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Video: Teen Slays Couple Buying Car

The parents of five children were robbed and killed after responding to an advertisement on social media for a used car.

According to police and CBS4 Denver, Joseph and Jossline Roland “went to Southlands Mall on Aug. 14 to buy a Toyota RAV4 that was posted on the Letgo app by 18-year-old Kyree Brown. The RAV4 had been stolen a few days earlier.

“According to the arrest affidavit, Brown said he met the couple at the mall and told them he accidentally brought the wrong vehicle title. He convinced them to follow him to an apartment on East Cornell Circle near South Parker Road.

“When they got there, Brown allegedly told police he pointed the gun at Joseph Roland, while the couple was still in their car, and demanded the cash they brought to buy the RAV4. He said their car started moving and he decided to shoot Joseph — and accidentally shot Jossline, as well.

“Joseph, 39, and Jossline, 40, were pronounced dead at the hospital, within 5 minutes of each other.”

The Rolands leave behind five children.

Joseph and Jossline Roland

Joseph and Jossline Roland


  1. SAM SAM says:

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