VIDEO: Trump Gets Huge Ovation

( – As if anyone doubted it, the nation has received brand-new evidence of former President Donald Trump’s overwhelming popularity, as the crowd at the UFC fight in Miami erupted in cheers and applause when he showed up at the event Saturday night.

See a video of Trump’s arrival and the audience cheers below!

Trump, widely expected to be the GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election, made a striking appearance at the UFC fight held at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida.

The stadium was packed to capacity, and the crowd erupted with excitement as Trump entered the arena, Breitbart News reports.

Accompanied by Dana White, the head of UFC, Trump’s entrance was met with thunderous cheers from the audience.

The UFC organizers even gave him walk-in music, igniting the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Reporters on the scene noted the crowd’s enthusiasm, with chants of “USA!” and “F*** Joe Biden!” echoing through the arena as Trump made his way to his seat.

“Thousands erupt in cheers as Donald Trump enters a Miami arena where he’s watching a UFC match in the front row. The crowd later chanted “USA” and “F— Joe Biden,” one reporter wrote on X.

“The crowd goes WILD for President Trump at UFC 299!” wrote the Trump War Room account on X.

“Sound up for this one. Trump at #UFC299,” urged The PostMillennial.

Trump has been a frequent attendee at UFC events in recent years, demonstrating his passion for the sport.

Earlier on Saturday at a Georgia rally, he said the fights “might be a little tamer than the election business.”

He competed directly with Democratic President Joe Biden, who was also campaigning in the state.

Trump’s rally drew a large crowd, while Biden’s event had minimal attendance, Breitbart notes.

According to reports from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Biden’s rally in Atlanta only attracted “dozens” of people.

Conversely, Trump’s rally in Rome, Georgia, drew thousands of supporters.

Trump has practically secured the GOP nomination for president, which has made 2024 the third consecutive presidential election in which he has been the presumptive nominee.

His victories on Super Tuesday solidified his position, while Biden faced criticism for delivering what many observers described as a highly partisan and divisive State of the Union address.

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