VIDEO: Trump Reveals Plan To ‘Dismantle The Deep State’

Donald Trump

( – Former president Donald Trump has announced a plan to crack down on “the deep state,” a term referring to the hidden federal government and intelligence networks of bureaucrats pushing their own agenda.

In a new policy video, Trump put forth a list of ten things he intends to do to “dismantle” and “clean out the deep state,” The Daily Caller reported.

You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

He promised to set out to do so by first restoring an executive order allowing the president the power to sack bureaucrats.

In the video uploaded to Rumble, the 45th president of the United States vowed to take apart the “Washington Swamp,” tackle corruption, and hold bureaucrats and career politicians accountable for their actions.

“The departments and agencies that have been weaponized will be completely overhauled so that faceless bureaucrats will never again be able to target and persecute conservatives, Christians, or the left’s political enemies, which they’re doing now at a level that nobody can believe even possible,” Trump declared.

He said he would obliterate corruption in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts.

The former president also stated he would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to “declassify and publish all documents on Deep State spying, censorship and corruption.”

Another item on his list was cracking down on government actors who work with the media to create and promote “false narratives,” which could even lead to criminal charges.

To achieve that, Trump emphasized that he would guarantee that Inspector General Officers were independent of the departments that they supervise.

“I will ask Congress to establish an independent auditing system to continually monitor our intelligence agencies to ensure they are not spying on our citizens or running disinformation campaigns against the American people, or that they are not spying on someone’s campaign as they spied on my campaign,” declared the former president.

He further vowed to keep up his previous initiative of moving departments of the federal bureaucracy outside of the nation’s capital.

For example, his administration moved the Bureau of Land Management headquarters from Washington, DC, to Colorado.

Trump said that almost 100,000 federal government positions in the capital could be moved to new places around the country.

The former president also intends to prohibit federal bureaucrats from seeking jobs in businesses they regulate and oversee – for instance, from “Big Pharma.”

He insisted that “career politicians” should also be tackled by adopting term limits on members of the United States Congress.

“I will shatter the Deep State, and restore government that is controlled by the People,” Trump promised.

Here is the video: