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Video: Police Car Plows Through Crowd

Depending on your point of view, you’ll either find the video below of a Tacoma, Washington police officer ramming his patrol car through a crowd that had surrounded him an act of self-defense or an act of police brutality. WARNING: The video is very graphic and the patrol car clearly runs over at least one individual.

According to The Spokesman-Review Newspaper, based on an interview of the individual [Mark] who took the video, “five to six cars spinning in circles on South 9th Street between the intersections of Court A and Pacific Avenue.”

A crowd of three dozen people were gathered around the intersection, cheering on the drivers, Mark said. Traffic through the area came to a standstill…

“‘A lot of people swarmed in that direction (of the police car),’ Mark said. ‘They were intending to block him.’

“The officer backed up about three feet and then suddenly accelerated forward, striking several people and knocking four to five of them to the ground. It appears the vehicle then drives over something or somebody. Another video from the same scene and posted to Twitter shows the vehicle driving over a person on the ground.

“Tacoma police spokeswoman Wendy Haddow said police were notified shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday of street racers and a crowd of approximately 100 people blocking streets in the area.

“Haddow said the officer used his car’s bullhorn to address the crowd. The crowd then began pounding on his windows, she said.

“‘He was afraid they would break his glass,’ she said. That prompted him to speed out of the scene for his own safety.”

For more details, go to The Spokesman-Review.

Watch the video below of the officer ramming his patrol car through the crowd and then share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe the officer acted reasonably and in self-defense? Why or why not?


  1. Jerry Drouillard says:

    It’s about time somebody stood up to these terrorists. I am sick of hearing about these do called peaceful protests. Anyone has the right to defend themselves.

    • kb says:

      100 points for mild injuries, 500 points for broken bones, 1000 points for anyone ending in wheelchair,(or worse ) total self defense,, god bless our men in blue !!!!

  2. Roger says:

    The roads, streets, and highways were designed and built for vehicles to use them, not for the purpose of marching, demonstrating, rioting or protesting. It is the law that you do not have to yield to pedestrians intentionally blocking your path of travel especially if those pedestrians may intend on doing you or your passenger’s harm. Who in their right mind would attempt to block the path of a police vehicle with its lights and siren going. I would have run the damn fools over myself if they had been in my way, fear for your own life can make people do things they might not do under different circumstances.

  3. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Since when has it become acceptable to surround any vehicle and pound on it and shake it? Especially if the driver had not done anything wrong. I think any driver in that position should take the same action as the Police Officer driving the vehicle in this video. The Police Officer should’ve feared for his life. An angry mob can and will kill people. I say the Officer is justified. Using the vehicle as a weapon was the safest choice in using force as it only affected those in direct contact with the vehicle. Their intent was hostile.

  4. Marty says:

    Simple. Block the street…… get run over. No crime here

  5. I was very disappointed in the officers. DOn’t they realize speed is your friend when confronting mobs of morans with a history of Killing Cops? What is BLM’S catchphrase “what do want dead Cops, when do we kill them NOW!” the police should have MAD MAX bumpers and a flamethrower set up on their rigs to deal with these morans

  6. Lonewolfcowboy340610 says:


  7. Sam B. says:

    I hate to say this…but with all due respect..”why the hell didn’t these people get the hell out of the way?!” The officer clearly had lights & siren on but these morons get in front of the officer & block the road..then started smashing the windows of the police vehicle!! Without a doubt the officer felt his/her life was in jeopardy. Look at the destructive actions of these idiots. I certainly hope no-1 was seriously injured…but to these morons & any others that think/would do the same thing..: “YOUR actions r what causes/stirs up 99.999% of the lack of respect for law & order!” “YOUR actions put u in this position!” Don’t u dare blame law enforcement!!!!!! 99.9999% of all law enforcement is here to HELP! How about u clowns knock off all this anarchy & try showing others the same respect u want for yourselves.
    Attn BidenHarris: instead of calling on patriotic Americans to donate to an Un-American fund that will help bail out jailed rioters/anarchists who put themselves in that pathetic position…how about u call for & demand for law & order!! Get a SPINE! Hold these anarchists accountable!! ENOUGH!! Jus-stay’n.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Amen Sam! Watch…the radical left socialist party & their “megaphone”…the pathetically biased narrative fake news networks will say how pathetic the actions were of law enforcement….& totally ignore the actions of the mob that caused this reaction. Like it’s ok for the rioters/anarchists to run game in & on all these cities. Like Destruction/looting/rioting etc etc is ok! Had these clowns just gotten out of the way of this law enforcement officer…not blocked the road AND started to destroy the police vehicle the officer was in..none of this would have happened!!!

    • AMEN! MORE ACTIONS LIKE THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE EARLY THIS YEAR IN THE RIOTS!! The officer was trying to protect him or her self>

  8. JB says:

    Exactly the right response! Meet force with force!!

  9. Sandra says:

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes. The officer was probably in fear for his life! I support the action.

  10. Val Hicks says:

    Stupid people, don’t put yourself in harms way and you wont get run over, this crap is getting carried away.
    When are the Democraps going to do something about it, oh yea it doesn’t effect them and they really don’t care about we the people until it’s election time.

  11. R.S says:

    Sorry NOT SORRY!! We learned at age 3 not to just play out in the middle of traffic or any road. They had multiple warnings and were trying to get a reaction out of the officer. I just wish he would’ve put it in reverse afterwards and finished the job. I’ve never seen grown adults act worse than a freaking 2 year old in my life. Cant fix stupid, but you can run them over. Hell yeah!

  12. Captain Blastoff says:

    After reading all the above comments, I can only add I agree. The cop did the right thing. I wish I was there to see it in person. I’d like to buy the cop a burger and a beer.

    • danny says:

      perfect response I’m happy the police man or woman did the correct thing action beats talk every time great job need more like you that is how you teach STUPID

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        I also agree with the response to arresting the proud Boys who are not actually Boys at all and deserve what they get. There is an article stating that they are abandoning DJT which is their prerogative. They should also unite to file lawsuits against DJT.

  13. Charles Arnold says:

    If you play with fire, you will get burned. If your mother didn’t teach you to not play in the street, then the police officer said move those people and your dumb ass stands in front of a police car. Then your Stupidy cause you to get run over.

  14. Nancy says:

    They deserve it! Warning is loud and clear. The terrorizers get terrorized with warning and THEN its OMG! OMG! OMG! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND STAY HOME. They want the cops to react and when they do they cry foul!! If you are there at all you deserve it!! You are one of em!!

  15. Phillip says:

    Yes sir these hard headed people deserve what they ask for . They would have tore that cruiser to pieces not saying what would have happened to police officer . If i were in his shoes i would have done same thing . A situation like that a person is in fear of there life . Had to do what he had to , to save his life . Those people are seeing they can get away with it and it incites more to go do it . It needs to stop . Stop these sorry pieces of crap .

  16. Leslie Hill says:

    Its become the only response these people will listen to. What’s the alternative – open fire on the crowd????

  17. wah says:

    The protesters should not have been in the way of the police cruiser or they would not have been run over. They should be at home and voting their opinion, and making sure the people in charge are not cheating with the votes. Once you establish the fact that cheaters will be dealt a blow when caught they will never do it again and we can have honest elections. Now in the interim, I think the right thing to do is to get a number of the protesters together and send them to a real socialist country to live and let them beg to return, all of this will stop.

  18. ck says:

    I agree with most comments in this thread. Ironically most of you probably think the vet shot and killed at the insurrection was wrong. I see no difference in these scenarios. When a cop feels threatened, you defend yourself, bottom line!!

  19. Sic&Tired says:

    Guess What People…..This is ALL because the Democrats. We All Know It – But, Nothing will Ever Be Done About It. Let those that Are In Our Law Enforcing Agencies – Do what they have to do….To Protect the Good Americans of this Country. Don’t Hope for the Judicial System…Meaning Our Dumb A _ _ Judges for any kind of Law, due to they are ALL on the Take, along with the Democrats.!

    • William says:

      I support the blue and all officers in the line of duty. And I also support 100% what the officer did, we need more of them.
      We need to take our Country. If we don’t stand up now it will be to late. NOT FOR SELF,BUT FOR OTHER is our motto. Stand up now for our future generations yet to come. Do you want your kids to be slaves in there own country? There freedom took away with no rights at all. If you do then keep sitting right were you are. If you want America to be great again, free of Communist Democrats and our Constitution back to its original writings then join the ACDK at [email protected] and join the True American Patriots and fight for what’s right. The word fight doesn’t mean with guns and knives but with voting in the honest Republicans and take back the President’s, the House and the Senate. But also do not get me wrong, because we ALL have the right to defend ourselves from those who pose a threat. The more members we have the more votes we know will be cast. Don’t let our votes get stole from us. That is one right we lost this year. We can’t let that continue. Join now and stop the corruption of American. [email protected]

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You do know that DEMOCRATS also are citizens of this country and are registered as a political party as are the Republican Party.

  20. Sic&Tired says:

    With that Many Crazy and Stupid People, who would have definitely caused damage to the car and hurt the Police Officers…… Good for the Police. Time to do More of this kind of Force to the miserable and stupid people of this country.
    Maybe…Just Maybe….Some of them Morons will smarten up a Little, but that is also doubtful…… Can’t Fix Dumb or Stupid.!!!!

  21. John john says:

    clock is ticking.

  22. Linda says:

    Hate that people were hurt. But they would not have been if they had obeyed the law.

  23. George Kinne says:

    I blame Biden and the liberals for lawlessness

  24. JR says:

    You engage in unlawful activities, you get what you deserve! I’d have done the same thing but might have come back for a second run.

  25. Joe Farley says:

    The son of a bitches would have been home where they belong it wouldn’t have happened. Run over all the son of a bitches and the bullshit will stop.

    • Sic&Tired says:

      Got that Right….Joe Farley. How True – IF, the Idiots weren’t out on the Streets and causing problems – then the Police won’t have to do the things that they do….To Protect Themselves from the Stupid and Idiotic People in our major cities…….. Lawless People should be taken care of….With Force.!!!

  26. hen says:

    looks like he was protecting his self

  27. Nina Rogers says:

    Protecting yourself is not against the law! This shit has been going on for way to long against the men & women that protect us. It’s time to fight back!!!!

  28. Robert says:

    IF you Disrespect Authority And make yourself a threat to them. Do not be surprised at what will happen to you or your So called friends.
    There are places called racetracks, Go there and have fun. If you don’t have a racetrack? tell the city you want one. Who knows? They Just might do that and every makes money even the Driver. That is a lot better then having to lose control of your car and kill other people or even kill yourself. and all those people around you scatter like Quail.
    SO do it right. Go to a track or get one and all will be safe Not Sorry.

  29. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    The mob was violent; the officer was in grave bodily danger. He did what he had to do.

  30. Chuck says:

    I think it’s great- stupid people doing stupid acts has consequences

  31. Terry Adkins says:

    Only one thing he did wrong he didn’t put in in reverse and run over more knuckle heads

    • Karen E Ferrigno says:

      Maybe some day those people will learn that they can’t use threats, assault, murder or destruction to get everyone to kiss their asses.
      Real people will stand up for themselves.

    • Absolutely agree. These animals think they can take over publicly tax-payer owned streets without penalty. Kill ’em all….hit reverse/forward until there’s not one of them left standing or moving.

  32. charles obermeyer says:

    Unsubscribe m e from all emails

  33. MC says:

    Self defense it’s obvious….order was given to clear the street…they failed to obey. Then attacked him.

  34. M says:

    Self defense it’s obvious….order was given to clear the street…they failed to obey. Then attacked him.

  35. M says:

    Sel defense it’s obvious….order was given to clear the street…they failed to obey. Then attacked him.

  36. GiggiGazzaneo says:

    I think the officer did the right thing, they were warned and they started attacking his car. They would have dragged him out beaten him or killed him like someone else commented on here, sick and tired of this stand down crap, then you have the little wimp screaming OMG. Go home to mommies basement.
    The officers should do this more. I bet they will think about it more than twice before surrounding the cop cars, kudos to the officer👍🇺🇸💙

    • What the police did was a right movement. Those were not peaceful protesters. That was a killer group antifa, blm,etc. Had the police not done that, he would had been killed right there on the streets. At that moment it was :get out of there or die. It was the only solution.

    • Jay Price says:

      You are correct, the officer was defending himself. Those idiots should have been shot. Break the law, suffer for it. It is time we quit blaming the police and start treating these criminals as such.

      • R.F says:

        WHY???!!! just why ??!! thats not a race track , officer is doing his job. RUN ALL THE STUPID SELF ENTITLED ASSES OVER !!!

  37. CindyCB says:

    I agree with you, but, what they were doing should not be regarded as ‘protesting’. It’s more like attacking.
    I hope this cop does not get in trouble. If he does, we the citizens should not accept it.
    Yeah, I know, what will we do!? We didn’t do anything about an INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS fraudulent election!!!!!
    I’m afraid that we are, now, the United Wusses of America!

  38. Brent says:

    I’m so sick of these RATS disrespecting police. The things people do to police I would never in a million years even think for a second of doing. Officer is innocent 100%.

  39. Cg says:

    Great move self defense. Should be done more often!

  40. john says:

    If the police officer warned the crowd to disperse with the Bull Horn, and the stupid crowd surrounded his vehicle, he did exactly what I would do. The officer had no idea what the crowd anticipated to do to him and/or to his vehicle, his 1st thoughts must have been to remove himself from harms way in any way possible. Accelerating his vehicle forward provided a clear path to his safety.
    Some assholes need to learn to respect LAW ENFORCEMENT. IF YOU BREAK THE LAW, YOU SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

  41. Tyler says:

    Law enforcement in our country has turned into a thankless job. Our law enforcement officers are questioned at every turn versus supported. These protesting thugs feel that protesting is their right of passage. This right they feel they have has been supported/enforced by the stand down approach to policing which has been mandated by poorly run/managed communities and it is ABSOLUTELY WRONG…regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on. Our police officers have as much right to go home nights after their shift as anyone of us…perhaps those of you who think otherwise should find yourselves a well managed “Autonomous Zone” and relocate there…you cannot have it both ways, you either do or do not want law and order, make a decision and abide by it or get out of Dodge.

  42. CintiCB says:

    The protesters are NEVER at fault, they are ALWAYS da victim.

  43. Terry Adkins says:

    Hahaha yeppie yahooooo that officer is great your now the new president bidens out !

  44. Bret says:

    I do not see where this officer had any other course of action.

  45. Yank says:

    If you have 50 to 75 people swarming your vehicle with ill intentions in mind, you have a vehicle that can get you out of this peril, what are your options? Option one- You can stay in your vehicle until it is breeched and you are pulled out and beaten into unconsciousness or killed. Option 2 – Get the hell out of there and save yourself! The city’s elected officials need to make a stand here. Legal up or get out of office. They all took an oath of office to serve and protect. They are not protecting their city or their constituents if they allow such riots to happen in the first place. Once violence breaks out in a demonstration, it is no longer individuals 1st Amendment being exercised. It is a violent riot and needs to be stopped by equal force, in my humble opinion.

    • Wanda Mills says:

      I’m sorry it had to happen, but these people are violent haters of law & order. I have had to drive through a crowd late at night in the city. It’s scary but they were terrorizing this officer. May they awaken to their cruelty & may this officer be praised for his actions.

      • Ina says:

        I agree. The police office had to do this or they would probably would have killed him. When will the rioters and killers be held accountable for their crimes?

  46. jim jackson says:

    Self defense is a constitutional right, even for police officers.

  47. Debra says:

    The officer was protecting his life. The people should not have approached his vehicle and refused to back off. I find it amusing how woosey the OMG protestor sounds when he realizes he might have been injured. Running in riotous packs makes them feel invincible. Reality check, eh?

  48. mary says:

    They were put in fear of theirs lives and the police did what was expected save themselves

  49. Mary says:

    I have no problem with his actions. This assumption that protestors breaking the law have immunity? FUCK YOU. You get thes go to jail card Seattle, Portland,etc. Nat’l Guard, bring in the tanks. It’s a life lesson, ACT STUPID, bear the consequences. Proceed at your own f’g risk

  50. BeePee says:

    Listen to those anarchist SISSIES screaming “OMG”. TOO BAD he didn’t run over MORE of them ! The police should have done this a LONG TIME AGO !

    • CintiCB says:

      I noticed the terrified yelling of ‘OMG’.
      I thought, ‘What the hell do you expect you stupid ******!’ and ‘serves you right!’

  51. Bill Scott says:

    These fools made a concious effort to stop a car with their bodies. The result could not have been any different. A First grader could have figured out what would happen. What is the problem with thes commie dumbocraps. It’s aaa pity the officer was not driving a tank instead

    • CintiCB says:

      I’m listening to the TV while reading this. They reported on this. They said that the LEO is on ‘leave’ while they investigate it. If they judge against the LEO, these rioting assaulting ‘victims’ will think they have even more ‘power’ than they think they have, now.
      What the hell is there to ‘investigate’? The cop was being threatened verbally and physically. If I was surrounded by a pack of wild animals, I’d drive through/over them to escape and save my life-even if it seems
      raaaasathiiiith wha, wha, wha. F that BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. DameonTC says:

    Good. This entitlement generation needs to know that actions have consequences. An officer is just another person who has a job to do. Had that officer gotten out of that vehicle the result would have been harmful for the officer. Knowing that the officer rightfully feared for his/her safety. Being in the vehicle and swarmed like that created the same fear. A “flight or fight” scenario happened.
    I’da done the same thing.

    • CintiCB says:

      If the cop had gotten out of his car and been assaulted, NOT ONE OF THESE ‘VICTIMS’ WOULD HAVE BEEN HELD ACCPOUNTABLE!!
      As always, they’d be’s da ‘victim’ wha, wha, wha.
      This is getting SO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Nurex35 says:

    The problem that I see here is not what the officer did, its where he did it. If the politicos in WA allow their city to be burned and looted, they don’t care if the Antifa and BLM mobs destroy their city. I predict this officer will at a minimum immediately lose his job whether it can be found he acted in self defense or not. Liberals stand for liberL causes, safety in the city be damned!

  54. Godwin says:

    The officer do no want to be burnt alive in his squad car. This is a typical example of officer self defense.

  55. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    These people need to be shown that, they can’t do whatever they want. When the riots in 1967, in Newark New Jersey,happened, they were shot. We are excepting this way of life for them. They are struggling, and in poverty. They have the same chance, as everybody else. Try going to school and graduating, learn a trade, or get a job, your poverty will end. If you want to live in our homes, this will get you yours. Vailsburg, Newark, was a clean street neighborhood, until they moved in, go look at it now. I didn’t throw garbage in their streets, wreck the houses, that are now boarded up. Some women said there has been no change for us, oh! how right see is, they haven’t changed. The police car was being attacked, I would have done the same thing. It’s funny, that they fill the streets for rioting, but they have no job, this is what they spend doing.

  56. Candy says:

    I agree! The police officers lives were in danger! The protesters were clearly not backing off! If our police officers are not being taken seriously where are we going to be in the near future?

  57. maxibaby says:

    What do you think that group of BLM/antifa would have done to that police officer if they had managed to break the windows of his car and drag him out of his vehicle…..he by the way was doing his job…..what were the marxist thugs doing? I think the officer was clearly doing what he could to save his own life so he could go home to his family! I am sure the officer was terrified and is sick over what happened!
    What is it going to take to stop these lawless people?

    • Susan Dudak says:

      OMG my foot. What would they have to done to the police officer and his vehicle if he had not gone forward. I’m glad the police are fighting back. And if anyone got hurt, they should have never been there in the first place.

    • Bill Scott says:

      What is most frightning about this is that this mob is typical Biden, bumbocrap, liberal, socialist, trash. Nothing has been lost here

  58. Bill Scott says:

    If he was in fear for his life, he acted properly. I would have done he same. These idiots are apparently just as stupid as those at Kent State University several year ago andd began throwing rocks at National Guardsmen who responded in kind with M16.’s and killed several. Anyone with a lick of Sense would not pick a fight with a man carrying an M16. Typical stupid liberal. The Guardsmen were sent there to protect the Taxpayers property, not to play footsies with a pack of snot nosed fools who think they make State and school policy just because they attend the school. A little dose of this would have stopped the rioting BLM and Antifa thugs this past summer.

    • Allen says:

      But, Bill, we did get a great song out of that: Four Dead in Ohio. Maybe CSNY can write another Run Over in Tacoma. If you don’t want to get run over, get out of the street. I do agree with one of the comments above, I can picture this “person” that is screaming OMG. And, the picture isn’t pretty.

  59. Maurice says:

    Hope they give him a pay raise for doing this. I do not blame him.
    This demonstration shit has gone too far.

    • Rich says:

      I’m Soo upset what is the matter with that cop I mean didn’t he realize that he had reverse ,I mean one yard forward and three back he could have been more productive ?

  60. Cindy says:

    The police officer was acting in self defense !!
    What is wrong with these people in Tacoma obstructing the officer from driving thru. Something needs to be done to stop these protesters!
    Come on man… Biden, Pelosi, Shumer …officials in Tacoma lets bring in the National Guard to stop this and prosecute those responsible. NOT BLAME POLICE.
    The police have the right to protect themselves and go home to their family.
    This country is out of control. Good job Biden and Democrats.

  61. Mike says:

    Anybody who challenges a vehicle with their body is a fool.

    • CintiCB says:

      Did you see that fool chasing the poe-leese car, on foot? Yeah fool, you’re going to catch a car. LOL
      Someone needs to tell these children to not ‘play’ in the street. They, just might, need to be told this ‘common sense’ thought EVERY DAY! Probably so. After all, many of ’em can’t even pull up their own pants. Many of ’em don’t know our language, even after living here for their entire lives!!!
      To be fair and give an equal chance for everyone, a new law for a new street sign will need to be enacted. This street sign should warn people to not play in the street. To be ultimately, ‘fair’, include pictures for those who cannot read.

    • Watcher says:

      Protesters got another participation award. The Darwin Award for removing themselves from the gene pool! In this case there is no cash free bail! Sorry Kamala you can pass get out of jail free cards but you can’t pass get out of the morgue free cards!

  62. Mary says:

    Looks like he acted in self defense..stupid people should have gotten out of the way and not been blocking a police vehicle…

    • CintCB says:

      They’ve seen so many get away with it when they attack and harm LEOs that they think it’s okay.
      They, probably, just figure that our new ‘president’ and ‘vice president’ will bail them out of jail if they get arrested.

  63. Byron says:

    I see nothing wrong with it. The protesters were at fault and breaking the law.

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