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Watch: Biden Calls Service Members ‘Stupid Bastards’

In a short, recently resurfaced video clip of then Vice-President Joe Biden addressing American military service members, he refers to them as "stupid bastards" while asking them to applaud a fellow service member.

Was Biden joking? Was he trying to be one of the group by being a little salty? Certainly, many commentators have made that claim while coming to Biden's defense. Still, if Biden was joking, was it appropriate? Is it ever appropriate for a civilian - even a president or vice-president - who has never worn the uniform of his or her country to refer to service members as "stupid bastards," even in jest?

To be completely fair, Red Alert News located a longer clip of the event so that the full context is available.

Watch them both and then share your thoughts in the Comments section further down the page.




  1. It looks like Joe Biden might win the democratic nomination. If he wins the presidency maybe Hunter can get a job closer to home.

  2. Corri says:

    That’s not what he said. The audio has been distorted. Ask any professional lip reader and they will tell you exactly what he said. Biden was complimenting the classmen in an honorable way. Please stand up and do your proper research before believing that Biden dishonored our military. He called them “warriors” and that was not distorted. He was defending their efforts and that was not distorted. Round up the person who distorted the audio and put other words in Biden’s mouth. And then, as I suggest, have a professional lip reader tell you exactly what was said in the blurred audio section.

  3. Pegs says:

    biden is THE STUPID BASTARD!!!!!! How DARE him!!! such a SMALL SMALL man! #TRUMP #2020

  4. GITMO says:

    See the man to the right give Biden the eye! Says it all, we all know Biden is a brainless fool! Hes weak and always has been! Hes no leader and its obvious hes scrambling to think! Hes unfit to be president and shouldnt be running and the moron he picked for vp will do anything for power and believe me she is NOT what you want for a vp because brainless Biden will step down and hand it to her and shes is no where near presidential material! Got to be more than just a 1/4 black woman to be president! You got to have some negotiations skills for foreign leaders and know how to handle situations! Shes not! Look at what a twat she was in the kavanah hearing! Not what anyone wants to listen too for 4 years! Shell be paying all the blacks for being black! Not in my America! Vote this trash out of office! Bidens a pervert crimal and a Soros puppet and Kamala is far behind! She would qualify to be a bitch when shes not sucking up to people or on camera! Trumps policy work and he needs to do his job un interrupted by game playing demorats like Pelosi adam shit and Schumer! Obama and the cortupt George soros! Covid is a Obama created virus to sway elections into mail in ballots to cheat the election! Dont fall for it! Vote for a demorat is voting for the end of america as we know it! This is our world not open border socialism Soros and his demorat puppets! Take Soros out and the world would calm down! He’s there cortupt finacer .

    • Roy L Mann says:

      You forgot Oboma stole the gold from ft.Knox. few know but he left it empty. Some in congress want to know where it is. But he’s knows.and he is pure Muslim. Why isn’t it being handled. Because its about the Gold..

  5. james says:

    Fine excuse for Biden. He and others condemn Trump for bone spur, and yet he didn’t serve because he had asthma which is even a worse excuse than bone spur.

  6. Timothy Smith says:

    It is ok to be a little salty, IF you are part of the group. As a veteran, I would have been insulted had I been ordered to stand there to listen to some politician. Just because you had a kids in the military, or knew someone in the military, does not make you a part of it. Put on a uniform, some boots, grab a rifle and stand a post! That would give you the right to be “a little salty.”

    My personal opinion of Joe? I’ve already wasted too much time on him as it is. Time for the Home Joe!

  7. You are not a Democrat if you are against our leaders. This looks like a hot intrusion.

  8. Sam B. says:

    As a registered Democrat..I “lean” left but a dem…biden & all these other radical left quacks scare the hell outta me & most all other dems I know. This is ANOTHER reason NOT to vote for this negative corrupt-ass party. No matter how much the bs media tries to help the left..the massive majority/smart people out there can see thru all the smoke & mirrors nonsense. Like these looser anarchists that r destroying some of our cities…that most of bs media & dems say that most all the protests r peaceful but as we all can clearly see in the news coverage that the majority of the buildings, stores, vehicles etc etc r ON FIRE/DESTROYED or VANDALIZED. All of the folks r in denial. Their pride is get’n in the way of honest progress.
    It’s sad but Biden & the radical left have said & done toooo many negative/divisive things for me/us to follow. Hopefully the some of our young people out there will see the light as well.

  9. Rand says:

    Creepy Joe and The Ho” Show. What he said, what he meant , what he implied, I don’t know. What I do KNOW, is Creepy Joe is a “MARIONETTE” for the lowing herd. He will DIE IN OFFICE SHORTLY after becoming President ,IF HE WINS. The HO will step into his role, Pelosi will become V.P. . Next , Riots will ERUPT ALL OVER AMERICA! The Constitution will be DISMANTLED in total . The Puppetteers are behind the curtain, these will be George Soros , Bill and Hillary Clinton , Gates , and couple of others. FEMA camps will be overflowing as “re-education” camps. There will be massive invasion of “PRIVATE HOMES” for confiscation of firearms.
    BLM and “antifa” will go on a tear and many will die.
    How do I know? Approximately 200 million killed in China, 175 million in Russia, over 55000 in Cuba, ???in Venezuela ,??? in Greece and the list goes on. The deaths are to “convince” anyone who is against communism.
    Pelosi will “retire” after a suitable commie is picked to replace her. Harris will be thrown under the bus and replaced.

    • Eric says:

      You think the riots will continue? I see the money and media coverage drying up and the “protesters” going home, if Biden is elected. Also, Covid will disappear, because it is nothing more than a bad common cold virus, with actual death rates probably lower than the deaths resulting from lockdowns. They’ll play up Biden as a hero, by our actors in the “media”. Then resume the steady March towards Marxism that has been the ongoing theme, of at least 24 years prior to Trump. The progressives can’t be too overly aggressive, or they will tip their hand to the masses, but when they ARE close enough, they’ll snatch up control before most people know what happened. Let’s hope the Dog Faced Pony Soldier doesn’t have the polls stacked enough to overcome the masses of “America Lovers”. I refuse to believe that my fellow Americans are THAT stupid, that they can’t see who is truly heading us towards tyranny. I don’t know any Biden supporters and I didn’t know any Clinton supporters. It’s true that I’ve lived in two red states, but I don’t seek out, like minded friends and aquaintances. Still, no democratic supporters anywhere to be found. Kind of interesting, from my point of view. I would expect to meet SOMEONE that supports a Democrat, but I never do.

  10. james parisi says:

    Joe biden as far as i am concern is a american jackass and what he said about miltary is uncall for and as a veteran that really stinks

  11. Julia Ogden says:

    Hey, cheer up! The Senate’s Commission report on Hunter Biden’s corruption was so bad it was sent to the DOJ for “criminal referral’. The DOJ just uncovered texts from the FBI agents under O’Bama and it’s so bad, those agents took out liability insurance in case they were sued. POTUS, two days ago, approve a new probe into HRC’s ‘missing’ 33,000 emails because of connections found in the investigations into the Mueller team’s ‘damaged’ 31 phones (obstruction). And the flight logs from E’s island come out today! Leaked pages show HRC’s husband on those pages, multiple times. All of it right before the election. Isn’t our President brilliant? And yes, I would think this is the only way to show America just how corrupt the DNC/communist party has become. No wonder Pelosi is losing her mind! I’m just smiling about all this, and so should you! The DNC/communist should have never done what they did. A billionaire businessman running for President in 2016? Those towers were his! Payback’s a b…! KAG!

  12. Marina says:

    Biden is very stupid,

  13. Ronald O Butikofer says:

    Biden and Obama always disrespected military people. Not only that but they are both Traitors to our people and our nation. They only care about themselves and stealing taxpayers money.

  14. Joseph Lang says:

    Ya have to excuse this empty shell of a man. He has really lost touch with himself. He is an embarasment to his wife, family and party!!!!

  15. Marie Reese says:

    If some of his family died while fighting for their country maybe he would realize that he’s the stupid one. He should not be allowed on TV if he is that stupid.

  16. Oleman says:

    This 5 time deferred POS cause he has asthma doesn’t have the balls to say that face to face with one veteran if he doesn’t want his ass kicked. If elected, he won’t be in there 2 months until they pull the 25th amendment on his dumb ass and he is out and Harris is in..

  17. Sleepy joe might have thought this was funny, but I certainly Didn’t! I have 3 sons that were in Afghanistan OEF from 2010-2011. They were combat engineer’s and I’m just Greatful I got them back! If anyone is a “stupid b*stard it’s sleepy, creepy joe!

  18. Betty says:

    Some things you don’t joke about. A totally tasteless and disrespectful thing to say. No person representing the USA should make that statement under any circumstance.. Shows the character of the man…

  19. Lee lee says:

    Biden is not only a stupid bastard he’s an idiot and totally incapable of making good decisions and has a long history of telling lies about himself

  20. John Hannon says:

    Clueless senile Joe has got to be one of the dumbest bastards on the planet .
    This guy is a heartbeat away from placed in a convalescent home , with his VP candidate Kamala Harris waiting in the wings .
    A vote for Joe is a vote for Harris , he will not make it through and be in office for a full term of 4 years .

  21. Becca says:

    He was just joking around.

  22. Honest says:

    I would LOVE to show Dopey Joe what a Stupid Bastard really is….. standing and talking Crap when I unleash a stiff right hook into his Jaws~

  23. Jean Baugh says:

    Biden meant it, without a doubt. Ugly aura around him.