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Watch Biden: ‘Shoot ’em In The Leg’

Some statements from politicians are so, well, stupid, that they need little description.

Of course, if you know anything about policing, police training, or self-defense when it comes to the use of firearms, you know that if you've made the decision to discharge your weapon in order to stop a threat of severe bodily harm or death, you shoot at the "center mass" of the individual who presents the threat. And, you keep shooting until you've stopped the threat.

What Joe Biden called for police to do at last night's town hall is the nonsense that you hear from those who've never had self-defense training or who watch too many movies.

Watch the video clip and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. Marilyn Burchfield says:

    Joe Biden, where would you get psychologists and social workers willing to go along with police? Another of your hare-brained ideas along with shooting in the leg. Get in the real world, Biden.

  2. Gene says:

    Sleepy Joe, ask your secret service if they will aim for the legs if someone is got a gun and aiming it at you, then tell them to only aim at there legs. If that happens, before the election, we would not have a choice of presidential candidates to vote on because you would be dead. Aim at the legs is one of the stupidest things Sleep Joe has said. You always shoot to stop the threat and that is center mass until the threat is no longer a threat. The reason for that is, center mass holds the most vital organs and it is the larger target making it a bit easier to hit your target. A 4 to 7 inch wide leg compared to a 20 plus inch chest is a no brainer. Your in a extreme situation and your aim may not be as accurate as when you are at the practice range, so why would you make it more difficult to hit the target.

  3. LouAnn says:

    Agree w/all these comments. We believe, Biden can’t handle the office. No good decisions in 40+ years, corrupt w/son, and I believe has no character. Socialism & Communism. We believe all of the above. Why Jill does not steer him out of the presidential race shows she is very selfish – setting him up for a big fall, a position he can’t handle or win. You have to tell the truth and not panic the American people, you need to show leaderhip and actually stand up for something, not plagiarize and lie about your policies by taking Trump’s ideas as your own. I blame him for scaring the American people w/underhanded ways when you lie about Pres. Trump, health care, etc. Character is the last thing Biden can run on, he has to know what character is. He needs to take a page out of Trump’s book & work for the America people. He need to be a real man & withdraw. His choice for a VP – need to choose on qualifications not how slick the politican is. People from Calif don’t like Kamala from my research. Look at the condition of the state. Trump & Pence are soooo far ahead, you have no idea. They love the America ppeople, each & every one, not selling American interests to China. Greed & money are what the Bidens use political,office for. Biden,is a security risk, too. What an awful legacy to leave along w/no accomplishments just corruption. Surely that is why he is called ‘sleepy’ – lack of inspiration for the citizens of this great land, lack of accomplishment, no motivation. All he looks at now is the polls, then he makes up what he thinks the citizens want to hear. His lack of caring is so apparent. In our opinion, he does not act out of fairness and faith in the Almighty God, he is only in it for him. He & Nancy Pelosi change like the weather, crazy ideas, & not good for America, toxic & hurtful, always looking for a way to divide the country, then blame it on the one man who brings us together, Pres Trump. Biden was hired by the people to work for the people. That is exactly why there needs to be term limits on politicians, the Democrats to be sure, so the politician will actually work for a few years, not just collects a pacheck, big retirement, and all the other perks. Unfortunately, a politician has to be healthy for the job, and in our opinion, Biden is shameful & leaves a disgraceful legacy behind for his family. The only way Biden will win this election is because citizens did not research Biden, see through his facade, or voted on what they perceive as character instead of actual policy. If Biden hasn’t done anything in all his years im office, whatever makes someone think he has changed?!# We believe the corruption is inherent in the man. Just look at his real record, not the one he makes up – plus he is always playing on sympathy from his life’s misfortunes. Everyone has problems & sadness, we don’t work it for votes. I don’t feel sorry for the greedy, lack luster, lazy politician. He has left the American people behind. Sad legacy.

  4. James says:

    It is truly sad that Biden is running for the highest office in the land. Nothing but a box of rocks. He is senile and needs a competency check. The Dems are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one. I really thought that the moderators were appropriately chosen NOT. And why wasn’t Biden queried about Hunter/Burisma and about his blackmail of the Ukraine president to get the prosecutor fired to quell the investigation of Hunter’s actions?

  5. Tom says:

    October 16, 2020 at 1:32 am
    Last night a first time voter and mother of two girls 8(transgender)and 10 year olds, asked a question about lgbtq laws and Biden proceeded to talk about the little girl’s choice to be transgender!!! I know he not gonna get her vote. MAN HE IS STUPID.

  6. Honest says:

    SloJoe~ Try to remember how many Police Officers have been involved in BIG law suits for disabling wounds to a Dirt Bag who was wounded in the commission of a crime~ You KNOW as well as your Son about CRIME don’t You!!!

  7. billyjoe kelly says:


  8. bruce says:

    Joe, is talking nonsense. In theory, shooting a crazed person in the leg may sound good. If they are armed, it won’t matter. Joe has never had to deal with this so he doesn’t know better than anyone else. Sending a therapist with police just puts another life at risk.

  9. W says:

    I realize that there are a lot of people that hate Donald Trump, but how can you even think any voting for this incompetent fool?

    Cops are there to enforce the laws that protect the innocent citizens. Every day they need to make split second decisions to do their jobs effectively. Having them wait for a psychologist to “de-escalate” the situation would be disastrous and cost innocent lives. Stop living in your fantasy world Groper Joe and stop kissing the criminals a$$e$.

    As for shooting them in the leg, that isn’t going to eliminate the extreme threat because the criminals can still shoot back or stab someone. What are you going to tell the family members when their loved ones, or the police officer are killed – sorry about that?

  10. carol says:

    Joe’s mentaly unfit for our president!!!!
    Why do you think Harris is pushing him and Palousie (:)) is pushing the 25th amendment??
    2 socialist women running the country??? Come on and make a difference at the polls.

  11. Rod Decker says:

    Wow, this guy Biden really is a flaming idiot. Testing includes a physiological evaluation, like he should have, and officers shoot to stop, and not to kill!

  12. Ken Dennis says:

    This way of the Demented Demo’s,I’m sorry I just don’t get it. Shot them in the leg Joe? If you have someone that is “a little off”,(Joe’s words not mine.) Or someone hyped up on some kind of drug,a shot in the leg is not going to stop them. Having a therapist of any kind going out with the police is putting their lives and the life of that officer at risk. Why don’t ask a cop if he wants another or a therapist as a back up. I’m very sure what the answer would be. How about you Joe?

  13. Pegs says:

    C’mon joe !!! Easy for u to say with your Secret Service detail for 47 yrs.!!! IDIOT!!! #TRUMP #4 MORE YEARS #2020 This is the most IMPORTANT ELECTION in OUR LIFETIME!!! PLEASE……. lets NOT BLOW IT!

  14. It’s an answer from someone who’s never had to protect himself. This parasite has been protected by Secret Service for 47 years.And oh ,I forgot, we the people have paid so he could afford to stay stupid and not worry.

  15. Joe says:

    Creepy,sleazy,feely,s.perv,racist,corrupt,plagerizing,china/ukrainian,puppet,slo,joe is a verified loonytune,come on man, u know the thing, shoot him in the leg, and he stabs u in the heart, Slo,joe your an embarrassment, that any human being is as stupid as u, oh wait m.hirono/h.johnson u idots have lost all touch with reality. Are u dumbocraps drinking the idiot kool=aid again, come back down to earth. More guns less crime. hidenbiden u nincompoop go back to your basement your waisting your time in a Trump landslide.

  16. Tyree Mason says:

    Shoot in the leg, No. Psychologist,Yes.

  17. George Gates says:

    Joe Biden’s obvious dementia is pathetic and may become dangerous as it progresses. His much younger wife has her hands full, for sure.

  18. John says:

    Dr. Biden! What are you going to say to that rapist, who’s engaged in the act? I’d ask him to stop.

  19. Shoot for center of mass. Joe Biden was a sad choice for Presidential run and so was K.Harris for VP!

  20. Glen says:

    What kind of answer did anyone expect from a certified Waco gun hating retired liberal