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Watch: Another Black Man Suffocated By Police?

According to the Democrat & Chronicle reporting about police bodycam video (see above) that was just released, “A Black man died of asphyxiation earlier this year after Rochester police officers trying to take him into protective custody pinned him to the ground while restraining him.”

However, as with much reporting of these tragic incidents, a reader needs to go dozens of paragraphs into the article to learn that Daniel Prude, the man restrained by the Rochester police, was on PCP.

“His family told police they suspected he was under the influence of the powerful hallucinogen phencyclidine, or PCP. They said he might have ingested it unknowingly.”

In fact, as reported by the Democrat & Chronicle, the cause of death according to the autopsy released by the medical examiner included numerous “complications.”

“Toxicology tests done as part of the autopsy found a low level of PCP, also known as angel dust, in his blood. The drug can induce schizophrenia and wildly erratic, violent behavior

“The autopsy report also listed several health conditions — two different lung diseases, heart inflammation and a brain injury — that were complications of his death.

“The report at one point indicated the cause of death was “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint due to excited delirium due to acute phycyclidine intoxication…”

As with all of these police involved deaths, Red Alert News cautions against the rush to judgment that always occurs when video is first released. Almost always, there is more to the story.

Daniel Prude Hooded

Daniel Prude sitting naked on the ground in a ‘Spit Hood”

Daniel Prude Restrained

Daniel Prude restrained by police


  1. Vonne G says:

    It is always sad when a person dies. I can say DON’T run around naked and crazy, it is unlawful, to get yourself into this type of situation. If you act responsibly so will the police. The facts from autopsy are not relevant until AFTER the fact of the video. I have an opinion you would not like so I will not state it. This is NOT racism, it is stirred up by the media, the media needs to start reporting responsibly – stop putting “black” you don’t use it for other races, I believe you the media are racist for reporting it as such and should also be sued

  2. Duane says:

    I have never seen a black man that was so white. Is this picture of a different person, or what. look at the picture. This is what I call racism.

  3. Honest says:

    Sad state of affairs

  4. Richard says:

    These headlines just do not represent what really happened but is worded (it seems) to incite. Why don’t they say ‘Man high on drugs suffocates’…If it was a white, Asian or Latino would the headlines read ‘Another Asian, Latino, White Man killed by Police’? The police did not kill the man..his drug habit did.
    Why is the media trying to promote race division and anti-Police sentiments?
    You think BLM or Antifa cares if the deceased was a druggie, rapist, murderer, child molester, wife beater or just a bad person? They only care if he is of ‘color’ and that’s enough to justify rioting,looting, assaults and even murder.

    • Will says:

      Why was this man naked in the middle of the street? Why was he put in a spit hood? Was he trying to bite officers? Was he spitting at them? Too many questions to answer. The headlines are stoking the flames! Media needs to be UNBIASED and report the facts! NOT THEIR INNUENDO!

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