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Video: Rioters Target Residential Neighborhoods

Here is video evidence that thugs and rioters are not only burning and destroying commercial businesses, they're now targeting residential neighborhoods.

This attack took place in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin after a Black police officer (Joseph Mensah) was cleared in the fatal shooting of a Black teenager (Alvin Cole) who fired a shot at the police officer during a foot pursuit. If the past is any lesson, criminal terrorists across the country will adopt this change in tactic.


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  1. Timothy Paynter says:

    I have live in Southern California my whole life and have enjoyed the occasional meeting of new people and some friends but last week walking down a street I’ve been Dow recently , and there were 4 young black men burning something ( idk) and when they saw me walking the started walking towards me and picking up weapons and telling me to run I had 45lbs of personal stuff in my daypack. I was not running anywhere and I walk away from them and they said, I quote ( and you better not come around here anymore or we’ll beat you to death) !!! Fuck them and anyone else who back these puck thugs ruining our way of life and our streets I’m packing from now on. Come get some boys!!!

  2. Sam B. says:

    It’s obviously all these unhinged assclowns r doing these things as an excuse for the racial injustice with some in the black community & law enforcement. The blm bs narrative & other marxist groups have brainwashed the weak minded gentle snowflakes out there that think this is the right thing to do. I live in Florida. Our governor Ron Desantis(R) has put in to state law a bill that punishes ALL people arrested in the state for rioting, looting, vandalism, forcefully blocking roadways etc etc.. NO BAIL until the person sees a judge & minimum/mandatory 6 months in jail. Boom!
    As a barely left leaning dem I voted for him & I’m sooo glad he’s our governor…he has a spine! Hey Oregon, NY & any other state where the spineless elected officials bow down to these whack jobs..”take notes from Desantis!” Your citizens/patriots of this awesome nation demand it!
    *Ps: Hey blm supporters/followers & other Marxist groups with a bs narrative… 99.999% of all our law enforcement officers r great people. Unfortunately.0001% have made pathetic decisions(Mr.George Floyd) over the past several years no doubt & must b held accountable then relieved of their duty. Having said that…I/WE all wonder how much all these altercations would end without violence IF PEOPLE WOULD RESPECT THE JOB OF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS & COMPLY WITH WHAT THEY ASK US TO DO!!!
    Hey Blm.. why is ur whole focus against law enforcement?! Do black lives only matter when dealing with law enforcement? What about the 1000s of black on black lives lost?? Just because these lives don’t meet ur bs narrative..Shouldn’t ALL these lives matter too?!?! They too r our American brothers & sisters..young & old! Answer that! Jus stay’n.
    Get out to the poles & vote! Talk it up to everyone! Try not to do mail in…way to many issues already!

    • Jo says:

      I wish people would stop all the talk about George Floyd. He died of a heart attack, from a fentanyl drug overdose. He didn’t die from asphyxiation.

    • Shannon L Neal says:

      You are so right. I got on the back of my car in white letters. It says it’s not BLM- black lives matter it’s ALM- all lives matter God didn’t put us on this earth to hate one another but to love one another. God is coming soon AMEN. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine. I believe in God and he is showing signs and it is true. I’m really worried about the children because they see all this as there growing up and when they get bigger their going to think it’s ok for them to do the same thing and it’s not fair to their futures.

  3. frank says:

    Shoot them, all of them, problem solved.

  4. First, it is wrong to call all these Riots, robberies, arson and, of course, the murder of people – violence. Michelle Obama argues that this is not violence at all, it is now called – peaceful protests. And yet no one has forbidden peaceful protests. And secondly, Michelle Obama said Trump is racist, racist, racist. And she doesn’t give a damn that violence is only in cities controlled by Democrats.

  5. Arielle Lancaster says:

    All of these RIOTS, looting, burning, and violence, are ALL happening, in Democrat controlled Cities, Doesn’t THAT tell you something important ? Vote Trump on November 3rd !

  6. Arielle Lancaster says:

    All of these RIOTS, looting, burning, and violence, are ALL happening, in Democrat controlled Cities, Doesn’t THAT tell you something important ?

  7. Tina says:

    The Democrats run all the city’s that have all the violence going on. Just imagine if Joe Biden is elected, he has been lying about what he’s running on he stole all his ideas from President Trump. Biden will run our country into the ground. Vote for President Trump, God bless America

  8. CYNTHIA Buethe says:

    Am so disappointed that Wisconsiners have lost controll of the leftest rioters snd go around like thugs hurting the working class. Shameful. This just helps the rt. We are praying for our law and order President to be reelected.

  9. Jesus orta says:

    Joe Biden looking for china to . his son ,who was thrown form the marine for drug used ,and this leadership .china has Biden with millions of dollar.a vote for Biden is a vote for socialism

  10. larry brule says:


    • I agree 100%. But then again, that might incite more worse rioting and destruction of residential areas. Bring out the fire truck tankers and hoses and flush them right on out of the neighborhood.

      • James Reel says:

        However if that’s the only penalty,
        They will not stop there.they need something to think about before they decide to be so bold.!

    • Nyleve Nonnel says:

      You have the right idea, insurrection is the way.

    • James Reel says:

      I’m afraid you are right. They will do anything they know they can get away with. No penalty equals free reign for criminals!! Wake up AMERICANS

  11. Scarlet says:

    Here in Wisconsin we are signing petitions to recall our Democratic governor. He like Bidon is to weak to be in office. Notice how all the rioting is happening in Democratic run states. Vote straight Republican in November. Trump 2020.

  12. Victoria says:

    Can’t wait till Biden wins and each police officer gets to travel with their own psychologist,according too his last “up from the basement speech”. It may be a useful strategy though. The Dr. can take the fire while the cop can leave the scene safely.

  13. Julia Ogden says:

    I’m so glad I live in Texas, a mostly conservative state which loves to hunt, fish and shoot guns! Notice it’s only the liberal areas that are getting hit like this. Don’t those residence know that a shotgun with rocksalt in the casings in the shot gun shell, instead if bird shot or slugs, would send these terrorists running away! Non lethal retaliation to combat this BS! That’s how Texans keep kids from stealing watermelons out of their garden. Once you get hit with rocksalt, you think three times about returning! And that’s why these cretins don’t try this in BS Texas! We wouldn’t kill them, but they would leave in a hurry and not come back! Just saying….

    • Bill Hagerty says:

      THANK YOU. you’ve done much more than “JUST SAYIN”! You have revealed a wonderful desperately needed idea! We’ve all been looking for a moderated nonviolent way to put these wanton unfettered arrogant thugs in their place and just let them know that NO,it’s not okay to loot and destroy and bully. SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD.
      Next, maybe we’ll clamp down more on the perps that fund, supply tools and material and instigate these riots.

    • Juan says:

      you got that, thats why i love Texas , we wont take shit like that here,i we don’t care what race you are, you mess up you pay the prize.Cowboy Country all the way.

  14. Randall Radkay says:

    Insane punks that think the world owes them. There is no justification for this no message I would respect. Just punks Arrest them and put them in the Army for their sentence Teach them some respect

    • Rudolfo Gonzales says:

      Put them in the Army statement. I wouldn’t trust them to cover my back. They would run like cowards they are for rioting in mass. Harrassing innocent people.

    • These punks will never learn respect. Not even the Army or Marine Corps would be able to teach them respect. They are way too far gone for that.

      • They have been living in repeat cycles. They drop out of school, they want a high paying jobs, with no education. Then they sell drugs, and they kill their own. They have children @15,go on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and anything else they can get for free. The grandmother’s raise the kids, while the mother is on the getting high. Statistics show more black people kill blacks, then whites kill blacks. Check the prison for the crimes they do, and that’s why their there. My family was robbed in Vailsburg. They tried to cut my mother’s ring off her finger. I was mugged 2 times. There’s going to be war, sooner or later.

        • Bill says:

          You nailed this right on the head! This is a main problem. Our country just gives and gives and what do we get in return? It’s about time for us to get rid of the elected officials who are allowing this violence to happen. Whoever is promoting defund our police is not for this country.

      • Scott says:

        Uh the Marines and/or Coast Guard would hand them their asses and if lucky enough send them home to their momma’s to comfort them!!

  15. John Hannon says:

    Evidently in Wisconsin crimes need to be unpunished , armed perp was shot by a black cop in the act of committing a crime .
    But now the police are being targeted for doing their job , and the peaceful protesters are rioting in residential neighborhoods .
    The mayor and governor need to put theses peaceful protesters in their place and stop the rioting , homeowners in the suburbs are not going to take this lightly . Recipe for disaster , as these homeowners look to protect themselves and their property .