Voters Sick And Tired Of Biden

Joe Biden

( –┬áPresident Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats face a massive hurdle ahead of the midterm elections this November: everybody blames them for the country’s economic failures but not its successes.

This conundrum is the final nail in what many believe will be the party’s doom when voters cast their ballots.

Newly released data showed unemployment had decreased to levels last seen in 1968. Biden released a statement noting that 8 million jobs had been created since he took office on the back of that data.

In the statement, he noted that “more jobs created on average per month than under any other president in history.”

Later on Thursday, Biden also said during a speech to construction unions that unemployment had decreased from 6.8 percent in January 2021 to 3.6 percent now. He also mentioned the increase in GDP since taking office.

However, it appears that Biden’s messaging is not reaching the masses.

Last month, an NBC poll showed that 63 percent of voters disapproved of the economy under Biden.

Last week, it seemed the negative opinion of Biden’s economy hadn’t changed, as an Economist-YouGov poll showed 42 percent of voters thought the economy under Biden was “poor.” The poll shows a further 27 percent voted the economy was “fair,” compared to only 25 percent who thought the economy was “excellent” or “good.”

The reason Biden’s economic wins aren’t resonating with the public has to do with inflation. When the latest data was last published in February, it showed that inflation had reached 7.9 percent, the highest since 1982.

Inflation has had the most significant effect on the price of gas, but it’s leaked into every aspect of daily life, from the cost of food and indirectly to the mortgage rates.

Now that everything is more expensive, most voters aren’t acknowledging Biden’s other economic wins.