VIDEO: Trump Unveils Free Speech Policy Platform

( – Former President Donald J. Trump has announced a policy platform focused on freedom of speech crushing “left-wing censorship,” vowing to implement it after being elected President of the United States in 2024.

In a seven-minute video address posted on his social media platform, Truth Social, POTUS 45 laid out a five-step plan to crack down on government and Big Tech censorship and “reclaim the right to free speech for all Americans.”

You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Trump’s freedom of speech plan provides for a “digital bill of rights,” preventing Big Tech companies from erasing proof of censorship and banning former intelligence and government officials from joining such companies for seven years after quitting.

He voiced his layout with a high degree of confidence he would once again become the US President in 2025.

“Within hours of my inauguration, I will sign an executive order banning any federal department or agency from colluding with any organization, business, or person to censor, limit, categorize, or impede the lawful speech of American citizens,” Trump declared.

Under the first point of his plan, he promised to prevent government money from getting used to “label domestic speech as ‘mis-’ or ‘disinformation,’” and to ax any US government employee who took part in “domestic censorship.”

In section two, the 45th President of the United States said he would order the Justice Department to probe anyone who has been “involved in the new online censorship ship.”

“To assist in these efforts, I am urging House Republicans to immediately send preservation letters, and we have to do this right now, to the Biden Administration, the Biden campaign, and every Silicon Valley tech giant, ordering them not to destroy evidence of censorship,” Trump stated.

His third policy initiative would be to pass new legislation “to get big online platforms out of censorship business” by stripping them of power to limit lawful free speech at their discretion.

As a fourth, Trump said America had to destroy “the entire toxic censorship industry,” which claims to be fighting against “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

“The federal government should immediately stop funding all nonprofits and academic programs that support this authoritarian project,” POTUS 45 elaborated.

He vowed new laws to prevent Americans from being stripped of their First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights.

“Once you lose those elections, and once you lose your borders as we have, you no longer have a country,” Trump said.

He proposed a “seven-year cooling off period” before intelligence or security employees could take Big Tech jobs.

“Fifth, the time has finally come for Congress to pass a digital bill of rights. This should include a right to digital due process,” Trump insisted.

“When I’m president, this whole rotten system of censorship and information control will be ripped out of the system at large There won’t be anything left,” the former president concluded, saying the “fight for free speech” was a “matter of victory or death for America and the survival of Western Civilization itself.”

Here is the video: