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Video: Police Officers Ambushed

( Hardly a day goes by here at Red Alert News that we don’t see video footage of police officers in America (watch the video below) exhibiting extreme courage as they confront an untold number of dangers on the streets of the United States.

Today is no exception, and we have a video (see below) we want to share with you so that we can all appreciate how quickly a seemingly non-confrontational moment can turn deadly for the men and women of law enforcement.

In the police bodycam video you are about to watch further down this page, two officers are riding in what appears to be an unmarked police vehicle. If you look closely, you’ll see that the officers are, at least somewhat, in plain clothes. You’ll notice that the officer driving the vehicle is wearing short pants, and the officer in the front passenger seat is wearing blue jeans.

There will be no sound at the start of the video until, just before the officers are attacked, they activate the microphones on their bodycams. As that happens, you’ll hear and see what takes place. Watch how fast they are attacked with deadly force and how calmly and professionally they react as their training kicks in.

After watching the video below, please share your reaction and thoughts about what you saw the officers confront by emailing [email protected]. Are you impressed by their courage? Do you think it takes extraordinary men and women to perform the job of a law enforcement officer? Do you Back the Blue? Thank you, and we hope you have an enjoyable and safe weekend.

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