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Watch: Firebomber Attacks GOP Headquarters

“Surveillance video captured a man firebombing a Republican Women’s headquarters in California and months later the police announced that they had captured and charged a suspect in the alleged attack,” according to the Blaze.

“The video [below] shows a man clad in all black breaking the windows of the offices with a metal bat. He then takes an improvised incendiary bomb, commonly known as a Molotov cocktail, and tosses it into the building.”

“It’s just kind of that thing that hangs on to you and makes you feel not comfortable all the time, when you have something like that happen,” said Joy Miedece, the president of the women’s organization. “You’re violated, you’re absolutely violated.”


  1. G. Hopper says:

    Will there be any follow up to the firebomb story of the attack on the GOP Headquarters by the man dressed in black? Red Alert News reported that the police had charged a man that was photographed in the act of commltting the crime. some prison time with Bubba might just rehabilitate this man from continuing in the wrong direction and restore his respect for law and order in his senior years.

  2. Raymond says:

    This is freedom of speech, terroist style and in there warped mind should be legal .
    Why is it democrats act act this way??

  3. John Hannon says:

    When he gets caught , and he will eventually be caught and arrested , I hope he resists arrest , saving taxpayers the cost of incarceration , public defender and Happy Meals .

  4. Arrest them all. If they hate America so much they should move somewhere else like Cuba,Russia, China, Venezuela or Iran.

  5. The governors and mayors allowing this to happen should be arrested and charges with treason. . Antigua should be disbanded and the leaders charged with treason. The demonstrators should all be arrested for rioting. They resist or show any attempts at violence, shoot the little bastards . Call in the National Guard. This is an act of terrorism against our country. Same goes for Pelosi and her bunch in Washington. This is an act of treason! The news media is going to be against ANYYTHING we do to take back our country, so we should take back our country. I am proud to be an American .It May not be perfect but it is a hell of a lot better than Socialism or Communism. Look at Brazil now. Not working .

  6. George says:

    Shoot the lousy son of a bitch! So sick of this shit. Antifa needs to be obliterated. Time to open fire!

  7. Johnwfolsom says:

    He should be put in a Federal prison for 20 years!