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Wasserman Schultz Wants Greene Removed From Committees

It’s been many years since a freshman in Congress received as much attention as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-FL). Now, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are attacking Greene and trying to have her removed from her committee assignments.


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) announced she will file a resolution Monday to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) of her House committee assignments, chiding Greene, who she said has ‘brought shame on the entire House of Representatives,'” according to The Washington Post.

Wasserman Schultz said Monday that her resolution would remove Greene from her assignments on the “House Education and Labor, and the House Budget committees.”…

Pelosi had previously criticized the move to put Greene on the House Education and Labor Committee.

“‘Assigning her to the education committee, when she has mocked the killing of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, when she has mocked the killing of teenagers in high school, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,’ Pelosi said during a Thursday news conference. ‘What could they be thinking, or is thinking too generous a word for what they might be doing? It’s absolutely appalling.’

“In a statement previously emailed to The Washington Post, Greene responded to criticism from Democrats: ‘Democrats and their spokesmen in the Fake News Media will stop at nothing to defeat conservative Republicans. They are coming after me because I’m a threat to their goal of Socialism. They are coming after me because they know I represent the people, not the politicians.” [emphasis added]

For more on this developing story, go to The Washington Post.

We promote free speech. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from her committee assignments based on the resolution being filed by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Why or why not?


  1. Symlianne says:

    You know you are doing a good job when the dems have their sights set on you.

  2. 1LTlos says:

    Those who are needful of removal are to start with Wassermann Schulktx and lobotomized Nancy Pelosi!!!! Then Biden and Harris. The election was a fraud. NO ONE has PROVEN that the LEft won the election. They only say the Trump Lost but provide only evidence that is the contrary to that. Everybody – Re-read The Declaration of Independence. “”…it is your right, it is your duty to put off such a government and provide NEW GUARDS for a secure future.”” The founders of our country foresaw [email protected]@P like this happening. The NEW GUARDS are NOT hoax and chains of Obscumbo. The NEW GUARDS will bring American future security. Everything the Left wants and asks for and acts upon damages our Future Security. Therefore NEW GUARDS are strategies and tactics that WE HAVE NOT EVER SEEN nor thought about before. We have to out think these scoundrels and malcontents stinking up DC and the white house!!

  3. Hug your demon rat today! says:

    Man that debbie wasserpussface is one UGLY bitch! Looks like her face got processed through one of those dominion machines!

  4. Chuck says:

    I guess she passed her Wassermann Test?

  5. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Greene has the right idea, socialism is what there trying to accomplish. She filed papers to have Biden impeached. Way to go, right on track.

  6. frank says:

    I have been going the emails for a few minutes. Let me say iam astonished that so many people are mentally unstable, believing in such bullshit,conspiracy theories,Qanon crap, boot licking trump supporters. If the US is in a spiral its because of the mental nutbars who inhabit this forum.thank God 81 million sane electorate had the correct person in mind. and by the way, you religious fanatics hiding behind religion are going to hell

    • Michele says:

      Frank, first and foremost you need to learn to spell and not omit words from sentences. Second, not a conspiracy theorist, but if it smells like crap and looks like crap, it’s crap! Third, and you must be Atheist, which is your choice, but don’t knock people for believing what they believe in. There is a lot of depravity coming from the Democratic party that I do not believe in, because I do believe in God and the Bible. No one answers to me on Judgement Day and everyone is FREE to live their lives as they see fit. I don’t have to agree, accept or like it. Just as you do not have to agree with me or my post. People need to mind their business, stop trying to stomp on people’s freedoms or promoting Socialism. Nothing is free cupcake. I work my butt off with multiple jobs, and NO ONE is entitled to free college, free healthcare, money to illegals or any of the other crap, on my dime. I will own as many guns as I want and say what I want as long as I am not promoting violence or such to people. Who goes to hell and who doesn’t remain to be seen!!

  7. vinnie says:

    Why isn’t Wasserman Schultz in Jail for allowing Foreign spies masquerading as IT people taking information from supposedly secure computers and embezzling money I( that they got away with) and they are free as birds with no penalties

    • Rita Lovejoy says:

      My thoughts exactly! She should not be in any governmental position! In fact, she’s been so quiet (subversive?) I didn’t realize she was!

  8. Jim Jackson says:

    Wow ! There goes the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”
    George Orwell “1984”

  9. Tom says:

    No! she has a right to free speech as do all Americans. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Who is she to criticize her being on any committee? Nancy is the one who refuses to remove a guy who slept with a Chinese spy on the Intel committee. One must wonder how Nancy’s brain or lack
    of one works??? Or should I say why it doesn’t. Clearly she will go down in History as the worst Speaker EVER She is way out front. Her spot is secured.

  10. John Mathews says:

    Wasserman schultz is a pathetic Congress person .big mouth who does not do anything for our country. She should be fired .a re add l disgrace

  11. Marjorie Taylor Green is God sent. She right on target with her aim. Its sad that no other republicans are saying anything. They make me sick, bunch of whips. We need more Wonder Woman’s in the Republican party. The men run and hide.

  12. Patrick says:

    I do not want anything to happen to Green she needs to be kept in her office and continue on with her agenda!
    It’s obviously where she needs to be! She’s doing exactly what needs to be done!
    What’s appalling is she’s not getting much needed help from her fellow Representatives?? As the title says Representatives is to Represent the folks that put a person in that place is to Represent!
    Pelosi and all her cronies are nothing but Representing there selves??
    It’s America and the American People! NOT!!
    Pelosi and Cronies!!

  13. jkryanspark says:

    All you low IQ degenerates need to realize that running a country is not the same as dog walking, though I’m sure, somehow, the Republican Party would screw that up, too. Why do you tolerate mental illness among your ranks? The Democrats, for all their many faults, are willing to weed out the lunatics in their party; and to a fault. They ridded the Party of a damn good Senator in Al Franken for the ‘crime’ of a tasteless photo. Meanwhile, the GOP not only accepts lowlifes in their ranks, but encourages them. We the People, and I refer to pragmatic independents like myself, mock you idiot Trump sucking fools. When America falls, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves. Stop electing rejects and nut jobs.

  14. I think that Marjorie Taylor Green has an equal desire to throw Debbie Wasserman Schultz out of the House of Representatives, especially since she did absolutely nothing there for the voters of Florida. Victory to you, Marjorie Taylor Green!

  15. Ron says:

    Wasserman Schultz needs to keep her big mouth shut.She needs to go out the door with the rest of them. Marjorie stick to your guns and continue the fight.That bur under their saddle makes them very uncomfortable and they dont like it.

    • Maureen says:

      She’s like Trump. Says what she feels and believes whether it’s popular or not. If that idiot dem Swarwell can be assigned to a committee that he really shouldn’t be on with his past history than she should stay on the commities that she’s been assigned to.

      • Swallwell is sick and in deep with CCP and Pelosi knew he was sleeping w/ Chinese Spy and STILL PUT HIM IN foreign intelligence ctm and refuses to take him off. He is dishonorable enof that he will not resign.Ms.Taylor-Greene has done nothing to deserve cmt removal except coming too close to
        The truth!

  16. Jaybo says:

    Just one more of too many demon rat thieves,liars, corrupt filthy scumbags.

  17. bob onit says:

    This from a woman who obstructed capitol police on a real estate fraud and spy ring investigation because she had hired the crooks hers as an congressional IT worker giving Pakistani citizens access to the computers of 25to 30cogressmen and women, what ever shultz has to say should be dumped in the waste basket or just forwarded to pakistan

  18. Sharon says:

    Keep going full speed ahead Greene, expose all those nut bags that forgot why they are in office. Don’t let nasty nancy get you down. PLEASE Keep working for the AMERICAN PEOPLE

    • Donna says:

      Well said. Who does pulosi think she is? And shultz too? They have no intent of working with anyone unless we bow to her. She claims to be Catholic and prays. God doesn’t hear the prayers of hypocrites and she does not practice what she preaches in any way. You need to leave office and let someone who has common sense and the will of the people in office. Americans have no respect for you.

  19. Don says:

    Slutz has proven she’s not worthy for office so why would anyone listen to this trash.

  20. Bill says:

    Rita you are an absolute idiot..How did 108% 106% and 104% of the legal voters in 3 states vote???Explain..How did 26000 dead vote in Arizona including 2 that died in the 1890’s?? The gents that headed the 5 man group that researched the dead people and their Socials admitted to this for immunity..Thats why Arizona is currently doing a full forensic audit…Have you even seen the ballots being shredded by the thousands all for Trump in Atlanta? The videos of those racist idiots pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables AFTER THEY ORDERED EVERYONE TO GO HOME…ITS ON TAPE!! YOU CANT ARGUE AGAINST IT..And a little know fact that you obviously didnt know since you know so little – all ballots have a magnetic ink that is traceable during forensic audit is seconds..That is why states are fighting so hard not to turn over ballots eeven though it is CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to store them for 3 years and turn them over if any rep OR CONGRESSMAN REQUESTS THEM!! You are as blind as the rest…Hope you are paying attention to the fact that your Demoncraps are telling everyone you dont need fences and guns while they surrounded themselves with exactly that in Washington – what an idiot!!

  21. Robert says:

    The fact is there is supporting evidence about every thing that Greene has been accused of doing, exactly what QNanon has been doing spreading unproven hate speech, and that is not good for this USA which is suppose to be run on facts not conspiracy theories which Greene seems to live for, now stopping any speech which has been proven to be untrue, is not censoring of free speech in any way, lies are the cause of many deaths in this USA.

  22. Barb Filicsky says:

    I think we turn the Capital Building n the White House into prisons!! Keep all the corrupt politicians in n never let any of the ill mannered child sex traffickers n money eating fools in so that “We The People” can live in a free country that our USA n constitution was built from!! I believe in not judging humans but the people on in these 2 places are not humans!! Pelosi is just pissed because she never got her crying spoiled ass wanted. N most importantly Hey Pelosi, what did they find on your laptop? Was it enough? I along with a million more sure hope they did. Gitmo would be too good for you n all your corrupt playgirls n boys. Whichever side they be on. Turn those buildings into prisons. That’s where you want to be well we could keep you there forever. N while we are keeping you there I sure hope they let Obamy, Killery, Bush, Pence, Schumer, Mitch McDonald, the 2 ditwits, in this article, MIT Robery, n sooo many more can just join you there. Please oh Lord in Heaven, deliver these people into the depth of Hell where they belong. Amen n Amen

  23. Tony Rosado says:

    Representative Green, keep up the good work. You were voted into office to properly represent Republicans in the Great Sunshine State of Florida.
    People like you are definitely what’s needed in the Republican party. We need new blood to start fighting back the Democratic swamp creatures.
    At the present time we’ve lost both the house and Senate.
    Because the present Republicans aren’t sticking together but fighting each other instead of looking out for the American Citizens they represent.
    We lost the Presidential election only because it was stolen from the true winner President Donald J
    And the do nothing Rinos, just went against the best President this country has ever had in our life time.
    They allowed the Democratic swamp creatures to steal it.
    When Trump tried to fight back the Rinos all came out of their caves
    and joined the Democratic stealers to say there was no FRAUD in this election.
    We knew from the start there was Fraud committed.
    We had proof and people who were their and we had videos.
    We even had the Postal Service workers caught dumping mail in Ballots and when presented to the Courts they refused to even to hear witnesses or see the videos.
    And when it went up to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Robert’s without hearing witness or looking at photos and videos.
    That was shocking to the true American Citizens. He had no right whatsoever to not even hear Trumps legal team.
    Trump was set up once again, the Rinos once again went after him too. We need new Leadership in both the House and the Senate.
    The present leadership won’t back you up but go against you.
    You keep up the outstanding work your doing.
    As for Ugly Wasserman Schultz and Brain dead Pelosi tell them to kiss your butt and start doing there official assigned duties.
    And to mind there business.
    Fight back with every thing you have against those do nothing Democratics and Republican Rinos.
    We love you and support you 💯 %.
    Stay strong and never give into them idiots.

  24. Bill says:

    Another to vote out next time guys..Wassermer Shultz is gone..And find her house and start peacefully protesting there night after night!!

  25. Shuggs says:

    First, of all MWS is a total POS and should not be in Congress. She got thrown off the DNC because she is corrupt. Mafiaso Pelosi is queen of corruption and stupidity. He put the traitor Eric Stalwell who was screwing a spy gook on the intelligence committee. Go figure!
    Congresswoman Taylor-Greene needs to resist any changes to her committee(s). We need more Republicans like her. She has a backbone and the nerve to standup to the swamp bullies. We definitely need more representation like her. she needs to watch her back.

  26. Rita V. says:

    I cannot believe all the comments I have read from totally misguided individuals who believe that Rep. Greene should even have a seat in our government. I am neither Republican nor Democrat…..both parties are corrupt in many different ways but when you have someone who deliberately repeats untruths……our election was as honest as it every has been, for one thing…….then she should, at best, not be allowed to help form any policies or laws that come out of our government. The downfall of our country will be when enough people stope investigating stories that they are told and just repeat them whether there is truth in them or not.
    When are you people going to stop drinking the “kool-aid” and realize you are part of Hitler’s plan in Nazi Germany

  27. Nurex35 says:

    If anyone should STFU, It’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz; she should be in jail for her part in the destruction of email hardware and the dissemination of classified information to a Palistani national. She’s a criminal who escaped prosecution because the DNC and the federal government is so corrupt. Go hide back under your rock you liberal POS!

  28. armilda johnson says:

    Go get them Marjorie Green .going after her just because she a threat to you, Nancy Pelosi. This what others should do , If they have the guts. to do the right thing for all Americans. The truth should all come out.

  29. James says:

    Don’t be afraid to give up the good for The “Great” Preserverance overcomes almost everything, even nature. Trump Train 2024.

  30. Ricky Bullinger says:

    The American people know what’s right. The dem are good at making up stories and have misled many ignorant people thinking they would get more money from biden who could never be my president. Pelosi reminds me of my x wife. No matter what happen I will always be happy and smile cuz I know the truth don’t forget about the noble peace prize for peacefully burn down america.

  31. Gitmo says:

    Wasserman slut hillbilly needs to watch her mouth! She belongs in Gitmo for her roles in the lap top Killery scandal and destroying evidence for Obama and Killery!! Threating prosecutor and more! Funny how demorats get by with murder yet people do nothing to stop them! All you morons who vote for them keep this trash in power!! When you gonna wake up! You had a great president in Trump and did nothing to make for work!

    • Sally says:

      You are so right about DWS. I remember she spoke in Weston, Florida ( a new development being built after Hurricane Andrew) approximately 25 years ago & she was already a ‘seasoned’ liar. Most of the people were Jewish, as she is, & they couldn’t stand her. As she spoke people were leaving claiming her agenda was all about her & her party only. Many thought they’d never see her again. But I guess, lying a cheating is the gold star for demoDIMheaded followers!

  32. rick says:

    Medusa always has to open her big mouth & spout more oral butt-gas, but, after all, I haven’t heard anything out of her for awhile now, so I guess she was due! One thing’s for sure, she’s the poster child for commiecratic idiocy, they all sound the same!

  33. Sheldon Metz says:

    After reading the letters of these seditionists and haters who falsely and dubiously claim they’re the real patriots of this country, let me say. The real patrôts believe in free elections and fight for the right to vote. They defend the real Constitution, not a document written on a gold toilet. They believe in helping their fellow citizens who are down and out, as many of us forgot we were once upon a time. They stupidly didn’t pay attention in school or they would know education is important.

    They wouldn’t threaten to shoot Pelosi in the head or kill Pence for NOT DOING SOMETHING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION. Trump got 74 million votes. BIDEN GOT 81 MILLION. If they had an education, which Republicans don’t support, they’d no that’s MORE.

    Greene believes in a FANTASY WORLD. QAnon is nothing but CONSPIRACY BELIEVERS! Idiots, wake up. Not only did Hillary Clinton NOT eat babies in the basement of a Pizza Parlor, THERE WAS NO BASEMENT.

    • Sheldon Metz says:

      By the Way….

      I am removing my subscription from this soon to be shutdown rag of an excuse mislabeled “News.”

      • Clarence Sauls says:

        Biden in reality only probleley got 24,000.000 votes, the rest were fraudulent votes. There is no way Biden could get that many votes without cheating. Trump won by a landslide. The United States 🇺🇸 was almost completely red for 2 days but that second day ,you saw States that were red, started turning blue, that’s when they started giving Trump votes to Biden,started bringing in large suitcases and large boxes. Full of fake ballets. And a bunch of other fraudulent articles. They even shut shut down the voting system in the democratic states. They couldn’t handle all the votes that Trump was getting, they had to shut down, when they restarted the machines they had Biden ahead, You tell me Biden won fairly. I will tell you ,you have been watching the fake news.,ABC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,kuac, the only real news is NEWSMAX, OAN, (NTD ON YOUTUBE) ,ALL THE REST JUST FEED YOU LIES.They are brainwashing people to make them blind to what’s really going on.

      • T says:

        Please by by

    • jaybird says:

      There was voter fraud in the swing States and there is proof and no one wants to look at it and others are too scared to fight it in the States. The Dims act like the Mafia, threatening others and payoffs. The dims will get screwed again by their own Party. Job loss, gas prices are now going up, packaged food items are smaller and priced higher. Keep watching the communist stations on TV that are lying to you. I think that is what happened in Germany many years ago.

    • D Bent says:

      Sheldon you might want to take a few more post-secondary classes yourself. There are millions of we Republicans who are highly educated and do not appreciate that big chip you have on your shoulder. You also might want to do more research. There have been many people associated with the Clintons who have suspiciously “died”. This includes the Seal Team 6 at Benghazi. Killery has earned her nickname. Here’s some more: Melissa Hodgman was named Joe Biden’s Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission. She is married to Peter Strzok, the fired and disgraced former FBI agent who was sleeping with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who were involved in the active government coup attempt to frame Donald Trump for something they knew from the very beginning he didn’t do. Strzok was the agent who ran the fraudulent operation Crossfire Hurricane. Jake Sullivan, was an aggressive user of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server, and chosen by President Joe Biden to be the White House National Security Adviser. A man who frequently used an email server that was unsecured and vulnerable to foreign hacking, and in fact the fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was known to have ties to Christopher Steele, the ex British spy who conjured up the phony dossier that was used against Donald Trump to create the Russia collusion hoax that was initiated by Hillary Clinton in an effort to get the new media to not focus on her illegal private email server. Are you starting to see the pattern here Sheldon? High level government jobs handed out as payment for services rendered.

  34. Karen Harlow says:

    Just another example of prosecuting someone because you don’t like their politics or party affiliation. Pelosi and Wasserman-Shultz have no room to talk.

  35. James Schopp says:

    The left wants nothing to with a democratically elected system of government, they are merely a bunch of Socialistic narcissists that think their shit don’t stink. Fact is They have been stinking up the halls of Congress for decades.

  36. bruce says:

    As usual the unhinged democraps mis-characterize what greene said..She has impeachment proceedings for Biden…It won’t go anywhere but should be amped up anyway. It actually has more evidence than anything they tried to impeach Trump for. All this is gonna come back on them if we stand up and give them no peace (with media, with Congress people and with our fellow Americans).

  37. Holly Rose says:

    Greene should KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT and KEEP HER OPINIONS TO HERSELF if she wants to stay in congress. She has rattled a few cadges which is not good for a newbie.

    • Cheryl Richcreek says:

      Sounds like another Democrat. Trying to stifle free speech! Rep Greene was sent there to use her mouth.More power to her for rattling commie cages.

      • DeeJay says:

        I agree, she is trying to do the right thing for we the people and America, I hope she succeeds You go Greene. Rock the House

        • ck says:

          She will be stripped of her committee assignments, as she should, the fucking kook!

          • D Bent says:

            Speaking of kooks, you also might want to do more research. There have been many people associated with the Clintons who have suspiciously “died”. This includes the Seal Team 6 at Benghazi. Killery has earned her nickname. Here’s some more: Melissa Hodgman was named Joe Biden’s Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission. She is married to Peter Strzok, the fired and disgraced former FBI agent who was sleeping with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who were involved in the active government coup attempt to frame Donald Trump for something they knew from the very beginning he didn’t do. Strzok was the agent who ran the fraudulent operation Crossfire Hurricane. Jake Sullivan, was an aggressive user of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server, and chosen by President Joe Biden to be the White House National Security Adviser. A man who frequently used an email server that was unsecured and vulnerable to foreign hacking, and in fact the fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was known to have ties to Christopher Steele, the ex British spy who conjured up the phony dossier that was used against Donald Trump to create the Russia collusion hoax that was initiated by Hillary Clinton in an effort to get the new media to not focus on her illegal private email server. Are you starting to see the pattern here? High level government jobs handed out as payment for services rendered. Does this sound democratic, transparent, honest, or even the least bit sane?

    • Pegs says:

      holly, holly, holly…….there you go again girl. There is SO MUCH I could say to that but what is the point! As far as newbies go, just look @aoc & her big mouth in her 1st term!!! Everyone I’m sure has said something they wish they hadn’t, otherwise we would have no congress. Come down off your high horse. I certainly do not care for aoc but do call for her to resign.

    • Pegs says:

      I meant not to resign.

    • Godwin says:

      Dumb ms. rose you need to keep your buccal cavity shut. Ms. Green reigns SUPREME. God bless her in Jesus name Amen

  38. Mary Janes says:

    Tell them go fuck themselves this is the dirty way Dems play in our Congress they should all be called traitors for not allowing free speech rotten bastards

  39. AJM says:

    Schultz should be glad no one tried to get her thrown out of congress for the security breech she created with that third world b piece of garbage she had working for her and sending intel back to Packistan even after she was earned about the problem she is a real douchbag…….Polisi to. Go get him Rep[. Greene…………

  40. BIL A says:

    Are we talking about the people that work in Washington DC? They are even trying to make it a State, but then it would be called Alcatraz North.

  41. Lora Sugg says:

    Greene is working for the people, which all the democrats have forgotten, Greene wants answers as do the rest of us. Democrats and some Republicans have embarrassed and hurt American. They all need gone. Pelosi is a worker and not for the people. Biden and Harris are not my elected officials, I want all of this corrected as we all want to see justice. No more of our tax dollars. Close the borders you are disgusting Non-Americans.

  42. michael higgins says:

    Their Hypocrisy has no bounds , DWS had to step down from DNC for her misdeeds and she’s going to talk please ! The fact is the fact conservatives are on the menu and every crooked politician is trying to stop any free speech from them and all actions against a puppet regime where the handlers (Obama’s squad) is doing as they please. The executive orders are non stop , Why because they can’t do them thru Congress ? Trump was good at waking mostly 75 million people to what’s really been happening for decades and I am so thankful for that! We that have had are tax monies enrich the politicians who by the way have become millionaires on 174,000 a year ! Please tell me How that happens you go Green you have my Support! IMPEACH 46 ! Elect 19!

  43. Jim Jackson says:

    Have you ever noticed how mean, impudent, stupid, ugly and repulsive
    democrat women are ? It’s almost like they are trying to outdo each

  44. joseph says:

    Get rid of Pelosi and Schultz not the other way around….they are just politicians feeding their own egos.

  45. Joelle Storey says:

    We need more people like Greene who are strong and stand up for
    what she believes in. Hang in there girl!!1

  46. Carolyn Clark says:

    Nancy Pelosi has no room to criticize anyone regarding the “killing of little children” when she pushes for end term abortion. What the hell does she think that is doing. I am soooo sick of the hypocrisy and the people too ignorant to realize it. You can twist anything to represent your viewpoint, Nancy< when you take words out of context. You need to be tried for treason and imprisoned.

  47. Garland says:

    Hell with mask.
    We need Stimulus now today.
    Biden and crew
    American need no less then.$5,000.00
    Per person and $10,000.00
    A Family
    NOT foriegn country.
    CASH NOW $5,000.00 PER PERSON

  48. Ellen Messex says:

    No she should keep fighting for us.Nancy Polosi is the one that should be removed .Greene is speaking for the Americans not Polosi and we want Green instead of evil Polosi

  49. Loretta butler says:

    Remove shultz and pelosi ,the only people that believe anything they say are just like them evil.

  50. Steve says:

    Schultz is a piece of garbage just like Pelosi.

  51. Jeff Adickes says:

    The democrats need to look at all of their members who should be removed using speech as a factor. Come on man!

  52. Jalokrsc says:

    Marjorie Taylor Greene represents a huge number of citizens of the United States who deserve answers to her questions. She should not be silenced or censored. I give her a lot of credit for having the strength to stand up against those who only rule on ‘do as I say not as I do’ and who want to be czars over citizens of this country. Congresswoman Greene is one of the few who remember she is working for the people and not the other way around. So if you want her to stop talking, then answer the questions. Prove your innocence. Go.

  53. BA says:

    Absolutely not should she be removed ! The left thinks if they don’t like what someone says or believes they can just remove them. Freedom of speech, Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi need a good swift kick in the ass right out the door. They don’t like Greene because she is strong and doesn’t bow down like those other leftist pigs ! Marjorie was voted in by the people so get over it you two twisted sick old hags!

  54. NO everyone has freedom of speech. The democrats have been using this line for years now. It is coming back to bite them in the ass. I think all this non sense should stop and get to doing what best for the American People .

  55. GRIZZ MANN says:

    DWS, the one that threw a shoe (sabotage) into the Bern’s campaign. C’om on man.

  56. Robin Kerby says:

    I Have on question, why hasn’t anyone gone after the bitch with the gavel, that is who everyone should be going after, Nancy Pelosi, you have worn out your welcome, time to bring in some new younger fresh blood, she needs to be put out to pasture, way over due……………….

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