VIDEO: Massive Mob Attacks 3 Marines On Memorial Day

Mob Attacks US Marines

( – A shocking video captures the moment a crowd of about 40 teenagers brutally attacked a group of U.S. Marines. The Marines had approached the teenagers about their disorderly conduct on a beach in San Clemente, California.

The video is available for viewing at the bottom of this post.

The victims explained that they were walking along the beach when the large group assaulted them around 10 pm.

A video that has since been shared online shows two victims curled up on the ground in defense while the mob continued to kick them and shout offensive language and racial insults. A third Marine was also assaulted, though this wasn’t captured in the video.

Despite their injuries, the men declined to be taken to a nearby hospital, according to deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s office.

The local police are investigating this violent event, and the teenagers involved could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

In a video clip, about a minute long, that was shared on Facebook, the Marines, who were in regular clothes, are seen trying to ascend the steps outside the Pier Bowl while a group of teenagers shouted at them.

As they got closer to the stairs, a teenage boy was seen striking the back of one of the Marine’s heads.

This Marine turned around and rushed towards his attacker, triggering a full-scale brawl as the teenager’s friends joined in to punch and kick him.

In seconds, the group surrounded the two Marines, shouting aggressively and using racial slurs.

As the person filming moved in closer, two victims were seen on the ground as the group kicked them ruthlessly.

The fight was finally stopped when two bystanders, a man and a woman, intervened, yelling at the teenagers to stop their actions.

It’s still unclear what events led up to the start of the video, but one of the Marines, Hunter Antonio, told KCAL that the brawl began when he asked the teenagers to stop setting off fireworks.

Here is the video: