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Video: Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask

A woman was tased and arrested at a football game after she reportedly refused to wear a face mask. Unbelievable video shows a mother in the stands during her son’s middle school football game getting into a physical altercation as a police officer struggles to arrest her in Logan, Ohio,” according to the Blaze.

Alecia Kitts drove an hour and a half from Marietta to Logan, Ohio to watch her son’s football game,” according to The Ohio Star.

In the first quarter she was approached by an officer from the Logan Police Department because she was not wearing a mask.”

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the [below] video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her.  Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.”

“‘There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,’ Kennedy said.”

Watch the video shot by Tiffany Kennedy and see if you agree or disagree with her that there is no reason to tase and arrest someone for not wearing a mask. Please share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. Randy Rupe says:

    You don’t have the right to force your personal beliefs on another. If it’s not a law than it is a personal choice. No matter what color your skin is right is right and wrong is wrong. From what I’ve seen this officer was wrong. Let’s be honest for a moment, if this was a white cop and he tazed a black woman this would have been all over the nightly news. It’s a sad day when the color of those involved makes something news worthy. Again I say right is right and wrong is wrong. God bless.

  2. Randy says:

    If this would have been a white cop & a black woman they would have burned the city

  3. Suzanne Toy says:

    This renta cop used undue force. This whole situation is a desensitization of our individual rights. We are not a police state yet! Why didn’t someone help her. We will justify thugs looting and destroying private property, but we are outraged by a woman exercising her individual right not to wear a mask in an outdoor sporting event, outrageous.

  4. Vivian says:

    The son of a bitch should be arrested, taken in handcuffs, and tased IN PUBLIC. Is he even a cop. What about the other people there not wearing a mask.


  5. Marnie says:

    Disgusting behavior by the black cop. Not wearing a mask is a mandate not a law. She broke no law. She was distancing. Too bad he wasn’t out arresting the rioters and looters. Didn’t notice this all over the news. Black cop tasing a white woman who wasn’t breaking law. Hmm-I think it was racism.

  6. James says:

    She was continuously resisting arrest. When you resist, you are directly inviting rough handling…and they should. The cop isn’t there to argue with someone who wants to be childish & throw a public tantrum. If there was a law requiring that you wear a mask then you can or WILL be arrested for non-compliance. She planed this confrontation, she thinks she’s above the law. Cop was doing his job as best he could.

    • P says:

      That’s just it-ITS NOT A LAW, wearing of the masks is ONLY a mandate and officers Do Not have a right to harass and tase someone over a mandate. Think the law enforcement may have been wearing a big size of britches that day!

  7. CV66RoofRat says:

    ‘Mandates’ are not laws, nor do they carry the color of law. The woman was sitting well beyond the distances recommended for “social distancing”. At no time does a cop or a security guard have the right to violate the rights of people under the provisions of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), much less the provisions of the Bill of Rights. As to those who do not suffer from asthma or other respiratory condition, it is easy for you to sit there and say, “just wear your mask.” You’re not feeling like you’re trying to breath underwater due to the restrictions the mask imposes on your ability to breathe. The cop or security guard had no cause to take, much less arrest her when she was far beyond the minimum social distancing guidelines and in an outdoor environment. For those of you who failed freshman hs biology, exposure to UV light, which is what causes you to tan or burn in sunlight, kills viral pathogens.

  8. Esther Bauer says:

    I don’t see a tazer anywhere. I see hand cuffs. There is a mask in her pocket. Where is her drs note for asthma. She sure isn’t short of breath So embarrassed for her son.

  9. Mrs. Lacy says:

    Had I been that mom, I’d have had a mask with me,and rather than embarrass my son I would have put it on. Having said that, the officer of whatever, went too far. Charges would be brought. All of these supposed “protests” with stealing, destroying, burning, and harm to our country should be addressed with the same vigor as this upset, asthmatic mom’s situation.

  10. William Johnson says:

    I am a retired LEO and this officer was wrong. The woman committed no offence.

  11. Joseph Colantonio says:

    If she advised the officer that she had ASTHMA and he tasered her anyway , she should get a good lawyer and SUE him and the City .

  12. Lori says:

    Wow, enough already. This is crazy ridiculous. This black officer obviously has issues to not give any warnings. He needs to be fired.

  13. Richard K.Lindemann says:

    If the lady has asthma as she states,she has the right to not wear mask.Look where she was sitting at her son’s Middle School Football Game.She was AWAY FROM PEOPLE!That black officer was in the wrong for trying to arrest her,then tassing her.Had I been there,that officer would’ve got his butt whooped by me.I hope she sues that Police Dept.because that officer and the Democratic Party are using Nazi Germany Gestopo Tactics on all of us.I’d like to see that black officer try that tactic with me,a Veteran.It wouldn’t end well for that piece of garbage.This happened in Logan,Ohio.I’ll have to remember that and pay this sack of crap a visit.Can’t miss that tub of lard.We must fight back against this type of Home-Grown Terrorism by those in Authority,whether they be law enforcement,elected officials,or corrupt judges.This crap HAS TO STOP!LET’S MAKE IT SO!
    Richard K.Lindemann

  14. Lucy says:

    I really can’t understand this happening to to a mother who came to the ball game to watch her son play ball and not having a mask on in open area. Brainless males and females acting like animals, looting and burning in towns in many places and not wearing mask. Why are they not rounded up and put in jail for not wearing mask? Where I shop for groceries in very large grocery store, half of the customers are not wearing mask even tho I do. Until there is a law on the books, should not be arrested for not wearing mask.

  15. Ronald Sarson says:

    I can sympathies’. I have asthma also. To grocery shop I have to rush in & out after grabbing (and paying for) a few groceries at a time so I can get back to my car, take the mask off & breathe again. They say, “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. I guess it’s sort of like having a knee on your neck.

  16. Marsha says:

    She was beligerant told to leave but became foul mouth. The cop should have punched her in the face. She got off easy.

    • Galen L. Sharp says:


    • PSzugaj says:

      Just put on a friggen mask instead of making an ass out of your self
      And upsetting and embarrassing your sons
      Should watch your foul mouth at a kids game

    • Darlene says:

      Your missing the point. There is no law you have to wear a mask period

      • James says:

        We have a mask law in our town. Must wear indoors if public area. Must wear outdoors at gatherings of more than 5 people not of the same household, regardless of social distancing. There is no national law on masks, YET. Such local laws are not uniform from one community to another, so bone up on the law at the location where you will be socializing…no excuses.

  17. Jim says:

    what people don’t understand is that when you go some where if it is required you have to abide by the rules. If I go into a store that requires a mask they can refuse me service so I’m saying that they require it so she was arrested was that right no. They should have gave he an opportunity to get one then if she refused arrest her but that’s not going to stand up in court. There letting felons out in some states

  18. StevenOverstreet says:

    There was a requirement to attend the game , what was it ?
    ( Wear a facemask ) really simple ! Do it , OR DO NOT ATTEND !
    Now the white woman is acting like the lower black group, don’t
    get my way , I’II just rebell !!!!! Wake up America , follow the rules ,or DON’T attend !!!!!!! Soooo Simple !!!!!

  19. Steven says:

    There was a requirement to attend the game , what was it ?
    ( Wear a facemask ) really simple ! Do it , OR DO NOT ATTEND !
    Now the white woman is acting like the lower black group, don’t
    get my way , I’II just rebell !!!!! Wake up America , follow the rules ,or DON’T attend !!!!!!! Soooo Simple !!!!!

  20. Ulfheddin says:

    If cops keep acting like this over a mandate from some imbecile governor or mayor forcing us to wear useless mask that does nothing to protect anyone soon BLM and antifa won’t be the only ones trying to shoot at the cops ,run them over and burn down their precincts.

  21. John says:

    Disgraceful behavior by law enforcement. Hope she sued the school and the police department!
    People who have asthma face a double indemnity: Breathing issues complicated by a face mask.

  22. Peter says:

    Your sorry ass democrat need to be fired or arrested for acting like a dick tator

  23. Fred Allgood says:

    This was totally wrong.this is America,some people with a little authority enjoy acting like tyrants.

  24. Sam B. says:

    Once again…someone doesn’t comply with what law enforcement asks them to do & look what happens. 99.999% of ALL interactions with law enforcement would end peacefully if people would just COMPLY! Blm movement would have no narrative(against police only) if EVERYONE would just COMPLY with what law enforcement asks them to do! HELLO!!!
    However…I personally think this situation was handled a bit harsh. C’mon..she’s not sitting near any1 & outside. In close quarters with other people I totally get but the closest person was 28ft away as was reported! And those people couldn’t believe this was happening or even an issue. Hmm. These vaccines can’t come out quick enough.

  25. Brian says:

    What a mishandled situation. I see a lawsuit coming on this one. Why didn’t everyone that wasn’t wearing a mask get arrested?

  26. Jimmy Besos says:

    Oh, Margaret. What a maroon!

    First of all wearing a mask actually protects the wearer from particulates in the air that can trigger an asthma attack, claiming that they have asthma is a BS reason to begin with.

    Pretty much every store and market in the country has make for sale, and they aren’t expensive– it probably cost more in gasoline to drive to the game than it would just to buy a mask to help protect the public health.

    Public places should have signs advising that makes effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, and that those who refuse to wear masks will be cited or arrested for trespassing, and be removed from the venue without refund.

    That said, the cops were ham-handed in their response, as they almost always are. There were lots of ways this could have been handled better.

  27. Duane says:

    File a lawsuit against the wannabe cops and the school, The second cop or whatever they are was not wearing a mask. And the big coon took his mask off also. She probably would not have been bothered if she was wearing a stinking BLM shirt. (BURN LOOT AND MURDER.

  28. Harry Kerlec says:

    She should have cooperated. Wearing a mask does not hurt and if can save one life it is worth it. The people who will not wear a mask must think they are much smarter then the Doctors and government.

  29. Daniel72 says:

    Simply put, the offending/arresting officer used unsubstantiated excessive force. Also, if there is a reason that someone can or should not wear a mask – such as for health reasons – current Ohio state regulations allow a non-symptomatic person to forego wearing a mask in public.
    This officer appears to have not only acted with excessive force (given the circumstances), but also misapplied his mandate to allow mask exceptions for specific individuals – such as those with asthma. Alecia Kitts seems to have grounds for a false arrest against that specific law enforcement agency – including punitive damages for unwarranted bodily and emotional harm.

  30. DD says:

    To John Hannon, you are the dumbest son of a bitch on the earth. Let’s not worry about a bunch of rioting assholes burning, looting and murdering. Instead let’s attack a woman watching a football game. You said 200,000 dead from the virus, to bad your not one of them.

  31. Bill says:

    The racist cop should be jailed and arrested for abuse of power. Whoever the ass is in the purple shirt, if he is from the school district, should be waiting for a very large legal action against them also. This is what happens in the world of liberals and idiots.

  32. JOANN DAVIS says:

    I feel certain that if she had calmly explained to the officer the problem and just gone with him this situation could have been resolved much more peacefully. Her defiance and willful disobedience doesn’t fly well with police officers no matter what the color of your skin or their skin. Most of the time they are just doing what they’re told to do. If we do what they tell us to do, I have not seen much go wrong. It’s a difficult time for everybody but it’s time to adult up.

  33. Vicki says:

    She did not need to at like a uncontrollable baby! She gave the security guard no respect!

    • vicky crider says:

      Maybe she is making a point, maybe somebody will arrest you for not combing your hair today. Stupid

  34. Teresa M Harvey says:

    Wow this whole covid19 has in ridiculous we need to make that choice for ourselves I have breathing issues I refuse to wear a mask arrest me for it I will sue the s*** out of the city that arrest me for not wearing a mask and I think she’s got a lawsuit way out of line policemen are way out of line here I don’t believe it was a real cop I think it was a Rent-A-Cop either way Sue the city and the school there you go.

  35. Ronald DiMura says:

    I don’t know why no one helped her.!!! I am pissed. I have asmatha and I get dizzy wearing a mask.
    This is the beginning of communism.
    They are nuts. If he did that to my wife that cop would’ve to sleep with his eyes open.
    I was an exclery police in NYC.
    Yes still has the constitution to stand on. You idiots. Where did this happen?
    I would like to go there and let him try that with me!

    • McDonald Robert says:

      You mean “auxiliary” officer? Most guys who were know how to spell it.
      She was advised to wear a mask. She had a mask hanging from her back can see it clearly.

      Once she refused, her implied invitation to the event was removed. In Ohio further refusal becomes Aggravated Trespassing”. The officer properly handled the incident elevating his response to handle the person.
      She also actively fought the officer.

      As a real ex-cop, the police officer displayed more patience with her than I probably would have. The taser deployment was microseconds. You can tell by how fast she recovered and resumed fighting him.

      A spoiled selfish woman in my view. Good job officer.

    • Nichole Ambos says:

      Agreed. She has one hell of a lawsuit!

    • Gillian says:

      I also sympathize with the mother since she was 28ft away from anyone it was okay for her not to wear a mask. Also I cannot breathe and get dizzy with a mask on and those who say that if it is law comply but not everyone is able to wear a mask. I work at a medical facility but I am told what kind of mask to wear and besides it is too big for me and makes me nauseas and I feel controlled
      at work yet I am not kept safe from other people who gather in my space and are not 6ft away from me and are talking on top of me. We are all adults but this mask thing makes me sick and there hav ebeen coworkers who have had covid 19. I hate work because I am forced into a dangerous situation.

  36. Manuel Alvarado says:

    That officer should be fired and arrested for his mishandling of the situation. A good lawyer will prove there is no LAW stating masks HAVE to be worn.

    • yolanda kopecky says:

      i cant tell you how many times i have read that masks do not work. the virus is so small that it goes right through the mask and therefore they came up with the full face plastic covering,

  37. Greg says:

    He needs to lose his job no reason for him to assault her for not wheezing a mask, this shit needs to stop with the cops over seeing there athority ,un called for,its an open stadium

  38. Jeff j says:

    Welcome to communism ppl..the only way to stop this sh×t. Is to re elect Trump…where’s the outrage for a black cop on a white woman..white lives matter

    • vicky crider says:

      Exactly welcome to communism, the woman even had a medical condition. He should be fired. I would have said take me too! I am really pissed off. Call govenor of Ohio.


    • Shanna says:

      I’m a white woman and your are a lousy retarded dick. You are full of shit when white cops kill black people all the time. You and your followers are evil and going straight to hell

    • Shanna says:

      I am a white women and you are a prick for saying this and you and your followers will burn in hell when you know our white people hurt and kill innocent black people. So when you hipocrote see this how do you feel when Black people see this

  39. RICHARD says:

    Wear a mask or carry “Doctors Statement” of medical condition that mask should not be worn. If her asthma is that severe perhaps she should stay home safe.

    • Teresa M Harvey says:

      Your what we call a sheeple. I have sever cops I won’t where a mask. We as American have the right to decide for herself whether we wear a mask or not there’s never been a law and will not be a law unless a Democrats are elected and then we’ll all be wearing mask and head coverings and everything else you’re an idiot I have a right to go where I want to go and do the things I want to do and need to do some people don’t have an option to have somebody else do everything for them and if I want to go to my kids football game and not wear a mask I’m outside I’m going to not wear a mask you can eat crap and die whoever you are stupid sheeple

  40. Harriet LeMarbre says:

    As a farmer nurse I can tell you there’s no need to wear a mask out in an open air Field and what I see is the bleachers weren’t even full of people so that cop needs to be arrested does Ohio have a whole state mandate that you have to wear a mass 24/7 people have gone crazy with all this BS actually only the people that are sick should be wearing a mask… The devil has a huge foothold on this world right now and the Democrats in the United States have become the demons… Every state that has ridiculous orders and allowing riots to take place you’ll notice are all Democratic governor and Mayor run States there’s a huge clue… I would hope that mother will hire a good lawyer and take that cop to task

    • John Hannon says:

      Was a football field not a corn field with other people sitting in her area or next to her , less than 6 feet apart.
      If she wants to get sick and die that is her decision , not fair to put other people at risk .

    • Pappy says:

      This is evidence that the demoncRATS have turned to using NAZi tactics against the citizens of the United States! They are using their power over their police departments as GESTOPO agents! I would bet that the officer in this video is a member of the SCHOOL police force.

      The SCHOOL or education department of this country was taken over by liberal democRATS many years ago and have fully bought into the democRAT policy, NO GUN zones, private property claims, YOU have to do what they say or are denied YOUR rights as a taxpayer and parent of students etc.

      I hope this video is seen by everyone in this nation and that it helps President Trump be reelected to help put a STOP to these GESTOPO tactics. I also hope that the women in the video SUES that officer and who ever sent him to arrest her for EVERYTHING they own.

      A Vietnam era veteran

  41. John Hannon says:

    Another filthy mouth trailer trash ass hole that thinks she is above the law ,
    she got what she deserved .
    If the cop was white would she have given him a hard time ? .
    Laws are for everyone to protect every one else .

    • Teresa M Rider says:

      Are you people saying that she got what she deserved there is no mandatory mask law you have a right to choose plus she was outside sitting with friends no one else around them it is her decision no one else’s all you people that think this is the law you guys are f****** idiots this is America the land of the free and home of the brave I’ll keep my freedom you people can be sheep truck 2020 four more years no Masks. Why is everybody going nuts overcooked 19 it’s killed less people than the damn flu every year get a clue it’s a way to try to control us don’t let him take your control or your freedom or your guns Trump 2020 or more years

    • Pappy says:

      You are an obvious demoncRAT and have never served this great country otherwise you would realize the GESTOPO tactics used by this officer and those who sent him!

      Scum like you are the cause of the violence and errosion of our freedoms here in the U.S.A.

      How many more of your freedoms are you going to give up before you realize your MISTAKE?

      I put my life on the line to protect your freedom during the Vietnam war and it is disheartening to see the total stupidity of people such as yourself! I hope you get what you deserve!

      A Vietnam era veteran

    • Lisa Jegabbi says:

      Your a moron!

    • Jeffj says:

      You sir are a budding communist…I’ve read ur posts and u and ppl like u are the reason this country is in the state it is…i bet u support blm and come they don’t have to wear masks or obey the laws.

  42. Michael Ervin says:

    Thank God it was not me. The police officer and City would be sued based upon the constitution of the U.S.