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Video: Trump Supporter’s House Bombed

A homeowner in Michigan believes his house was bombed because of his demonstrative support of President Donald Trump.

The homeowner said everything happened early Saturday morning just after midnight. He was upstairs with his girlfriend when they heard a loud boom go off. He rushed downstairs and said he was shocked at what he saw,” according to Breaking 911 and other news outlets.

Please watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe radicals who oppose Trump might’ve bombed this gentleman’s home?



  1. David Burton says:

    Time to go weapons free and put these low life scum down like the treasonous dogs they are…have a nice day patriots

  2. MICHAEL says:

    I don’t know how we can do this but every, true American needs to stand “SHOULDER TOO SHOULDER” and face these terrorists. We outnumber them by what? 1000 to 1? These animals, if faced with opposition they would run away like cowards which they are. The only problem I have seen is that the people who do try to defend themselves are the ones being arrested.

  3. Joan thomas says:

    Trump won. Prayers for our Supreme Court that they see this.

  4. Louis J Apa says:

    This is what we, as a Nation, are to look forward to under the socialistic/marxist ideology of the incoming biden, not my president, administration! The radical liberal groups of evil are emboldened by the new administration and its crazed folks who are/will be in charge! PRAY…..💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❗

  5. Jaybo says:

    Amen Michael! Amen!!!

  6. Sam B. says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable. In my opinion this could b considered domestic terrorism. Personally..I don’t give a rats ass what sign, flag etc etc these people had in their yard/on the front of their house…BS LIKE THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!! It takes a real Brain dead, reprehensible, loser, scumbag of society to do something like well as ANYONE that thinks this was ok. It’s NOT ok…it’s beneath pathetic & 100% UNAMERICAN!
    I’m a registered Democrat(very moderate) that knows dozens of other dems. EVERY ONE OF US voted for TrumpPence & most all other republicans that ran for office because the progressive radical socialist left whackjobs r spreading their cancer/bs propaganda throughout the Democrat party & will implode it. So because of this & the actions of the anarchists/rioters that have been allowed to run game on our great cities..WE ALL have &/or will b changing parties to a “patriotic American Republican Party.” Republicans AREN’T destroying their cities…our country..nor each other. WHOEVER the assclown is that did this deserves everything coming to him x 10….Pathetic scumbag.

  7. Well I guess Joe and Hunter Deals want Create Conflicts when you have people like Barr and Durham who want indite then they have alote of evidence on them for money laundering something is wrong with those two Rhinos

  8. Don says:

    It’s time this trash gets owned by the decent folks.

    • MICHAEL says:

      Ok, I have read your short comment a couple of times. NOW, who is the TRASH and WHO are the DECENT FOLKS??

      • Jaybo says:

        Hey Michael! By the way WELCOME HOME! A day late and a dollar short.RIGHT!!!! Semper FI! Jaybo.

  9. Herbert Higgins says:

    I’ve been saying for several years that Patriots need to come out in force to straighten our country out!!🇺🇸👀

  10. Holly Rose says:

    The supporter deserved what he got. Moral of the story DON’T SUPPORT THE CRIMINAL TRUMP!!!!

    • Herbert Higgins says:

      Holly Rosie, you need a lesson in common sense. Also need to do some fact checking!!

    • Sam B. says:

      Holy that’s such BS. Ur a REAL ASSHAT to say something like that. I’m a moderate Democrat BUT A PATRIOT OF THIS GREAT NATION FIRST. Comments like u made & the thought process that goes through the pathetic pos mind to do something like this is reprehensible, scum, loser of society & UNAMERICAN. Actions like this is an act of domestic terrorism. It doesn’t matter what sign, flag etc etc these people had…bombing someones home IS F’N 100% UNACCEPTABLE. These r the lives of human-beings for Christ sake!!
      Holy…comments/outlook like yours proves u r a total Degenerate of society. A cancer using up good oxygen.

    • Wally says:

      Piss off dem demon

  11. Larry says:

    I no longer consider democrats fellow Americans. I cut most of them out of my life, a parent and other family included. They are disgusting people and I honestly can’t wait to start culling their herd.

  12. Robert Gonzales says:

    Police, hell where’s FBI and ATF

  13. Jaybo says:

    Patriots! All these demonrats are just like cockroaches who scatter when the light is turned on. But now they aren’t hiding anymore.when you kill the cockroaches you got to kill them all. For if one gets away it’ll create more and more. The shit is on! I don’t know how to go about this. But it’s tyranny and we gotta do what our forefathers told us to do! Unite for the cause for Liberty and Freedom. I’m not kidding. It’s life or death now and the only way I think I can help is at my doorstep. Let me know! I’m a 68 year old former Marine. I trained sniper.

    • Jaybo says:

      Michael you’re right. It’s way past time. Gotta even the score and take our country back! But how? I’m ready. All anybody has to do is call.

    • MICHAEL says:

      I too am a former Marine of 7 years. 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat and on my record I have 16 confirmed kills. I may be older but I am in good shape who can go “toe to toe” with anyone. I am in fear for our country like never before and something needs to be done.

      • Charlie Kilo says:

        This is so true! BUT WHO? Is going to stand up and be the first to command and mobilize PATRIOTS to do this? We will be called treasonous and hunted to our deaths if ALL PATRIOTS don’t stand and fight! We would have to fight the police and military at first and possibly kill other true PATRIOTS just doing their jobs. We need a public figure in every state to put troops together or it will fail before it starts. Just sayin.

        • John sharon says:

          You are right,something needs to be done!But we all know that going on line like this is not a safe way to do this!there’s to many rats out there pretending to be like we are just to see us fall!I wish I knew what to do!we need to stand behind Mr. TRUMP all the way and just be ready for what ever comes

        • MICHAEL says:

          Sad but true

        • Jaybo says:

          If there’s true patriots who dare sent after us patriots defending our country and all that included and they try to lock us up or kill us simply put they are NOT patriots
          Do you see?

      • Jaybo says:

        Militias as we’re the minute men back in the FIRST revolution! And here we are now all over again. I dot know patriots but we have to unite somehow and take care of this CANCER. All that I can figure for now is fighting from our homes. I dunno . makes me sick to my stomach to not know what to do! I think they’ll control food, social security and more to make us take the vaccine and I definitely don’t trust that!

    • THOMAS says:

      YOU GOT IT..

  14. NewBikeoldbike says:

    Looks like the same kind of explosives Arefa throw at police.

  15. Grace says:

    There will be a civil war or something close to it. No one in their right mind thinks BLM/Antifa mobs are just going to go away after the election is handed to the left. They have been training for this for years and Corporate America has given them millions to further the cause. They will trade their clubs in for guns and their industrial firecrackers in for bombs.They don’t want to defund the police they want to be the police.The new regime will need a strong force to keep more than 10 million Deplorable American Trump supporter chumps in line. That’s if there is anyone left after COVED-19 is finished with us.

    • Jaybo says:

      But how do we go about a civil war? Need organized militias and secret communication! Need leaders. Gotta watch out for spies(rats)! I’m willing to die to fight for AMERICA’S liberty and Freedom but how do we? Corrupt demonrats judges and so much more . Can’t trust anybody really and we are taking a hell of a chance just talking about this. Guess this is what JESUS meant when HE said neighbor against neighbor!

    • Jaybo says:

      We patriots cannot let that happen. We gotta stop it NOW! No matter what we gotta stick together. There is strength in numbers. All these demonrats and all included with them are COWARDS and we CAN whip them. We can and will win but we gotta be willing to die for Liberty and fight tyranny to the death! I’m willing because I don’t want to live under unconstitutional laws that these communists have been pushing on us and enforcing them.
      Gonna get worse every minute of everyday. When it comes to my doorstep, and it will, I’m gonna fight until they kill me. You know FEMA has goolags in this country just waiting for us! Fuck them all.

      • Dutchie; says:

        WE need to go after the stinking A hole media first take a way there leaders Commies .then they have noting to fall back on .11 They will fall apart as a bunch of REPROBATES .