved BIG. I see Penny Marshall, who used Tom Hanks in all of her
        movies, was especially upset. I can’t believe this airline (I never heard of)
        could be so callous. If you really had to I guess you could wear a mask while
        eating you would have to lift the bottom up to expose mouth to get food then
        put it back down while chewing — but I mean a little 2 year old girl–WTF???

  36. Marlene Froning says:

    Stay off the planes, if everyone bonds together and don’t fly for a week or month, guess who is on the plane without a a mask you hit their pocketbooks. Look how chipbgheir fairs where after cdc left them fly they drop prices, because no riders.

  37. Gregory Horton says:

    Where is that Pussy-ass pilot?? His ass should have been there and defused this problem post-haste!!!! People need to find out who he is, sue Spirit, him, flight attendant.!!!!!

  38. Its all stupid I refuse to fly any more, I drive with security protection. Its all went way way to far, the mask are a joke!!

  39. Jackie says:

    What were they thinking!!!!

  40. Its all stuoid I refuse to fly any more, I drive with security protection. Its all went way way to far, the mask are a joke!!

  41. Bob Small says:

    Wake up folks and keep your powder dry, this is just the beginning!

  42. ROBERT CARDOZA says:

    This is ridiculous. they kicked this family because their 2 yr. old not wearing a mask while eating, and YET they are allowing illegals entering our country without even being tested for COVID-19. I hope that this family will pursue this matter in court, and take every option under the law. I expect the corrupt Joe Biden to come up now and say ” Come on Man, what’s the big deal.”

  43. yvonne says:

    The world is going crazy with those stupid masks that do more harm than the supposed virus itself.

  44. Anthony says:

    Totally ridiculous. Spirit Airlines is trash, just like delta. The family needs to sue.

  45. Derryce Anderson says:

    Never have i seen such appalling treatment of paying customers over something so stupid. Explain to a 2year old how to eat with a mask on. I dare anyone. If they let illegal aliens cross the border with no covid-19 testing, what harm is a 2y old going to do. Common sense and courtesy are not flying on this airline.

  46. Alan Levine says:

    The whole plane should have revolted. It’s going to far when a child was eating and the stewardess made a big deal she should be fired

  47. Sherryl Shrock says:

    Sensible parents doing the sensible thing! Spirit Airlines should be ashamed, but passengers should be even more ashamed! All passengers should have gotten off that flight with them! No passengers- no money – no flight. Come on people, wake up! I hope those of you sitting on that plane never need someone to stand up for you!!!😴😡🙈

    • Tregar Shippey says:

      This is totally ludicrous..the passengers should of all backed the parents in this stupid mask wearing mandate. So many cowards nowadays that they all just sit there..except for the lady across from them that tried to help. The government is getting away with way too much,especially when it comes to freedom in all aspects of our lives as citizens of this country. Why can’t people see this? And why the hell are we putting up with these draconian rules? Have people forgotten that this is OUR COUNTRY?!! I would of stood up for this family and voiced my opinion on the whole matter..complete BULLSHIT!! Stand up for your RIGHTS for GODS SAKE!!

  48. Geneva Wilcox says:

    Spirit airlines will be in trouble, people should just stop using them. They even thru an autistic child off because of a mask!!! They are ridiculous ,this is part of the reason I will never fly trains are better. Better yet drive or bus!!

  49. Totally absurd!! The flight attendant is the one that should be kicked off the flight and never work for that airline again. the world has gone totally crazy unless you are an extreme left nut you are always in the wrong. This has gone to far. Everyone on board should have gotten up and left the plane

  50. Harry says:

    This nothing more than a democrat liberal using her little authority to make an issue of a white child not wearing a mask. All you had to do is listen to this stewardess pushing the issue.

  51. M Woodward says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous scenes ever. I am amazed and appalled that the whole plane full of passengers did not revolt in response to this disgusting abuse of power by the airline. I can promise you that I will NEVER fly on Spirit Airlines unless they publicly post an abject apology for this disgusting incident — and issue fully paid tickets for each/every member of the family affected by this totally uncalled-for, lousy power play!

  52. Amir F says:

    This won’t end until we the people are subjugated and enslaved under Communist dictatorship rule.

  53. jaybird says:

    Stupid Airline personnel don’t know the rules-the child is under 5 yo and eating. Sue, sue and sue