Video: Smash and Grab Rampage Terrorizes Mall

( – Smash and grab robberies are every retailer’s nightmare, and it’s a growing problem and threat across the United States of America as loosely organized gangs of thugs are terrorizing stores, employees, and shoppers in towns and cities where the brazen thugs believe law enforcement is lax. 

In recent months the brazen acts of these thugs have been accelerating in both the number of incidents and the level of danger to those who are nearby when the gangs invade a shop or store.

It happened again, and this time it was caught on film. You can watch the videos of part of the incident further down this post.

The store that was attacked was Sam’s Jewelry in Southland Mall in Hayward, California. According to the Hayward Police Department, 8 to 10 thugs armed with sledgehammers entered the jewelry store in the late afternoon, smashed the glass cases where jewelry was on display and grabbed as much jewelry as they could before running off.

Less than an hour later, another similar incident took place at a nearby clothing store. In fact, the entire region has seen an epidemic of these types of robberies, and they are now spreading across the country.

Watch the videos below, and then share your thoughts and opinions on what took place. What do you think should happen to these gangs of thugs who are terrorizing shops, stores, and even malls with their organized smash and grab robberies? Why do you think we’re seeing more of this type of criminal behavior?

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