VIDEO: Man Alleges Obama Had Sex With Him While Smoking Crack

( – HAPPENING NOW: In a bombshell video clip of an interview with Tucker Carlson that will air in full tonight, a man alleges that in 1999 he was introduced to Barack Obama in a bar, that he paid Obama $250 for cocaine, that Obama smoked cocaine (crack) in front of him, and that he twice had sex with Obama.

You can watch the video snippet that Tucker Carlson released before tonight’s airing of the full interview just a bit further down this post.

The as-yet-unidentified man also accused the media of not publicizing the truth about Obama when Obama ran for president.

For context, in 1999, Barack Obama was a married Illinois State Senator with an infant daughter who quickly became a United States Senator and one of the youngest men in history to become President of the United States of America.

So far, there has been no statement from Obama about this man’s sordid allegations.

Here is the video clip: