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Watch: Did This Cop Have Any Other Choice?

In almost every police-involved shooting, the police officer has just seconds – often less than a second – to decide whether or not to shoot a suspect or suspects. Yet, for days, weeks, months, and even years afterwards, the officer is second-guessed by members of the public who’ve never had to make such a difficult and life-altering decision.

The following case is no different. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Do you believe the officer made the correct decision to shoot into the vehicle as it accelerated toward him? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


Florida authorities released dashcam video Tuesday of a police-involved shooting that killed two black teens after outraged family and community members demanded answers from authorities over the shooting,” according to the New York Post.

Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies Jafet Santiago-Miranda and Carson Hendren were investigating a possible stolen vehicle in the Cocoa area when they encountered 16-year-old Angelo Crooms and 18-year-old Sincere Pierce on the road Friday morning, Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

“Dashcam video shows two police cruisers following the teens, who pull into a driveway of a home.

“Santiago-Miranda immediately gets out of his patrol car and repeatedly tells them to, “Stop the vehicle!” The deputy approaches the car as it begins to drive away and then shoots multiple times into the driver’s side, video shows.


  1. Steve watson says:

    Every time I try to vote you send me an email confirmation number I don’t have email I have Gmail now when I try to vote suspicious activity is detected this is bull if you want me to vote I would love to but send the confirmation number to Gmail

  2. Please pray for AMERICA.
    PRAY THAT America will turn back to GOD ….PLEASE!!!

  3. Wendell Keith McCain says:

    They placed that car above a man’s life. From the video I did not see the suspect drive towards the cops or threaten the officers in anyway. Just another case of cops taking another life for no damn good reason.

  4. Dan says:

    How about’COMPLY’ or OBEY’. Very basic words. Scum bags got what they deserved. Two officers in my family, I want them to go home to their kids at end of shift.

  5. Theresa English says:

    The officer did then right thing.obey thanks and this would not of happened.they tryed to run the officer over.

  6. Pat says:

    The officer was completely justified. The teens should have complied when the officer repeatedly told them to stop the car. Instead the teens made the deadly decision to turn the car toward the officer as if they were going to run him down. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Respect for the law and one another appears to be lost in today’s society. We need to get back to teaching our children about love and respect for all people.It’s the only way to stop the hate and destruction we witness every time we turn on our TVs.

    • Concerned says:

      Well said! I too believe All lives Matter. Teach your children to obey the law; let’s see if that works out better for everyone! If not; then a different approach will definitely be necessary!

  7. FrankAboutIt says:

    Joe Biden would have had the Deputy shoot the suspect in the leg to stop him; but the ricochet shot off the steering wheel into the driver’s leg had a very low degree of probability for being successful, so the bullet ricocheted to the area above the Suspect’s belly button thereby inflicting a more serious wound. Moral of the story is: STOP YOUR STOLEN CAR WHEN DIRECTED TO DO SO BY A POLICE OFFICER, AND NEVER DRIVE THE CAR AT THE OFFICER WHEN FLEEING THE SCENE.

  8. Angelo Guida says:

    Fact: the moron backed up and turned the car towards the LEO. Assault with intent to commit great bodily harm or murder. Felony 1st Degree. He had every right to protect himself! Case closed!

  9. Joseph Proudman says:

    I feel it’s never a good thing when an officer has to shoot someone rather they be black or white adult or kid.

    I feel bad for the family but let’s stop and think for a moment the teen was told 7 times stop stop the car and drove almost hitting the officer .

    It’s sad but let’s also stop and think just how that officer must feel that he had to take a life more over he had to take a life of kid.
    Let’s stop trying to make this a black and white thing because this just is not the case here.
    Plus how many black police officers had to shoot white man and or woman to protect them self’s or others from harm
    My heart goes out to the family it’s a very sad loss.
    But there are laws and we all need to make sure we do are part to make sure we do as the law states.
    The black and white stuff needs to end.
    As a teen I was beat up two times but a black officer and never once did I cry about it when you do wrong there’s a price to pay when it’s comes to laws.

    The teen paid this price but paid it in a very sad ending .

    My heart also goes out to the officer that had to think on his feet and do what he had to do to save others and his own life.
    Let’s all take a long hard look at the way we all act stop the race and hate wars black and white we are all people even if are skin tones are different.

    The officer was in the right to shot I am sure he did not try to kill anyone but to disable the car so noone would be hurt.
    I send my prayers to the family and to the officer .

    • Gary Luffman says:

      Yes its ok for blacks to kill blacks they never criticize those shootings. Only when police officers kill blacks. Its horrible the officer in this case had no choice. The mother was atrocious!!!

  10. flashy0ne says:

    The “standard” dilemma of our time. If you shoot, his/her friends will hate you — no matter how justified. If you don’t shoot, your friends will attend your funeral. Every criminal is a nice, peace loving guy — no matter what. Every Police Officer is a hate crazed lunatic just looking for an excuse to use his weapon. Thus shall it ever be in the eyes of the oppressed (or somewhat biased). Since we are dealing with ’emotions’, no RATIONAL solution is possible.

  11. Bob V says:

    When does the season open on looters?

  12. Bob V says:

    Good shoot.

  13. Cowgirl Diva says:

    A CAR is a WEAPON, too…!! And, they clearing aimed and drove the car towards the officer in an attempt to not just get away but run the officer over..!! DO NOT RESIST ARREST…DO NOT HIT POLICEMEN WITH YOUR CAR…!! PERIOD..!! Black people these days think they don’t have to obey the LAW..!! Thank you Barack INSANE Obama…!!!

  14. David Darflinger says:

    Absolutely justified.

  15. Connie says:

    ABOUSTELY had the right . It is now attempted murder or harm with a vehicle rather than a firearm.

  16. Tina says:

    I understand, yes if an offer demands of you to stop you need to stop. My only question is what happened to the warning shot or shooting out a tire or two to stop a vehicle. I understand if an officer believes that their life is in danger they have every right to defend themselves. But if the criminal is going away from them why did the warning shot before fatal shot disappear?

    • Kenneth Titus says:

      maybe 1 day you will get the chance to shoot at a tire as car runs over you. Every Officer GETS the Right to go Home and see HIS Wife and Kids

  17. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    The Police were answering a call about possible stolen car.All the 2 black kids had to do was listen and co-operate and things would have been different.I can say as a Veteran,the officer did the right thing.Blacks in this nation need to watch this video and wait for ALL FACTS to come in before they have a negative knee-jerk reaction.If they don’t want to be shot and killed,STOP BREAKING THE LAW!THEY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE WHEN DOING STUPID SHIT LIKE THIS! I CAN’T AND DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM!
    Richard K.Lindemann

  18. Jean Carter says:

    It’s not true but if they don’t shoot more white people, it’s because we stop, I put both hands on the steering wheel, don’t talk unless the officer asks me a question and I answer. I don’t look around or dig for anything in the car. I t v I’ve heard people arguing that cops don’t have the right or they are not answering any questions because they don’t have to. Screaming and cursing and fighting the police. That is stupid! Keep your mouth shut and go to court and tell it to the judge. Show respect whether you mean it or not. I’ve seen more videos of people cursing cops and arguing and fighting them. You’re on the street with nobody else around. Think about your life, is it worth arguing about and maybe getting killed?

  19. Donna L says:

    The cop had every right to shoot, they used their car as a weapon. The cop has to protect themselves. Obey and this wouldn’t happen period.

  20. Michael says:

    Officer was completely justified.

  21. lynn says:

    the cop was right

  22. Vince says:

    I don’t care what color of skin you have . When the cops draw the guns and tell you to do something you fricking do it. You don’t try to run the cops over without expecting serious reaction.the made their choice on what their intent was going to be.if the cops didn’t stop them what’s to say they don’t start a high speed chase and crash into an innocent family killing them, but they walk away unhurt.and before the racist comments happen there has been a study done that there are more unarmed white men killed by cops then anyone else.I have friends and family in law enforcement I always tell them no matter what you make sure you come home.

  23. MICHAEL says:

    You need to look at the video again. There was another Officer to the right of the vehicle when it turned right towards that Office. Look again. I made the same mistake when I first saw the video.

    • Cowgirl Diva says:

      Yes…that was the officer who was behind the first police car…the one doing the filming who pulled in behind him and to the side… two police cars answered the “stolen car” alert..! The suspects were not just trying to get away they aimed their car at the police officer in order to run over him..!! If these people would STOP RESISTING ARREST and FOLLOW THE LAW, they would not put themselves in danger of being shot..!! FACT..!!

  24. Luanne M Hoover says:

    The windows were tinted. The officer most likely couldn’t see if there was a gun pointed at him. if he shot the tires instead, someone in the car could have shot him. Yes he was justified. People need to be taught to have more respect for the law. And bad cops need to be eliminated from the force.

    • Corri says:

      I certainly hope you are never in a car with tinted windows. Because, it could be your family saying something like “the cops shot her because they said you can’t ever trust a black person and the tinted windows made her look like a black person.”

    • Mic says:

      Luanne M Hoover, you are correct, Corri, where in Luanne’s comment did she say anything about skin color? You need to read more clearly

  25. Keith A Sackschewsky says:

    Yes officers were correct in shooting, they refused to listen to police orders, the way they was acting cop may get ran over by car.

  26. Robert Downs says:

    The officers acted correctly and in accordance with protocol. The occupants could have been rapist murders kidnappers bank robbers any list of things. They were resisting the direct orders of a law enforcement official.
    Yes they did what was unfortunate lay necessary.

  27. Sic&Tired says:

    IT…IS POSSIBLE – That the Two Law Officers – Could have shot out the Tires – First.??? But, then the circumstances could have still went bad and then there could have been the shootings. Looked like they two in the car had something to hide or something wasn’t right or illegal that they were involved in, due to not Listening and trying to Run…..Shows Their Ignorance and Stupidity.!!!

  28. Sic&Tired says:

    Good for the Law Officer….. IF, You Don’t Listen – and then show some kind of Resistance or Stupid Movements that makes an Officer have to Question Anything (within less than a second) as to if, they are going to be in danger – Then He or She has to protect themselves….By All Means – Put the Stupid Idiots Down, due to they are showing a deadly action towards the Officer(s). AS DUANE STATED ABOVE AND HOW TRUE IT IS….. “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.!!” Black people are causing So Many Issues for themselves and then trying to Hide Behind the Fact that they are Black…….Sorry, that is not going to cut the mustard and until they realize that they Can’t Use That Chump Card – anymore, because people are Tired of It..!!!! Again – Office did what he thought he had to do….In a Split Second – To Protect His Self and His Life.

  29. Sandy says:

    Yes, he had the right to shoot. As already mentioned, he disobeyed the officer,, When he was told to stop and he refused, he deserved. retribution. I hate that he died over what was something that could have been handled differently. I realize it is the job of law enforcement to enforce the law. However,, how many of us have job where our every move is critiqued by the public? Also, there are no laws to protect the officers.

  30. maxibaby says:

    The officers conducted proper protocol in doing everything possible to stop the teens without shooting at them. We cannot see if or how many guns the teen passenger and driver may have been about to fire at the officers, endangering them as well as people inside homes in the neighborhood. I believe anyone would responded in the same way….it’s known as justified homicide and protecting and serving the public AND, that is the job of law enforcement!
    Young people are taught not to respect law enforcement or authority figures. It is becoming increasingly obvious the young criminal hellions think they can break laws right in the face of officers with no consequences and parents of these young criminals believe officers are not even supposed to return fire when fired upon. If you don’t believe me research it or just watch the news for a couple of days you will see parents on camera, all you have to do is watch them and what they say! Then watch BLM/antifa or other groups who are just as violent get in the streets committing destruction and injuring/killing in retaliation!
    It has not always been this way, I remember when young people committing crimes stopped when law enforcement told them to, that was the time when officers seldom fired their weapons.
    People who have taught young folks to disrespect law enforcement are actually sacrificing the young, and it is their fault young criminals are dying! I know I would shoot back to protect myself and the public!

  31. T Beach says:

    Dont steal a car and stop when your told to stop. The only thing i saw the officers could have done diffently would have been to pull farther up and blocked them in the driveway when they pulled in. If they still tried to flee then they got what they diserved. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    • Cowgirl Diva says:

      However, they didn’t know if the suspects had GUNS or not…!! So, it was better to keep a little distance, right.?

  32. Duane says:

    Again two young men shot because they were stupid. Yes, don’t follow directions, you could get arrested. I guess some people would rather be shot dead than go jail. Can’t fix stupid.

  33. MICHAEL says:

    I am 69 and when I was about 15, 16 learning how to drive I was told, “IF YOU EVER GET PULLED OVER LEAVE YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL AND FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND BE POLITE” and I am White. I was also told that if I felt that the Officer was in anyway out of line you go down and file a complaint. I guess Blacks feel they are special, which they are NOT. RIP BOYS.

  34. Dc says:

    Im so sick of this crap if a police officer tells you to stop several times or tells you to show your hands or tells you anything just fo it if your not doing anything just comply with him or her pretty simply and in most xases if your not doing anything you shouldn’t be you go home they get to go home but in every case were a officer has to shoot its because the idiots or criminal did not comply why ? Because there criminals and all they can think about is crime or hurting someone. And thank God we have law in force ment other wise we’d all be screwed as we’d have just a bunch of ass hole criminals running around foing anything they what and damit if that’s not what Democrats want.
    Good shooting the officers had a right , as for the 2 stupied teens and yo other criminals out there stop foing what your foing and if a officer orders you yo do something just do it !!

  35. Wm A. says:

    What don’t people understand, when a police officer gives a command to stop or whatever you have to obey!
    Not a good idea to ignore the command and then turn the vehicle at the officer, when the officer has his firearm pulled.These are life and death situations and you only have a second or two to decide to shoot or not too. I’m sure the police office didn’t go into the altercation with the idea of killing the people in the car.
    To me the officer had no choice once the people didn’t listen to his command to stop the car and turned it his way. How many incidents like this could be avoided, if people would only abide to what the Police Officer stated.

  36. Linda m says:

    We have watched these news report 2 days in a row from different angles and feel the officer had the right to protect himself..
    also, in every incident have you notice when an officer says stop, halt, stop, stop stop, they keep running or trying to get away…
    NO respect for the law and wonder why things happen..

  37. Linda says:

    We have watched these news report 2 days in a row from different angles and feel the officer had the right to protect himself..
    also, in every incident have you notice when an officer says stop, halt, stop, stop stop, they keep running or trying to get away…
    NO respect for the law or mankind..

  38. Don says:

    Justified. This was a parental failure for not raising them right.

  39. David says:

    On my small screen I could not tell if anyone had their life in danger. If so. It’s a good shotting

  40. Tim says:

    Just like every other situation to date! They were given ample time to comply. No officer wants to shoot, which is why they are called peace officers. They give you an order to stop what you are doing and if you do not, extra force is next and needed. Is this going to be the play of all black criminals whatever the age to see how much more they can screw things up? The dumb and blind will only see excessive force though all protocols were followed. If this was whites being shot at, why would there be applause if the shoe was on the other foot! Who is racist? Not the whites or the officers!

  41. MICHAEL says:

    My mistake, there was another Office standing to the right of the car as it turned towards him. He had the right to shoot.

    • Patrick says:

      It looked like he was trying to go around the cop to me. The wheels on the car was turned all the way to the right. They had no right to shoot. No ones life was in danger as far as I could see.

  42. CARL MELIN says:


  43. MICHAEL says:

    It looks like the car turned right, away from the Officer.

    • RAL says:

      Michael: and the driver accelerated toward a second officer on the left side of the video. The officer whose dash cam is recording the video. The human body is no match for the deadly use of a weapon known as an automobile.
      The shooting is completely justified.
      Also, thanks to the officer timely response, countless other citizens were protected from possible injury or death down the road if these two were not stopped.

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