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Video: Trump Calls Arizona State Legislature

Thanks to the Right Side Broadcasting Network, we’re able to provide you with the audio and video of President Donald Trump calling into the election fraud hearing held by the Arizona State Legislature. We have cued the video to the exact moment when President Trump speaks to the hearing committee. Trump speaks for approximately six minutes.

After watching the video, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Trump states that the Democrats have stolen the election. Do you agree or disagree?


  1. MICHAEL says:

    Democrats have proven one thing, they are “DOMESTIC TERRORIST” who want to tear this country apart. I was told that I was fighting for my country when I went to Vietnam. Well guess what? I will STILL fight for my country right here at home so BRING IT ON BLM and ANTIFA. I am already “LOCKED AND LOADED” and I don’t care at all about your useless lives… Like we said in Vietnam, “KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY” and that’s what BLM and ANTIFA are, COMMUNIST!!!

  2. Kellie Smith says:

    The moment mail in ballots would be made available for the 2020 election I knew “at that very moment” that our President Trump would not win. I didn’t know what would be done but I knew he would not win. One thing I have not heard is how that through the Covid-19 was the mail in ballots brought to our election for the first time. Well, we knew almost immediately how the virus was brought to our country. Of course this election was stolen. Biden spent the majority of his time in the basement instead of rallies because his money was spent on stealing the election. ALSO, DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE HOW IN EVERY APPEARANCE BIDEN MADE IN PUBLIC HIS WIFE WAS ALWAYS CLINGING TO HIM AND EVEN AT TIMES IT WAS CLEAR SHE WAS DIRECTING AND LEADING HIM. My mother had dementia and almost from the beginning my dad never took his hand off her in public. Just saying…

  3. Beverly says:

    The states in question should have the people sign petitions and with anyone who stated that their vote was a mail in when they went to physically vote needs to write it down and put those things on the back of the petition and all those voters should have their vote pulled and checked. We need a physical vote count with REGISTERED VOTERS only ensuring they are not dead people or aliens voting..yes this is time consuming but we need to know once and for all. There will be no peace until this is done correctly. Do this correctly. Then and only then will everyone rest. Denying this makes everyone even more suspicious. Why are the courts blocking this from happening is my biggest question. I don’t want hearsay I want facts. Prove it to me that Biden won these states. From Biden’s own admission he won because of mail in votes. That statement alone would be cause for a recount with only the REGISTERED VOTERS AND ANYONE WHO HAD THEIR VOTE STOLEN WITH A MAIL IN NEEDS TO SPEAK UP !!!

  4. Bonnie says:

    The Dems have been planning this for over a year and with the help of these software systems easily hacked and machines rigged, they ATTEMPTED to STEAL the election to give to a man who doesn’t even know what state he was visiting 😂😅🤦, he needs to be put out to pasture as he is NOT fit to govern his household, never mine our country! High treason had BETTER come for them ALL!

  5. Jim says:

    I heard in Arizona they put ballets in for Biden for registered democrat that did not even vote in this election.

  6. CConsolo says:

    Yes, I believe the opposition was working long and hard before this election in order to get Mr. Trump out of the WH. It still amazes me that they are so resentful of this man who won an honest election in 2016; they have tried every dirty trick on the books to get rid of him.

  7. Carole J Wooten says:

    I am amazed at the Corruption in this election. It’s time to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, All persons who took part in this fraudulent election. Our freedoms are under attack. We need to go back to basics of 1 (ONE) day to vote & NO absentee unless a doctors written letter is provided.
    voting is an Obligation & a Privilege for the CITIZENS of tour country. GO back to PAPER Ballots and counting by hand. I fully support and pray for President Trump and all he has gone thru in the last 4 years. all the investigations should be made illegal & Those who took part should be THROWN out of all Government positions with a lost of ALL Benefits!! IT”S Time to clean house are put term limits on all elected positions & NO benefits when out of office. Same as many companies are doing. These people work for us and should not be ENTITLED for life time perks!!!

    • Bonnie says:

      Bravo…completely agree plus while in office should be given the same health insurance coverage that they bestow on the citizens. Which means you want socialized medicine ALL will get the same treatment since it is good for us it will be good for you with NO PERKS!!

  8. MICHAEL says:

    This whole thing is such a mess. The dumbass media are now saying that Trump and all of his supporters need too except the fact that Biden won to heal the country. Well, my question is, why didn’t THEY except the 2016 election? Liberals are such scumbags.

    • Kathie says:

      I agree 100%! Does anyone watching know why all those names were running along the bottom of the video?

    • Larry says:

      I no longer consider democrats fellow Americans. After this vote and their attempted coup they became our nation’s mortal enemy, all of them.

  9. Ken Shockley says:

    Mr. President, I will always believe in you no matter what!!

  10. stan orrells says:

    democrats here in georgia have vote stealing down to a fine art. they have been at it even before jim crow. they can steal a vote with you looking them in the eye. sooo be careful. thanks for the opportunity to tell it the way it is in georgia.