Video: Whoopi Goldberg’s Disgusting Admission

( – Hollywood actress and leftist commentator Whoopi Goldberg has revealed that she doesn’t wear underwear.

Goldberg’s revelation came on Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” the ABC program she has moderated and co-hosted since 2007.

You can watch her admission in the video clip at the bottom of this post.

The actress has been tangled in dozens of controversies and scandals due to her comments over the years and was even suspended from the show for several months last year.

She confessed her “no underwear” habit while discussing an article by The Washington Post on traveling and underwear.

“You know, we talk about really deep things here. This is one of them. It’s so, it’s so hard to discuss. I’m going to bring it up. It’s the great underwear debate,” Goldberg said.

“Apparently, ‘The Washington Post’ wrote about what they call the next great travel debate. How much underwear do you take when you pack?” she continued.

“People apparently had really strong opinions. I don’t wear underwear, so it’s not a question I have to think about, but I will throw it to you all,” the Hollywood actress declared.

Her confession seemed to startle another of The View’s co-hosts, Sunny Hostin.

“It’s a 14-day trip,” Hostin reacted.

“I still don’t bring underwear,” Goldberg responded.

The Washington Post story about the “great underwear debate” was inspired by a question that Jen Gunther, a gynecologist, and New York Times columnist, recently posted on Twitter on the issue, The Daily Caller notes.

Gunther subsequently said the responses to her original tweet showed that “people were quite passionate about the topic.”

She found that, according to some people, one needed a pair of underwear for each day of travel, while others believed that a 14-day trip could be made with only five pairs.

Last year, Goldberg was suspended from The View for several months after insisting that the Holocaust was not about “race” because Jews were not black.

After being restored in the fall, she got into further trouble by trying to explain her original comments and practically doubling down on them.

Over the years, in her comments, Goldberg has compared former US President Donald Trump to the Taliban terrorists, likened US border facilities to concentration camps, and made obscene sex jokes about former US President George W. Bush, among other controversies.

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