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Arrested: Coward Who Ambushed Los Angeles Cops


The coward (we won't publish his name) who ambushed two courageous Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies on September 12th is behind bars. The 36-year-old man is charged with attempted murder, along with other charges, and faces a potential sentence of life behind bars.

The defendant has a long criminal history including convictions for sales and possession of narcotics, firearm possession, receiving stolen property, burglary and terrorist threats. He is also known to associate with gangs.

According to the Associated Press, "The sheriff’s department arrested [the defendant] two weeks ago in connection with a separate carjacking. But officials at the time said it was not related to the ambush case." Still, he had "fled in a black Mercedes Benz sedan. Investigators discovered that type of vehicle had been stolen Sept. 1 in a carjacking where the driver was shot. Photographs of the carjacking suspect seemed to match images from the ambush, Wegener said, strengthening a connection between the two cases."

Our original report about this horrific ambush follows this update and contains the videos, audio records and still photos that document the tremendous courage the deputies exhibited after both were shot repeatedly while sitting in their patrol car.



In the following audio and video clips, plus still photos from the video, that Red Alert News has compiled, you can witness first-hand the heroic actions the two Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies who were ambushed and shot multiple times as they sat in their marked patrol vehicle took as they worked to save their lives and provide information on the shooter to their fellow law enforcement professionals.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Dispatch audio will give you chills as you hear Deputy Claudia Apolinar struggle with a broken jaw - shattered by a bullet - to radio for assistance. Once the deputies knew help was on the way, they took a defensive position near a concrete pillar while Deputy Apolinar applied a tourniquet to her partner's arm to keep him from bleeding to death before help arrived.

Listen and watch these American heroes and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. Terry says:

    I am just sorry he did not put up a fight so the police could have shot him full of holes like he did those officers. The POS is too chicken shit to,do,that . The crime now is the people have to pay to keep his ass in a cage. There REALLY is no,justice .



  3. Randall clark says:

    This guy deserves DEATH, even though thats TOO GOOD for him!!!

  4. Gary McConelly says:

    Blacks get shot more because they’re the ones doing most of the crimes and then running from the police. They don’t follow commands or do what they’re told because they hadn’t done it all their lifes when mama told them they certainly won’t do it when a cop tells them. They don’t want to work so they rob and steal and sell drugs for their money. There are gangs where you have to shoot a cop to get in. Initiation. Sad, but true.

  5. Sam B. says:

    Good thing this “cancer of society” has been caught…what a POS. He’ll live the rest of his life trying not to drop the soap! Or plug him in the wall…& any other looser that would do anything like this to other people.

    Ps: Hey blm & supporters…do black lives matter? Really…do they matter? Or shouldn’t ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER??!!!! This whole blm bs narrative movement is solely pointed at law enforcement. Yes…police reform while supporting them 100%..NO DEFUNDING is a good/healthy thing for all. Also getting out the .0001% of the bad apples is a must..I’m sure we all would agree. That being said…if everyone when dealing with law enforcement would show them the same respect they want themselves..& COMPLY with what they ask us to do 99.999% of all these bad situations wouldn’t happen! Respect & COMPLY! Damn.
    Final thing…sorry Chicago but as of Monday sept 14th 2,941 American brothers & sisters have been shot This year…unfortunately that # is a lot higher now. 75% of these shootings/2205 r black on black! 2205!!! A lot r kids! 404 of the folks died. NONE of these shootings were caused by law enforcement…NONE. Look it up. 1 of these kids that died over Labor Day weekend was an 8yr old girl. Hey blm supporters, nba/other sports & entertainment stars, Hollywood elites, spineless mayors & politicians…”don’t ALL these black lives matter?!” “Doesn’t the little 8yr old girls life matter?! Say her name too! Lemme guess…all u blm supporters/followers don’t know it. Guess it’s because law enforcement didn’t shoot her. Exactly my/our point! Her name is “Dajore Wilson”. God rest her little sole & comfort her family….& the NUMEROUS # of “Dajore Wilson’s” out there the blm bs narrative movement refuses to acknowledge. Blm only focuses/acknowledges black lives(god b with these families too!) that have been impacted by law enforcement. Pathetic. Sad.

  6. Pegs says:

    THANK GOD that POS is off the streets!!! Jail is too good for him. I hope it’s very UNPLEASANT for him in there for the REST OF HIS NATURAL BORN LIFE !!

  7. Sic&Tired says:


  8. We need law and order to bring sanity back to the U.S.A. Innocent children are not the ones guilty of this mayhem. Hard workers and students are busy at their tasks. Get your education young people, Honor God and your country, and help to make America better instead of worse.

  9. Dennis Dwyer says:

    Let’s send this cop-killer and the rest of his Antifa BLM terrorists to Gitmo where they belong with the rest of their terrorists conrad’s!

    • Paula B Winkler says:

      That’s the least they deserve. There are so many who really are not acting out for the reason the press says. They want to image of being tough and above authority. It’s time these punks Get what they have coming to them. If they don’t get it on earth, they will get it in H?L!!. Well deserved.

  10. Robert Zouse says:

    So, let me get this straight. He get’s life in prison ( at our expense ) Where he’ll be treated as a king for his actions. And in a few years the Democrats will release him because his trail wasn’t fair. This POS need’s to be turned over to a group that specializes in handling terrorist actions. He’s been found guilty of his actions , no retrial ! He will be hung by the neck until dead ( this will be videotaped live with sound ) Then his body will be airdropped ( no parachute ) in a country that doesn’t like America. And all this at no charge to the American people. Any Democrats complain about this treatment , feel free to join him. I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign & domestic. God Bless America & President Trump.

    • David Cvijanovic says:

      You are so right my friend, except I would prefer that the POS were to be hung by the neck but only to restrain his movements, than have his arms & legs stretch out, and a firing squad of 6 executioners shooting him everywhere in his body that’s not a fatal shot and finally 3 shooters aim at his heart and 3 shooters aim for the head and they all shoot Simultaneously…. oh, by the way, they don’t give him a blind fold so that he can see EVERY SHOT COMING….

  11. Jose Chavez says:

    The thing is really when a cop do something like that first thing they do or say self defence,they really just give tham slap on ther hand n send them some were else to work do the same thing again

  12. Jose Chavez says:

    Simply the people getting tired of all things going on,cops do alot worse things than they do,u all have to see that to,

  13. Shawn Davlin says:

    This clown needs a very speedy trial, followed by a first-class hanging.

  14. Nellie says:

    Thank God they were not killed. Prayers for Deputies and family.
    God Bless our Deputies and all Law Enforcement officers, BP, ICE, HLS, FBI, Military.

  15. Evelyn C Pote says:

    Wake America our country is going down , 3 generations in family fought to keep this great country free. I for one will fight to keep it free. God bless all our officers and keep them safe. To all you thugs white and black your going down!

  16. FrankAboutIt says:

    Our Prayers and Well Wishes are with you both.
    Make a Speedy and Full Recovery.
    God Bless You.

  17. Bob V says:

    There is no such thing as systemic racism. But there is systematic criminal behavior. FBI stats show that a mere four and a half percent of the US population commits 50 to 60% of the violent crime in the United States every year. Eliminate that four and a half percent and eliminate half the crime. Sounds fair.

  18. John Hannon says:

    We hope eventually this shooter will be apprehended , resists arrest and try’s to escape .
    Save taxpayers money on incarceration , Happy Meals and a public defender .

  19. Daytona Lee says:

    Look at the DC shooting. The gang member turns with a gun pointed at the police officer and is shot before he can shoot. As he falls backwards, the gun flies out of his hand after being shot, not before. The distraught mother goes to the police station and screams at the police. An either high or drunk ambulance chaser talks about shotguns and other complete lies about the shooting. He really shouldn’t have a law license. All of the is totally put on so they can sue.

  20. Terry Cordova says:

    Any person commenting a crime like this is an automatic death sentence for any predators. No jail time.

  21. Marilyn Lindsay says:

    I think that those BLM’s standing and laughing at the cops struggling to get help should go to prison for a HATE crime. They contributed to the violence. Most humans would not let an animal suffer like these two cops. I also think those blocking the hospital should also go to prison. Set an example America!

  22. Rand says:

    Another coward , another one of “Baracks son’s” , how cowardly can this filth get. If caught , his whole family should be tried for “begetting a flawed human” , which comes under the “Lemon Law”. When convicted , they should al be serving time and “PAY FOR THEIR INCARCERATION COSTS”.

  23. Mary Sherwood says:

    I personally feel it is time to have all bulletproof glass in all police cars because the democrats have gone nuts and it is absolutely a disgrace that Nancy Pelosi in kamla Harris have not even acknowledged this something’s wrong in the Democratic Party to continue this. What would they do if this was their family member.

  24. Carl C. Lamb has the best idea, like most people, they should be shot. They say nothing changed. It starts with they don’t go to school, they hang on corners, sell drugs, kill each other, go on welfare, food stamps, this is their way of life. They want what the whites have, get educated, and get a job. They think their BLM will change all that, I don’t think so. I moved from the city, and they destroyed my house, and the neighborhood, and garbage all over the street, plus most houses are boarded up. They don’t know how to keep a house. Martin Luther King, had a Dream, and it wasn’t this that won’t CHANGE.

  25. Carl C. Lamb has the best idea, like most people, they should be shot. They say nothing changed. It starts with they don’t go to school, they hang on corners, sell drugs, kill each other, go on welfare, food stamps, this is their way of life. They want what the whites have, get educated, and get a job. They think their BLM will change all that, I don’t think so. I moved from the city, and they destroyed my house, and the neighborhood, and garbage all over the street, plus most houses are boarded up. They don’t know how to keep a house. Martin Luther King, had a Dream, and it wasn’t this that won’t CHANGE.

  26. Carl C Lamb says:

    Only in America would this kind of thing be allowed. I have been around awhile, and at ninety-three years of age have seen a lot. Served in the military, etc. We have gone stark raving mad in this country to allow these nit-wits to do the things they do and get away with it. Our courts have gone crazy. To shoot a few of these idiots, while they are looting and burning, would have a very quieting effect on the others.

  27. George Medlin says:


  28. Honest says:

    I would like to deal with this SOB coward ~ No trial GUARENTEED~