Video: Violent Armed Robbery Suspect Fires on Police

( – There’s no better way to end a Friday than to watch as professional law enforcement officers who were putting their lives on the line successfully take down a violent armed robber without any of the officers being harmed even though the thug opened fire on them.

You can watch this intense gun battle unfold from multiple angles in the video further down this page.

In this case, police officers with the Houston Police Department attempted to capture an individual suspected of committing aggravated robbery.

The suspect was observed pulling into a driveway, and the police moved in to effect the capture. As the officers approached the suspect, he opened fire and ran for his front door.

Instead of surrendering, the suspect was shot and killed as he fired on the officers.

Again, thankfully, none of the officers involved were harmed.

The video is an excellent example of well-executed police procedure while also showing how incredibly dangerous the work of professional law enforcement is and how, at any time, an officer could be hurt or killed trying to apprehend a determined killer.

Please watch the video below (you’ll have to click Watch on YouTube because of the age restriction placed on videos that show violence) and feel free to share your observations and opinions about what you observe by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.