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Videos: Antifa and BLM Attack Courthouse

Rioters targeted the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore., on Thursday evening in renewed clashes between demonstrators and federal police,” as reported by Yahoo News.

The attack on the courthouse came one day after authorities removed fencing initially erected over the summer, in response to continued riots following the death of George Floyd, an African American man killed during his arrest by Minneapolis police officers.”

Watch the videos below and share your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. AJ says:

    Arrest each one of these criminals. And “PROSECUTE THEM.” Many charges against rioters in the past have been dropped. This is the result. Until you enforce the laws this will continue. What you permit to happen will continue to escalated further. Make those in charge enforce the law.

    • IGP says:


  2. Sunny says:

    Jesus Christ…where are their parents?? These seem like a grip of very immature bored 20 something year old assholes rebelling just to rebel. No real cause, no idea what values are… and I think we all know they still live at home with their parents or grandparents. No doubt, they are just glad to have these idiots out of the house for awhile… but its your mess. Own it, don’t let it loose on society. How embarrassing. There was a time when making your parents proud was a thing. This is just stupid kids tearing shit down for the hell of it. Not one could provide a coherent reason for any of it. I expect it would rub along the lines of ‘Because I can- and Fuck you!’

  3. Dull Knife says:

    I just read here a great idea. If the WICKED WHICH OF THW WEST Can have 5,000 National Guard troops covering her Butt at the Capital bldg. WHY can’t we the taxpayers have them protect us when Antifa or the BLM THUGS or any group of people destroying our property are rioting come clean house. I am sure the hard working Police would be happy to have the help. OUR country is under attack by local and foreign Armed forces. Dammit, lets declare war. I am totally convinced that it is time for the Government to protect us people. They want to take away our RIGHT Guaranteed by BOTH GOD and our CONSTITUTION to protect our Families, property and Freedom. The Biggest problem right now is our so called elected officials. They have committed the largest act of theft in the entire history of our country. Come on folks what do you say? GOD BLESS AMERICA Dull Knife

  4. David says:

    The Beatles had a good song that said If you want money for people with minds that hate all I can tell you brother is you’ll have to wait. I hate a lot of things I hate evil I hate abuse I hate lies and stealing I hate the abuse of animals and I hate the abuse people do to other people. I am not being a two faced monster I believe those people Illegals should be sent back to their homes Those countries get millions of dollars in foreign aid from us let them take that money and help their people Read about how much foreign aid we give out it will shock you and get you mad It did me. If people don’t want to be here and want to destroy this country then find out where they want to go and send them there. As for the illegals a lot of them have been arrested before Gang members drug dealers and other wonderful classy people released or leave before their trails and come right back over the border to commit the same crimes again

  5. David Mangum says:

    You wanna stop all this violence, Take the ones doing it out.

    • Captain O says:

      This is what they are wont to do. Small children pretending to be adults. It is time to lock them up for six months and kick their @$$es when they get out of line. This is the “tune-up” that just may change their attitudes.

  6. DIANE says:

    When BLM was marching they new was live, and they stopped a black women running on the street and ask her what she had to say and I thought it was cute, she said ” I been black for forty years and if this is what BLM is about I don’t want nothing to do with it” never seen that segment again. BLM is another chapter of Antifa as far as I’m concerned.

  7. DIANE says:

    I guess they blocked my post because it is not here. watch FoxNews, OAN, or NewMax for the truth!! Big Tec and Democrats are trying to silence them and say they lie, funny! Their the ones that lie!!! I took time to write all the bloat in the bill, don’t want to do it again but NewsMax has it. What is going on at the boarder is insane. Cartel using Kids to get into US. They won’t tell this. afraid I guess. I think it is a shame they won’t do a thing about Portland but have a lot of Nat. guard at Capital to protect them. Then make the Guard sleep in the Garage!!

  8. David says:

    Truthoutnow No one makes you stay in the oppressive country you can always leave maybe Africa is more your style you can become Muslim because if you don’t they kill you and you can eat raw meat and get Ebola or fight with your black brothers because your family came from a different tribe My ship went to Africa in the 70’s the Africans wanted nothing to do with Black Americans That shocked me they wanted to be with white people. Did you read history in school or just look at the pictures??? Read who brought slaves to this country and who sold them to those people You might be shocked to find the truth out now also the USA was against slavery read about the USS Constitution it was a ship made to capture slave runners and release the slaves back home it was very good at it’s job because the crew got paid a years wages for every ship they caught Also do you know who keeps most of Africa alive even to this day it was the anti-black America they save over 2 million blacks would die if it wasn’t for us. Please read my friend and try to learn I am sure things have changed in Africa by all means take a trip there I personally would love to live there I love the wild animals. Beautiful country At least you could get free

  9. ck says:

    A terrorist is a terrorist, whether they are Antifa, BLM, or trump supporters. They should all be met with lethal force, however, it’s ludicrous to think or say, everyone in these groups are terrorist. There are peaceful people in all groups.

    • Tina Aliff says:

      NO President Trump supporters are violent. You and Emily Rose should leave the US and go to China. China will treat you like you deserve!!

      • ck says:

        None at all? Do you happen to know all of his supporters? Do you realize what an ignorant statement that is? You are definitely in denial!

      • Danny d says:

        You must be a Democrat one of those people who don’t believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech of which our forefathers granted us under God. So what makes you better than us, I’ll tell you nothing not one damn thing makes you better than us. The Democratic party is an evil that cannot be wiped out neither can the Republican party but we don’t go around bashing people telling them they’re worthless souls and that we should be rounded up and put in concentration camps like the Japanese were here in the United States. You people make me sick just like BLM and antifa and any other writer out there that pillages rapes murders and destroys the fabric of this United States.

        • ck says:

          First of all dannyboy, I’m not a democrat. Where in any of my statements here have I said I’m better than anyone else. Maybe you have an inferiority complex or something. Take a chill pill, seek some help, you sound full of hate.

  10. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Why should the police, or anybody else put up with this. Looting stores, charging buildings, etc. When the Newark riots took place, it was simple, shoot them.

  11. josenothusay says:

    Boy I have so much to say that I rather to stay quite

  12. DIANE says:

    Well I think Biden is not fit to be President, because of his health issues, Harris is a socialist democrat (lol) they need impeached. Pelosi is all about power, after all it took her 7 hours to get all the paper work together to have Trump impeached again, if they did everything that fast, wouldn’t it be great!!! plus she did it by herself without McConnell. This covid-19 payout, only 9% goes for covid, all the rest is bloat! They want our boarders open to a lot of cartel that are using kids as a front to get in so dangerous to us, but they sure worry about their hides don’t they!! Pelosi was told a few days before Jan.6 they knew there was going to be trouble but she didn’t want the Nat. guard now they can’t go home!! And they get to sleep in the garage!!Of course they need to be protected but not Portland? We the people need to stand up. In case you don’t know 50 Million of this bill goes to Climate Change, 135 Million for the Nat. endowment of the Arts, 135 Million for the Nat. endowment of humanities, 200 Million for the institute of Museum & Library services, 800 Million for golbal food programs,86 Billion in pension bailouts, 350 Billion for all the blue States money problems (sure Pelosi promised that), 130 Billion for schools at which only 6 Billion will be use this year the rest spread out, none to get kids back to school, 1 TRILLON will be unspent to be use as they see fit. We are 28 Trillion in debt. And under Biden it’s expected to TRIPPLE in the next three years, but the people are happy their getting 1400. a coverup for the whole bill it will sell our country down the river. Watch OAN, NewsMax, FoxNews because they, the Democrats, are trying to get big Tec to take them off the air. Anything they want taken off I want to see.

  13. Pegs says:

    antifa= PASTY PUNK REJECKS !!! #PUSSYWIMPS that is ALL they amount to. BIG LOSERS or should I say LITTLE LOSERS. All they do is BURN & DESTROY Peoples lifelong businesses.they NEVER build ANYTHING, only BURN & DESTROY with NO DAMN REGARD for the GOOD People just TRYING to make a LIVING!!!!! SHAME on you small little LOSERS!! Remember this, you all like to BURN things down…….IT’S HOT IN HELL!!! #CAREFUL what you do in this life. It’s one show and one show only. I really PRAY you all do a little SOUL SEARCHING. Good luck.

    • Blanca Holland says:

      These are the ones paid to bring subversive activities to ? Topple the American dream of a United States a constitional republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: for our democracy embrace of socialists communist agendas are bringing Nazism, Marxism and tyranical dictatorship: which wants to bring chains of anti-American and antisemitism which enslave us to the slavery block of globalization groups taking away what you hold most dear the American dream of freedom. This has been the seeds of disruption planted in the educational system and they’re still orchestrating to indoctrinate our nation and her people: oh how the book of Isaiah 30: 1 woe to the rebellious children, saith the LORD, that take counsel, but not IF ME; and that cover with a covering, but not of MY SPIRIT, that they add sin to sin. If we read that whole chapter: we can see America: in the repeated pattern: JESUS YESHUA: spoke of this wicked generation in Matthew chapter 11: also chapter 24 :vs 4-8 : so let’s go to our knees in prayer : for GOD OF HEAVEN to intervene for America and our families.

  14. David says:

    Jeez truth I don’t even have a white chair or even a white suit I’m just white trash I guess well gotta go home to my trailor and grill up some chicken and refried beans

  15. David says:

    AAWWW come on Sam B Holly is great to put a laugh in your heart and a smile on your face she is fun But BLM should be happy the Stimulus bill provides farmers of color 5 billion dollars funny they didn’t say what color but showed what looked like three African Americans growing what looked like Cannabis I am sure it wasn’t pot if it was I am sure it was grown for medicine LOL Wow 5 billion dollars Did white farmers get anything to help them?? But then again they don’t need it LOL Just like the Vietnamese go new shrimp fishing boats after the war our shrimp fishing guys got no help plus they brought over a very group of destructive shrimp but I read that it was probably fake news take care everyone

  16. Scott J says:

    Time for real bullets. This is soooooo stupid to let those brainless children destroying your city. Start shooting them if you want your city back.

  17. David says:

    OMG Truthoutnow Are you serious??? You want facts read the FBI crime stats on violence to Black people you might be shocked to see the majority of crimes against blacks are committed by blacks. Read the crime stats on how many black women are raped by white men compared to the rapes of white women from blacks Read the stats on how many white men are killed by police black and white and compare it to the reverse You may be shocked at what you read but they are the crime stats at least those that are reported I went to a softball game with my black friend in Atlanta Seems I was the only white cracker there after the game there was a party drinking beer and smoking. Well a very beautiful black young lady was talking to me and we ran out of beer there were a few other black people drinking with us. So I said well I go buy us more beer and asked her where the nearest store was she said I’ll go with you well my friend I was called every name you can imagine and she was called worse because she was with me and we were just going to buy beer and you tell me white people are racist get a grip and go snort some more Kool aid

    • Tina Aliff says:

      It doesn’t matter what color you are, if your a racist person then somewhere along the way you were taught it. My parents taught me to treat EVERYONE with respect. To pay attention to how they treat others. To WORK or I wouldn’t eat. The Bible says that idle hands are not good. I’m guessing these people have too much time on their hands. Probably living off whatever State they live in. The Church’s have the responsibility to care for people NOT the Government. HATE is in a person heart to act the way they are to the Police or any Authority figure. Unbelievable the nerve of these animals!!

  18. truthoutnow says:

    Antifa and BLM have been confronting Institutional Racism since they started. Our judicial and incarceration statistics show the evidence of that. You, who are sitting in white chairs in white suits and dresses, refuse to take responsibility for supporting the White Supremacists. You are just provoking continuing tension that should never have existed.

    • You need to have actual facts. Institutional racism would be supported by law.
      Furthermore the black community is 13% of the overall U.S. population. They commit close to 93% of the crimes. But they don’t make up 93% of the prison population. Why is that?
      FBI documents all U.S. crime and crimes by and against U.S. Citizens living outside U.S.
      Use facts. Not emotional b.s. dude. Try telling the whole truth. Not your hate mongeror version of truth.
      The U.S. was becoming one nation. Until some people deliberately misrepresented half truths as real total truth.
      Is it wrong for a black person to be murdered, improperly incarcerated, or wrongly accused. Absolutely. Will it happen sometimes. Yes.
      Is racism wrong. Absolutely. But racism is the last refuge of the colossally stupid. You can’t fix stupid. So deal with the smart ones.

    • Michael J Korger says:

      That bs is getting really old. The co-founders and various leaders of BLM are blatant Black racists. They chant violence against police and spew hatred against Whites. Black lives matter? ONLY if police are involved. BLM says or does nothing about the thousands of Blacks murdered by other Blacks. And they do absolutely nothing about the most racist organization in the country, Planned Parenthood, who murders hundreds of thousands of Black babies each year unchallenged with the majority of their abortion mills in Black neighborhoods. And those same BLM leaders have been bragging that they are Marxist trained. That means Communism. That means no rights or freedoms for anybody.

  19. ken white says:

    Some body please tell DON LEMON about how BLM care about family’s NO these NEW BLM don’t care about anything but causing trouble here is you proof DONNY DUMMY LEMON !!!!!

  20. David says:

    LOL Hey Spuds You don’t think BLM should pay for the damage they only received 90 million dollars last year LOL

  21. David says:

    HI spuds OMG Over reaction well if that is the case let’s get the national guard to over react in Portland and a few other places. Then when they kill people we can say they over reacted LOL

  22. Spudmans1 says:

    What is the matter with the authorities in Oregon?
    This bologna stops yesterday.
    Get the national guard to roll in and take care of business.
    Kent State in the 70’s was an over reaction whereas this is milk toast.
    Why should the tax payers have to fund the clean up costs that these moronic thugs inflict without hesitation?
    Interesting vocabulary these protesters have comprising up to maybe 8 words?

  23. David says:

    LOL My friend Holly Rose you still put a smile on my face . You hate Trump and support Biden and Pelosi and Harris they are the people who let this get crazy LOL Harris and your democratic party are bailing out these nice rioters Now they are saying up to a million Illegals will cross the border and you think BLM and ANTIFA are bad wait until you meet MS-13 LOL OH that’s right I am sorry according to some people it is just women and children in the videos. coming here Illegally. Sorry I am so sarcastic but I have to laugh I am leaving I pray next month I will pray for you all but I will also pray the government and Daddy Joe don’t steal my social security like they stole the election but I am planning that they do.

  24. Yes it is time to arrest any people involved in destruction of any city or town businesses.
    Final Joe. Period Joe one of your over used words leaving people think you are the only man in charge in the world..

    It is time for all the arrests to begin until you get every govt person involved including the top crooks at the FBI.
    Do not forget past presidents, Clinton’s totally and the many big pay deals Obama received for corruption done.
    They had White House meetings right to the very end including remarks made by Joe Biden who knew nothing.
    When is Hunter Biden going to get charged including again Joe getting people fired because of Biden’s corruptions and stealing of wages they got away with.
    Lastly get the present Director of the FBI out of there.
    Can’t any one read him on how useless he is.
    Secondly he believes he is a very intelligent but soon as he opens his mouth you see how stupid he is. He should NOT be in any management position, the same as past director Jim C.
    Look what he got away with and the amounts of pay he received doing nothing for the country, no FBI work was done for many years below he got fired.

    Should not be in management like his brother Jim Conley

  25. Holly Rose says:

    Wow thank you Red Alert News for apprising those of us in Portland about another Fed Bldg fracas. There is nothing on our local news KATU or KOIN about this. Well I do hope these anarchist get their wish and turn the USA into a harsh and severe communist state. They will get no rest and if lucky maybe 3 hours sleep/night because they will have to spend their next hours listening to political harangue in the cold night air. Your children will be taken to reeducation camps and be property of the state. Nothing in your house is yours anymore not even your house and any property one owns, not even the shoes, shirt or pantson your back. If you own a Stradivarius it wont be yours anymore but to the state. If one wants to learn more about what communism is like, join a convent. I do hope these youngsters get their wish and I hope I am no longer here on this forsaken earth.

    • Rando says:

      Hollow Holly Screw You and your Commie Socialists Agenda, You are a commie UnAmerican B h.I hope you are partially right. Especially about the Part of you wishing you were not here in the wake of Antifa BS.THe last thing American’s needs is more A holes like You TA TAH

    • Sam B. says:

      Sadly hilarious Holly Rose with yet again another DELUSIONAL comment. I’m all for free speech..& totally believe the woke, cancel culture crowd is insecure, adolescent, entitled & pathetically small. However this “vomit” that spews from ur brain is “off the reservation” as usual. Take it easy on sniffing glue & drinking laundry detergent LOL. Time to go back home… Caracas Venezuela!!! Take the anti-America Marxist hater ASSHAT losers with antifa & blm with u! They’ll fit right in with YOUR socialist dictatorship communist government there!! Bye Felicia! C-ya Chad!! LMAO!!!!!!!

    • Pegs says:

      Holly, I feel you have been SERIOUSLY BRAIN WASHED. What a damn shame. you’re DERANGED friends like to BURN what People have put their heart & soul into as to make an HONEST living!! Something you and yours no NOTHING ABOUT!!!! About you build SOMETHING?? Oh thats right, you CAN NOT!!! you like to burn other citizens property. you like fire do you? Get ready if you do not have an awakening . REMEMBER……IT’S HOT IN HELL sad little holly rose! Wake-up Holly

    • Larry says:

      Holly Rose is just a troll who has sex with the orderlies at the institution where she is housed so she can have keyboard privileges. Pay her no mind because eventually they will find she is cheeking her meds and she won’t be as pathetically delusional.

  26. David says:

    I saw a few of my comments were not displayed sorry editors did I do or say something wrong comparing what I have seen and what I have read about blacks and whites read the FBI statistics they will shock you Maybe I just should swear and call people names that seems to work for other people LOL

  27. Don says:

    They’re not using the right weaponry to defend the courthouse.

  28. Capital police shot a female veteran for doing much less. It’s time to start shooting these socialist domestic terrorists’ and not with rubber bullets. That would put a stop to this nonsense real quick. Doing nothing just emboldens these radicals

  29. David says:

    Please tell me the truth Mr. Floyd from what I read had enough drugs in his system to kill him. Also he passed a forged 20.00 dollar bill to pay for food at a fast food place Now am I right is that not a felony??? Also fraud to a business place??? Now if I did that being white and the police killed me for resisting arrest and the other above things do you think my family could get 27 million dollars and have a memorial set up for me LMAO Sorry but I am laughing at that when I watched my friend get dragged out of his car beat up by 4 cops for nor stopping fast enough and the cop said he saw him light up a joint LOL The cop must have had x-ray vision. He was white LOL

  30. Sic&Tired says:

    Enough is Enough.!!!!!!!! Time to START Shooting the Idiot BLM’ers and ANTIFA’s The American People – DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THEIR CRAP.!!!! IF, Rubber bullets don’t do the Trick…. Live Ammo will definitely do the Trick and it is Far Past Due….And Far Past Time that this needs to be done by the Law Enforcing Agencies………Quit Letting It Keep Happening – Where Law Abiding Citizens might get Hurt and Property Damage can Occur.!!!

  31. These people have done twice as bad as anybody at the Capitol on 6th and I don’t know why they are let to run free in the streets and when they get locked up Harris and her crowd bales them out

    • Mary Moncrief says:

      Well this is still AMERICA and the national guard need to be in Portland and control the crowd and the STUPID DEMOCRATS from our government NEEDS to put restrictions on the protesters and stop them from destroying government property. Such BULLCRAP the PRESIDENT BIDEN nor Harris has said anything about the PROTEST and this hasn’t been on the news in AMERICA. They need to control the CRIMINAL activity in Portland. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS REALLY SAD. IMPEACH BIDEN AND HARRIS WE THE PEOPLE CAN CONTROL THE SITUATION IN PORTLAND. USA

  32. Rev4God says:

    No crisis here. Peaceful protest.

    • Margaret says:

      I really wish they didn’t let this go on, why don’t they start putting them in jail and make them stay awhile. Guess I’m too old to get why things have changed, at one time it would be against the law.

  33. Rev4God says:

    These people are a threat to America, no wait. The Republicans are the real threat. That what the white house is saying.

  34. Loiir says:

    This crap is getting out of flood family gets 27 million over his death.he died of a overdose.BLM burns down a courthouse and gets away with it.they kill people and get away with it.they want reparation for something that didn’t happen to them.what about the crimes they committ.doesnt that mean anything.they do it and get away with one sided

  35. The Real M says:

    Man, I’m glad I don’t live in a country where this kind of criminal activity is allowed………..oh, silly me, I DO!
    The only thing I am sure of at the moment is…..this would not be tolerated by a conservative group for any reason!

  36. richard says:

    The police shot the unarmed woman at the captial on Jan.6th what’s the problem they can’t do the same to armed thugs that don’t want to be govern.

  37. ee says:

    PUT THEM IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG……….NO BAIL, PRISON TIME..THAT IS A FEDERAL BUILDING………if one of us did such a thing we would already be in jail with no bond………….STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARDS………there are more of us than them…………………they need to sit down & shut up………

  38. Samuel S. Kent says:

    BLM and Antifa are the domestic terrorists of the democrat party, no different than Hitler’s Brown Shirts of a century ago. Democrats are in power, and Kamela Harris is probably right there again bailing the Portland rioters out of jail. When it comes down to a Civil War, our snipers should cut off the heads of the snakes. Prayerfully it will not come to that, but we cannot sit by silently with the shameless corruption, the blatant lies and the violence being fostered by the democrat party. Biden is an illegitimate president and now a vile traitor by allowing/urging the invasion of our nation. Complacent Americans, you will pay dearly if you do not speak up, minimally by written protest to support your representatives. The communists ultimately use concentration camps. You see the repression of free speech now. They are trying to neutralize the Second Amendment for reasons obvious, and it is not because of Sandy Hook. Do not think that what happened in Germany in the 20th century cannot happen now in the US. We are not immune.

  39. David says:

    LOL Way to go 12 year old seems you are smarter than some people on this site including me

  40. maxibaby says:

    antifa/BLM are marxist terrorists! How long will Biden allow their riots, looting, arson, maiming and killing? Only until THEY decide to cease and discest and they will not stop until America has been destroyed and they get everything they want! The American people cannot expect any protection from the Biden administration because terrorists are held in higher regard than honest hardworking American citizens!

  41. David says:

    Funny they could shoot and kill white American students on campus at Kent state for riots protesting a war caused by our lying government. But it is OK for BLM and ANTIDA to riot and burn cities and get the police defunded kill and rape I guess that is OK Just don’t protest a war that was started with a lie

  42. james mattix says:

    When will federal law enforcement agencies give the same attention these riots as they are giving to the riots at the capitol ? These have caused much more damage than the riots at the capitol. Another instance of Democratic double standards.

  43. LouAnn Rossi says:

    BLM and Antifa are terrorist. BLM is co- founded by proclaimed Marxists, goal to breakup the Westernm familyand take back what is theirs. Leading to socialism & Communism. Fact. All tied in w/the Biden Administration. Why are’t these terrorists injail w/out bail? The President to take care of this us Trump, Biden,does not know what to do & is not for the country he is ripping it apart in,every direction. Sad legacy He leaves as worst,oresident ever. He will end up starting wars too, he has been on the wrong side of every military & foreign decisio in his 50 years.

  44. Robert says:

    What gives them the right? To me they are breaking the LAW, and they should all be arrested and thrown in jail. If you disagree, then I will give them a call and have them visit your Home! This gone on way too long!!!!

  45. Steve Borg says:

    Stop using less than leather force on these assholes. Shoot a few and the rest will get the messsgecloud snd clear.
    You can demonstrate pracegilyvand your ok. Start looting and burning and destroying things and your fair game for getting shot.

  46. Dennis Sumner says:

    Tell ya what, you get rid of your city’s useless officials and we’ll send you a bunch of ammo!!

  47. Laura says:


    • Pegs says:

      I SECOND that Laura!!! they NEED to SEARCH their soul so to speak. they are in DIRE NEED of an AWAKENING!!! they NEED NOT FORGET, It’s HOT IN HELL !!! But I do have that say that I always keep them in my daily Prayers. I believe they’re BRAINWASHED. They know not what they say and do. #FORGIVENESS FATHER

  48. CC says:

    Mindless, thoughtless Joey is incapable of deductive reasoning, as is all of the Party of Fraud currently in charge, more or less, of The Divided States of America.

  49. Randy Cox says:

    Portland ANTIFA and BLM are out of control in Portland. It is time to shut them and their violence down permanently! If they wish to protest, that is their right, but IT MUST BE PEACEFUL PROTEST, NOT this unending Violence they presently use. Neither was ANTIFA and BLM Riots in the US Capital Building on Jan. 6th 2021! It is time to bring back Law and Order into our Nation and IT MUST BEGIN HERE!

    • Rut Yisrael says:

      There were no BLM on January 6. All I saw were White folks turning on each other.

      • SOS says:

        Well the one guy who was the leader of BLM admitted he was there. Others admitted they were paid to be there to riot. So I guess there were more people there than what you saw.

      • Sunny says:

        Um, yes in fact, there were. One very prominent BLM leader was all over the news for like 2 minutes. Maybe you blinked and missed it.

        • ck says:

          LOL!! You just made Rut’s point. If you “blink”, you missed it? That’s how many leftists were there!!

  50. Tas says:

    Not another “peaceful” protest? Anyone who still supports BLM and Antifa needs not only a reality check, but they should really start therapy fast to deal with their brainwashing!

  51. jim sulzbach says:


  52. Yahya Hassan says:

    Frist off it wasnt BLM involved in that attack this is flase advertising lying because you don’t agree with that movement.please tell the truth when you post something.

    • Richard says:

      The report and damage is Antifa and BLM who the hell are you to say otherwise … Domestic Terrorist!!! Should be dealt with by the law … Apparently are not so innocent people must suffer… Watch the Videos!!!

    • Laura says:


    • the 12 year old says:

      If it wasn’t BLM pls tell who it is. if you say it is a lie then pls state your source cause if say it is a lie how do we know what you said is a lie?

    • Tina Aliff says:

      BLM Antifa ARE terrorists period

  53. Michael OConnor says:

    There is only one way to deal with animals, you shoot them. This must stop now. Until they feel the pain for their actions they will continue. I can guarantee that if heavy force rains down on them they will stop and if they continue just continue with the force. As taxpayers we are fed up with this rioting. Biden you pay the costs out of your own funds.

    • Bingo says:

      I agree with the sentiments expressed here. The problem is if the authorities use lethal force, then the protester’s will be labeled martyrs by the liberal press and the entire “oh those poor protesters” theme will begin, again! The cops and feds are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Too bad we don’t have a leader with a brain to stand up to these punks and say enough. Sorry to say it but the country has gone to shit!

      • Anthony Moreland says:

        So the MSM that sympathizes with Antifa, BLM, & the socialist left are just as guilty if they raise sentiment for the dead rioters & they should be shut down,arrested,tried,& sentenced for treason & sedition. Sick & tired of treating these scum with kid gloves.