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Watch: Michelle Obama Calls President a Racist

This 68-second clip from a stunning video of Michelle Obama attacking President Donald Trump while supporting Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and former Vice-President Joe Biden's bid for the presidency, is the video clip your friends, family, and all the talking head shows will be discussing for days to come.

As the Boston Globe puts it, "Michelle Obama is going after President Donald Trump in a scathing new video that accuses him of “willful mismanagement” of the coronavirus crisis and of racism. She calls on Black and all young voters not to “waste” their votes...

"Mrs. Obama accuses Trump of being “racist” when he and other Republicans are “lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs,” which she says is meant to “distract from his breathtaking failures.”"

Watch for yourself and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page.


  1. Barbara Roberts says:


    You need to keep your ignorant mouth shut and talk about something that you are familiar with. You obviously do not have a clue/

  2. ZIPMONKEY says:


  3. AJJ says:

    Really?, Really??
    Peaceful? Talk to the hundreds of store owners who lost everything to looters and rioters during those peaceful demonstrations.
    MLK in the 60’s that was peaceful. His message was get along,join hands, not throw rocks and bricks at the policeman.
    love and peace was the message for change.
    NOT RIOTS and LOOTERS. I am sad for you all who think this was peaceful, very sorry.

  4. cal peters says:

    piece of shit so the country at various city is burning it self made a martyr out floyd who is a 9 time thug everyone needs to wake the f up talk about racist alm not just blacks that model suggest they are above all others bullshit. so sick of this crap

    • Susan Johnson says:

      Agree? None speak of the truth about the man’s record and also, that he had taken what they call a speedball, along with fentanyl? Why he acted the way he did and couldn’t breathe‼️It kills within moments?I know because a dealer stabbed my only child while he was at a playground with his son, waiting to hear from dad, to see if mom’s breast cancer had spread?The dealer had it on candy for little children? 17 Detectives and 15+ more children died after my son?I took it upon myself to fight for justice for my son, grandson and those who had no one‼️ We live in corrupt Illinois and it is horrible‼️Governor to the States Attorney to Mayor of Chicago, are being investigated ???? , Trumps task forces are doing their jobs damn well‼️Thank You and God Bless each and every one of them who are saving the children and getting the EVIL ONES that are left‼️ The truth is coming out, many have stepped down, retired early, or suicide. Have you noticed? One bad policeman, like an Apple, should NOT ruin the bunch?❣️ That poor lady who had these peaceful?protesters on her vehicle with her child in the car with her! Did y’all hear that 911 call she made? Told her to not run over or harm anyone and to contact her local officials and she said isn’t that you? They said no, call your local representative? as if anyone would be around for help! Thank God, she and her child were not harmed? My grandson never knew of racists before this? started. We are a mix of all colors and patterns as I say? We are all in this together and together we shall overcome them all????Unite us❣️Watch a must-see! YouTube doc, Contraland! A documentary about what he’s been doing and another is coming??❣️ WWG1WGA?? YOU WILL NOTICE THE MAN IN THIS WAS NEXT TO THE POTUS DURING THE BIG BUSTS AND WHAT HE SHOWED US??

      • Sam B says:

        Omg Susan…ur story is so shocking/compelling. My heart goes out to u & ur family for ur loss ? . ALL of these killings HAVE GOT TO STOP. I wish ALL these killings would get the same attention that Blm/Marxist groups, spineless politicians & the brainwashed weak minded give against 100% of our law enforcement officers. Could u imagine? That would b something. That would mean that finally “ALL black lives matter”..& not just those lives when dealing with law enforcement!! Blm etc…STOP PURPOSELY IGNORING ALL THESE AMERICAN BROTHERS & SISTERS! The country is catching on to ur bs narrative.
        Susan..all the best to u & ur family!

  5. Sic&Tired says:

    Michelle Obama…Who is she trying to Fool – She is the darn Racist.!!! Another way of putting it – Who is calling the Keddle Black.!!! She wants to call a White Person a Racist, due to she doesn’t like Whites. So, that tells the True Story about herself … look in the Mirror – Michelle… & see the Racist. So – Sick & Tired of Her & her Pathetic Husband, who brought this Country Down….FOR 8 Miserable Long Years.!!!!

  6. Marylin says:

    Her eyes were filled with the devil, why now should she lie about all the horrible fighting saying it was Peaceful.

  7. clay rice says:

    I care as much about her comments and ideas as I did about her idiot, incompetent, hypocritical, liar husband barrelrock. Put a big sock
    in your socialist mouth.

  8. Linda says:

    She has always laughed in her face when Ingrid wrote that book about the Obamas the first year in the White House were the maids and butlers is where she got her information from and they were laughing that they pulled it off how stupid we were she’s right how stupid were we we didn’t know we didn’t elect him one sweet you elected him twice not me how dare her say things about Trump when her husband was the worst president we have ever ever had this all causes more rift between everybody what we had before

    • You r stupid, Obama was a great President that’s by he was electEd twice , idiot

      • Arthur Pope says:

        He got two terms because it was bought. He and the liberal Democrats played the race card again. 2007 was the start of the division in this country.

      • Sic&Tired says:

        No… Betty… The ONLY reason Obama got Re-Elected was because of All the Truly DUMB People out there, which You are One of, who did the voting of him back into Office for the 2nd Miserable Term and Another 4 years of bring this Country Down. So Sickening.!!!

      • Mike says:

        Odumbo was the worst president EVER!!! Michael is a racist POS. He has gotten better at hiding the package. I wish the odumbos would just go away. Maybe odumbo could be arrested for all the criminal things he pulled while in office!!!

  9. Jean says:

    I can’t get past that man sized neck!

    • William Moore says:

      Who in their right mind cares? But in the words of joyless behar of that other waste of time, the ‘view, and the real quote: “so what, who cares, move on” Really why are we constantly assaulted with news of ‘moochella’ obozo and kept abreast of her doings? Nobody with a life gives a ripe rats ass. These charlatans had an 8 year long luxury vacation on the taxpayers dime, hoodwinked and lied to the American people but didn’t do a damned thing or deliver for them and walked away millionaires. the affordable care act, NOT and obozo’s plan to create good jobs, more BULLS**T that never materialized. Someone tell the American people how a ‘community organizer’ who started out a middle class earner left 8 years later with over 40 million dollars? Math was my strong subject in school and no matter how many times I crunch the numbers, they don’t balance or add up unless there were some underhanded flim flam and back door deals which would explain this. Am i the only one who thinks these people are really annoying, boring and irrelevant? They wasted 8 years of time and taxpayer dollars and what did America and the American people get in return nothing but SQUAT

      • You r jealous, we love it❤️?☝???✌???????☺️

      • Esther Sevilia says:

        Obama and Biden both got their money handing cash to Iran. Does anyone understand that Obama handed the Iran Government 5 plane loads of cash. Just imagine where it went, I’ll tell you where it didn’t go. To the poor and hungry people of Iran. It went to killing our boys fighting for our freedom. Iran bought military might from Russia to kill our boys. That is the Obama Legacy that they are so proud of along with France and Germany.
        Obama in office 10 months and gets Nobel Prize will some one tell me for what already. That is one President I do not want to look back on along with his Michelle. She gets all the covers on news media mags but beautiful Melania gets not a one. Hate the media more and more they are the ones dividing us.

        • Bobby T says:

          Ester, you are 100% correct.

          Obama and Niden used their office’s to enrich themselves at the expense of Americans.

          Their both scumbags. But, the noise is beginning to clos on the whole attempt to remove Trump from office. A treasonable act. Maybe they’ll cells next to shitbag Hillary.

  10. Connie Smith says:

    Why does everyone keeps calling her “Michelle” since he became a female. Why does everybody accept him as a female. She is an ungodly creature that defies all legitimacy. The good Lord is watching, and He knows what will become of him and Barrack.

    • Daryl says:

      I’d like to see the daughters birth certificates. They have no semblance to either Barrack or Michael (sic)!

  11. Sam B. says:

    Ok…so statistics may a show a tiny fraction of demonstrations have turned violent. That being said this “small fraction” has REALLY DESTROYED CITIES/STATES, BUSINESSES, LIVELIHOODS, HOMES, FUTURES etc etc. HELLO! Reality is knocking at the door! As a left “leaning” democrat..comments/outlooks like this r yet another embarrassing mark on the left & quite frankly the country! Anyone who supports these Assclown Marxist groups/ideology..or tries to downplay, deny, or pin all this on an “off the reservation MORON.”
    Ps: Here’s a good one. Since we’re talking about “tiny fractions” I also ask this to Mrs Obama & others who think like this..: Out of the 900,000 law enforcement officers across our great country does the .0001% of them that have made horrible decisions(like what happened to Mr.George Floyd) over the past several years vilify ALL law enforcement?!
    The Blm bs narrative/marxist groups & all their absent minded followers/supporters would implode since this whack-ass narrative focuses on the .0001% of law enforcement & COMPLETELY IGNORES the 1000s of black on black deaths each year that have nothing to do with law enforcement! “Where’s the outrage & support for ALL these American brothers & sisters young & old?!?!?” Don’t these lives & their families matter??
    So Blm…shouldn’t “ALL..BLACK LIVES MATTER?!” Jus stay’n.

  12. Arielle Lancaster says:

    She really IS a Racist, and HATEFUL person ! She has always hated White people, and the ignorant WHITE Celebrities who support her, are too dumb to understand that !

  13. M says:

    Seems clear to me that Michael did exactly as she(?) said in 2016 while speaking for that loser Hildebeast Clintstone.

    She implicitly said “When they go low, we go high”. So reaching up from the sewer pipes and spewing lies from the gutter to help Groper Joe Bribedem is going high? Yeah right!

    Shut up you lying gutter pig and slither back into the primordial ooze where you belong.

  14. Susan Wright says:

    Why is this “woman” still getting air time??? She needs to just go away. She is no longer relevant. When have you ever seen a former “first lady” get on tv or you tube or whatever and say such horrible things about a sitting President? Please, just stop with your leftist rhetoric…blm, antifa, etc., peaceful protests? I can’t believe those words came out of “her” mouth. Is she blind and deaf???

  15. NONE YA says:


    • William Moore says:

      You’re right None Ya. ‘obozo’ didn’t do a damned thing positive, that’s the word that’s important here. What he did: he lied, flimm flammed and hoodwinked the American people, gave ’em 8 long years of rhetorical BULLSH*T promised to help the middle class, didn’t deliver on his programs and thus the middle class were in pretty much if not worse situations than when he started, oh and he wasted valuable time and tax dollars on BS and nonsense and he left DC over 40 million dollars richer. Math was a strong subject in school ( thanks Sisters of Notre Dame of Corondolet) and no matter how many times I crunch the numbers, they just don’t add up. Really these two along with obozo’s white lackey and flunky joey touchy feely sniffy biden and his shrew jill who by the way’s not a dr, well she’s not the important kind of doctor a medical doctor who might save your life or help you when you’re ill. She’s got a phd in education, in other word she’s a fancy teacher, big F****N deal. And the liberals, thinking the American people are stupid and clueless thought they could pull a fast one over on the American people and as they say, the BULLS**T goes on and on. You can’t make this S**T up, really, you just can’t

  16. Jaime says:

    Peaceful demonstrations? Something must be wrong with my TV! I saw looting, arson, and violence every night on my set. Maybe actual footage of the riots are deleted in your fashionable neighborhood, where everybody lives in multiple-million-dollar mansions! Shame on you, stooping so low! You are more racist than I have ever been.

    • Corri says:

      Wait a minute. Statistical research DOES show that only a tiny fraction of demonstrations are unpeaceful and there is no proof that that the cause of that tiny fraction of demonstrations were actually caused by democrats per se. I give her credit for putting the actual statistics forward in what she had to say – in order to put it all in rational perspective rather than from a stand of anger and despise. Like it or not, she was not just spouting opinion or spewing anger herself at any one person or persons. Just stating hard facts, not twisting it out of proportion.

      • Q says:

        Your “facts” have been provided to the masses and their propaganda puppet talking heads to keep you informed lemmings in line. In your mind those over 100 days of “peaceful protesters” in Portland didn’t cause billions in damages, did they? Dig deeper to find the real truth instead completely believing their prepared lies.

      • Esther Sevilia says:

        Really? You not watch TV with your own eyes? Or are you blinded by DEMS and their lies. So your saying that when the black officers were shot in their vehicle, or the black man shot guarding his friends store, the looting, breaking stores, stealing, hurting others. This was all done by the Right? Hoping bad things on President Trump, is that the Right too? Yelling to kill police, that is the right? Taking down statues, smearing with filth, throwing rocks and bricks at police, spitting at them. That is the Right doing that and more! You really need your head examined to keep this lie every day every day. How about Russia hoax and impeachment? You think the right is making this up too?

    • Daryl Schiebel says:

      If the demomcrats manage to steal this election, then it’s our turn and God I hope it doesn’t come to that!!!

  17. Pegs says:

    What a LIAR she is!!!! Who cares what the LITTLE WOMAN has to say. her husband was the WORST president this country has ever seen. Go back where u came from!!! #NOBODY CARES #TRUMP #2020

  18. Melody A Reed says:

    Are you kidding? There was NO VIOLENCE! All you had to do was turn on the television to see Democrat cities burning, people stealing as much as they could, and many carrying lethal weapons! What galaxy do you live in?????

  19. Kathleen Gustavson says:

    I am embarrassed she was our First Lady. People may not enjoy Donald Trump’s style but he has more moral integrity in his little finger than she has at all!!!

  20. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Michelle is such a liar. It’s not a peaceful movement. They are rioting and murdering people. If anyone is racist she is for spreading lies about Trump.

  21. Dylan says:

    The Miracle is that Leftists are STUPID enough to think that a Billionaire real state developer or an Acorn community organizer or a 77 year old with late stage dementia can do anything about an invisible viral enemy! CHINA caused the deaths…It is “CHINA” that caused all of this…It’s called ” BIOLOGICAL WARFARE “…Wake up people….What is it going to take…COVID – 20 ?….CHINA engineered the virus….CHINA ENGINEERED COVID – 19….Get it !….Get your heads on straight….They can do it again.

  22. Susan says:

    She is saying that “black and brown Americans” meaning skin color – nothing racist about that. . . don’t have the ability to deal with everyday life. That somehow are at a disadvantage to figure out who’s who and what’s what.

  23. Dylan says:

    Obama and Nancy Pelosi are Jedi Knights. She said while talking about the Wu-Han China virus waved he hand and said “This is the Trump virus.” And all the single digit IQ leftists say “Trump virus!” Trump Virus!” The force can have a strong influence over the weak minded. So Obama waves his hand and says when describing the rioting leftist, arsonist, vandalizing, laser police blinding, statue destroying, police car burning, looters, “These are just, peaceful protesters.” And all the Leftists say “These are just, peaceful protesters.” And then say SEE WE TOLD ALL YOU CONSERVATIVES THEY WERE “PEACEFUL! I first realized OB-Barry Obama was a Jedi Knight back in 2006 when he waved his hand and said to thousands of low IQ Leftists “We are just days away from fundamentally changing America” And all the simple minded Leftists repeated “CHANGE AMERICA!” “CHANGE AMERICA!” Obamas slogan was “Hope and Change” and “Yes we can.” No Leftist ever asked “Yes we can,” what? President Trump answered Obamas slogan,”Yes we can, Make America GREAT again!” If you were to travel all the way to MosEisley spaceport on the planet Tatooine, As the late Sir Alec Guinness aka Obi-Wan Kenobi would say. You won’t find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than what is in todays democRat party! On November 8th 2016 I felt a great disturbance in the democRat party, as if millions of pro-death LGBTQ America hating Leftists suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  24. Dylan says:

    I HATE Obama and Dementia Joe Biden and I never blamed Obama for the 60 million Americans infected with H1N1 or the 18000 Americans that died from the H1N1 Swine Flu so why are you blaming President Trump for the Wu-Han China Covid-19 outbreak?

    Do you think Joe Biden would have done a better job? If so, you do know he called President Trump a “racist” and a “xenophobe” for President Trump implementing a China/Italy travel ban don’t you?

    And then 2 months and 3 days later Joe Biden said Trump did the right thing! So IF Biden was President MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WOULD HAVE DIED BY NOW MAYBE EVEN YOU!

    What is really “shameful” is you Leftists do NOT realize if this Covid -19 happened under Obama/Biden we would have MILLIONS of dead Americans instead of only 200,000 Obama Biden lucked out that H1N1 was NO WHERE NEAR AS DEADLY OR AS INFECTIVE! But under those two losers we STILL had 60.8 MILLION CASES!

    Under President Trump we only 2 million cases of Wu Han China Covid – 19. That is a drop in the bucket compared to Obama/Bidens MUCH Less deadly and MUCH less contagious 60.8 MILLION cases of H1-N1 swine flu! President Trump has done a stellar job at keeping the numbers 58.8 Million cases LESS THAN Obama/Dementia Joe Bidens PANDEMIC! If Covid-19 Had happened under Obamas watch this country would likely have over 100 million fewer residence!

    The World Health Organization on Jan. 30 declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, On January 31 THE VERY NEXT DAY PRESIDENT TRUMP imposed travel restrictions!

    And the Democrats were WAY too busy trying to impeach him FOR NOTHING so they did nothing about it, and called him a “racist” and a “xenophobe” for his Jan. 31 President Trump imposed China/Italy travel ban!

  25. Dylan says:

    ONLY 5 of our 50 Governors FORCED C19 patients into vulnerable NURSING HOMES: ? Andrew Cuomo NY … Phil Murphy NJ … Tom Wolf PA … Galvin Newsom CA … Gretchen Whitmer MI They are ALL democRATS! Democrat Mismanaged New York & New Jersey … 0WNS 45% of the U.S. C19 deaths … but makes up less than 9% of the U.S. population !!

  26. Dylan says:

    The hardest part of Obummers time in office was Moocheles 12″ Hammer. We finally have a President with balls and liberals think that is a bad thing… Don’t get me wrong “BO” also had a pair only they were hanging from between Michelle AKA Michaels the transvestite Wookiees leges!

    Barry the fairy, “I will be leaving Michelle soon for a real Woman Pete ButtaPluger.” Michelle Obama once posed nude, but when they saw the photos they had to sell them to playgirl! I wonder if Michael AKA the transvestite Wookiee Michelle Obama will finally complete his gender reassignment surgery now that he is no longer first queen?
    Or to quote the great Auston Powers, “That’s a MAN BABY YA!”

  27. Mike says:

    I don’t know what protests that dumb ass has been watching but the ones the rest of us have seen they are destroying our cities. She is delusional. Hey Obama’s go AWAY.

    • C McL says:

      I am seeing cities destroyed by looting arsonists mobs on TV news media and pictures in newspapers as well as on news online daily but she is saying its all made up. I call M.O. a lying ….

  28. Williams East says:

    It’s to bad, that the Obama’s, haven’t been in some professionals Crosshairs.

  29. Edy says:

    Liberals, with this “woman” being the chief, are under demonic influence. Therefore, lying comes quite easily from them. Our Holy Bible says that Satan is the “father of lies”, so we can tell when liberals are lying – their lips are moving!

    This woman is filthy!

  30. Denise Fernandez says:

    This racist liberal bitch needs to shut her mouth. I cannot wait until her lying scum bag husband gets takin away from the feds. This family is the lowest of low go away. You will cry again on 11/3

  31. Elizabeth says:

    The only one who is a racist and lying here is Michelle! Who is she kidding? And who asked for her false statements? If anyone believes this crap, they are as ignorant as she is! Fact check Michelle – BLM and Antifa are domestic, Marxist terrorists! You have a lot of free time to fact check – ever heard of Snopes? Shame on you for promoting riots and violence! It’s a good thing you live in that mansion where you and you’re family are safe instead of in the cities where people are getting shot and dying in their “peaceful” protests!

  32. Frank Havey says:

    Today’s my birthday, my wish is for the Obama’to go away and enjoy there multi million home before rising ocean washes it and them away.

  33. jeorjia Gooch says:

    Your “peaceful protests” have left the former beautiful green and clean Seattle with broken store fronts, filthy streets filled with trash, rocks, broken glass, and bloodshed. Your antifa friends do have a mission to complete and you should be ashamed of your concentrated efforts to encourage their achievements.
    You could have done so much better in your 8 long years of service but what you and your husband did was to continue to weaken the pride and the efforts of the great American nation. YOU encouraged the violence and destruction of the very core of this country as a whole and someday will answer to God Almightyfor it. I would not want to be in your shoes when that time comes.
    Like everyone else…your knee will bow.

  34. E. H. says:

    You Michell are the one spreading LIES and FEAR. It is the Democrats behind the Burning, Looting, and Murder that has been going on and you say that is peaceful Protest. How Stupid do you think people are? You are the most racist person I can think of. You have a wonderful day spreading your lies.

  35. audrey says:

    wow big ass is at it again between she and opra i dont know which is more destructive. as for donald being racist look to yourself lady you and your husband began the worst environment of decent living in the usa beyond anyone. you had winston removed from the white house…you had beer gate……then you did the most ugly and hurtful act of damaging an incoming president and his wife. your actions and words were terrible. you and your high road i dont think you would know a high road. just some more veneer you push around as part of your lifestyle. i suggest you look into another presidents run for president and damage that. of course you are not really proud to be an american so change it.

  36. Mary Schuleit says:

    Can’t stomach the Obama’s what nerve for this past idiot First Lady
    to cover up their horrible 8 yrs by putting down our great President who is exposing corruption their administration did with Killary to our great Country.. these people couldn’t care less for Americans it’s all ego power. money. & Their daughter dating a Soros, all should be kicked out of here fast!

  37. Char says:


    • Susan says:

      Regarding the last lady?TBD? She is making a fool of herself along with Barry once again‼️ For anyone to threaten to say horrible things about another and wish harm upon them like COVID is EVIL and soulless‼️ I went back and counted in all 8 years he, Barry said the word GOD maybe 9 times, that I can find? It’s like they’re gonna choke to pray or say the word GOD, and they do not mean it? All you gotta do is watch their faces it gives everything away‼️Trump arrested more human trafficking in the first year than old Barry promised too in all 8 years! Wonder why? Money and what he prefers‼️Wiki I got back to 2009-2013 and holy?? They are going down ?? WHY WOULD ANY OF US WANT THE SAME HORRIBLENESS WE HAVE SUFFERED FOR SO LONG TO CONTINUE AND TURN US INTO CHINA? THINK BACK TO WHEN THINGS STARTED BEING MADE AND CAME FROM CHINA INCLUDING OUR PRESCRIPTIONS! DEAR GOD, THEY GOT SO CLOSE TO GETTING US ALL‼️ LOOK AT OTHER SOURCES. TRUTH IS BEING TOLD BY BRAVE SOULS??? CLINTONS AND OBAMAS ARE GUILTY. LIKE MANY OTHERS AND ALSO, HOLLYWEIRD IS PART OF IT ALL AND HAS BEEN‼️ LOOK AT WHO RAN TO GREECE! DIED? JUMPED OFF BUILDING AFTER FORREST WENT TO AUSTRALIA AND THEN GREECE. I HEARD THEY TAKE ALL KINDS OF SICK PIECES OF??? SO THEY CAN HIDEOUT?DO NOT COME BACK?? YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE‼️GOD BLESS OUR POTUS AND FLOTUS AND BARR IS PUTTING THE HAMMER DOWN?✅FOR THE ONLY ONE WHO IS FIGHTING FOR US ALL??

    • Susan says:

      Kim Kardashian even went to the White House, met with the POTUS for the Prison Reform Bill, and met some of the ladies he pardoned over bogus charges. He has never been a racist and look back even to the 80’s. Boy, they forgot when they wanted his advice on contracts, building and backing them in political bull? Why he decided enough was enough?? WE NEEDED A STRONG BUSINESSMAN AND NOT ANOTHER LYING POLITICIAN THAT’S BEEN IN THERE UNTIL THEY TURN TO DIRT‼️THERE SHOULD BE A LIMIT ON ALL TERMS OF GOVERNMENT‼️KAMALA MADE ME?ANOTHER LIAR CAUGHT AGAIN?JOE SAYS NOW WHAT TRUMP HAS DONE FOR US ALL ALONG‼️DO NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN OR WE WILL BE SCREWED WITHOUT A SMILE OR A THANKYOU

  38. Jack says:

    Michelle is a pathological liar and she really believes her rhetoric but the true racist is Michelle herself, she Is a angry lying ugly ass drag queen. I don’t believe Michelle is really female just like I do not believe Barrack was born in the US. So his entire presidency was a fraud. Liberal Democrats Socialist Are enemies of the American people and the Constitution. And there is no bigger racist in America than Americans first transgendered First Lady and first gay President . Trump 2020 for America ??????????

  39. Pat says:

    Talk about being bought there own daughter is dating one of George Soros grandson corruption keeps happening ☹️

  40. Margaret says:

    I would like to slap her right up the side of the head, because she doesn’t seem to understand what BLM & antifa are doing! She didn’t amount to much as a First Lady! Paid her mother to babysit and now she gets a pension. Obama, Biden & Michelle were too busy robbing the tax payers. And I don’t want to listen to her because she’s a nobody!

    • Ninette. Scott says:

      I guess it’s because your a Republican and thats fine! To each their own. I’am Democrate but she’s not a good first lady! michelle Obama was better first lady then Melanie ever was. This is just my feelings.She’s not done nothing! But maybe a little. I Pray every day for both of them to get over this virus.It’s awful for everyone! I think it was awful for all the people wishing death on him! Also myself I feel he should always wear a mask and her wear a mask. Look at all people who they might have gave it to. Now he still has it and not even wearing one. This is from my heart.

      • Esther Sevilia says:

        Yah! I get you from the heart. You would not wish this on anyone but inside yourself your really glad that Trump got China Virus. I say that because you blame him for giving to others. Do you not think people don’t think for themselves? Testing is done all around him all the time just to prevent this.Do you really think that these people don’t have family they go home to?So you say they don’t care about giving it to their family. Did you every think that maybe someone got close to him that already had China Virus at the debate. I feel that he was set up. Regan also was shot in broad daylight being protected by secret service. How do you explain that? Should then Regan be blamed for not protecting others. Lets blame the Republican President all the time. That is what the Left does. Point finger, complain, destroy, and do nothing to advance the country for good! Melania has been shunned and demeaned by Media. She does do a great deal you just don’t hear about it cause of Media. Why is she not on 14 covers of fashion mags? She should be classy, beautiful, graceful, smart no one gives her benefit cause she is Republican. Melania now and Jackie then grace our White House like Michelle O can never measure up to. That is why she is filled with envy and hate. You can take that to the bank, my friend!

      • Susan says:

        The FLOTUS HAS DONE SO MUCH TO HELP SAVE THE CHILDREN. LOOK IT UP‼️THE PROOF IS THERE? ANOTHER REASON WHY THEY DECIDED AS A FAMILY TO HAVE DONALD TRUMP RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?? OBAMA NEVER DID ANYTHING BUT GIVE A GOOD SPEECH OF LIES‼️HE STARTED HANGING OUT WITH HOLLYWEIRDOS AND WHO IS BEST TO LEARN FROM? HOW TO LIE AND SELL IT TO THOSE THEY THINK ARE SO BENEATH THEM? WE ARE THE ELITES. NOT THEM‼️ THEY WOULD NOT HAVE ALL THAT MONEY IF THEY WERE HONEST? WOULD THEY? LIKE BIDEN AND HIS SON! Y’all please look things up, and learn the truth for yourselves and not from some bogus tv channel, and as Ted Koppel said there are NO TRUE REPORTERS ANYMORE‼️IF CNN DID NOT HAVE TRUMP? THEY WOULD HAVE HARDLY ANY VIEWERS. LOL, JUST OLDER FOLKS WHO BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY AND NEVER SEE FOR THEMSELVES??? I DO THAT IN MEANING I SWEAR TO GOD, TRUTH‼️ I have videos I can’t share, wish so badly that I could! Had 115,000 followers on Twitter and went to 15? Use duck ? go! Safe and they can’t see everything you do‼️ Like Google, FB, and others‼️ God Bless America and everyone of us who does not want anymore burning of businesses and hurting people and all of this hateful stupid?

  41. Bill says:

    This queen of the farm show continues to spread the lies that the media pushes as they keep their cameras away from the burning buildings and the bodies left by blm and antifa.

  42. McRant says:

    The ‘Forever Your First Lady’ opens her big, fat, lying mouth again. Calling Trump a ‘racist’, the left’s favorite phrase and lie. Using the patented Obama technique to racially divide the country as always. Guess she’s gone from being ‘proud to be an American’ when Barry was in office back to her aggrieved ‘poor, picked-on Michelle’ again. She DESPERATELY wants to remain famous! She reminds me of Meghan Markle! So very ‘special’. She’s not stupid, just hates white people and America. She knows Slow Joe’s voting records, she knows he’s running on a socialist platform, she knows Kamaltoe is a disaster, she knows Joe’s financial crimes, she knows she working for China. I believer her actions have a lot to do with the Durham report and the fact that the buck is on Barry’s desk now. He’s done enough to be investigated for crimes against the Trump campaign. That investigation or others like weaponizing the IRS or giving billions to Iran could topple Barack’s heritage. But if she can move the needle on Trump support, she knows Biden is co-equally guilty of Barry’s crimes against America. Biden will kill these investigations, and the ‘scandal-free’ Obama regime will live for at least the hardcore libtards.

  43. Mickey says:

    You can tell she spent a lot of time with the Clintons.She also acts just like Maxine Waters

  44. Jim says:

    I have no words to say about this lady’s talk, that can be said in public. Never in the history of the United States have we had a president or president’s wife who have done so much to destroy our country. Why don’t they leave?

  45. Lucy says:

    She sure pushes the racist card. I strongly believe she needs to earn her Netflix pay check. They both always wanted to be movie stars or they would never have stayed in DC to pretend they were still in charge.
    Blindsiding innocent people of color to make this country into socialism and they get richer. Greed greed greed!

  46. TW says:

    8 years was ENOUGH from this lying hate-filled RACIST $itch and er muslim illegal husband!!! I don’t want to even listen to her spewing mouth ? again!!! Ugggghhhh ….

  47. Donna Young says:

    Why can’t people see the truth about what is really happening? Our very way of life is being bought and sold by people who have proven that they, themselves, have been bought. They are trying to sell us off to the highest bidder and the buyers are not Americans. But the Sellers Are.

    • Susan says:

      We were sold out decades ago‼️Trump made friends with JFK, Junior who helped fill him in on the horrible and treasonous acts that the Government has been doing since they killed his father! Now, y’all may think I’m a bit crazy and I don’t really care, I am not! Just dying of cancer and mourning the loss of my only child, which he✅in the next booth to VOTE FOR THE MAN WE KNEW WOULD SEE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?OUR/GODS CHILDREN. Since my son passed away, I have researched and found out so much more? Busch, Clintons, Obamas sold us out and committed crime against our POTUS AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK?? Waste of our taxpayer’s money, while old Nancy keeps holding things up for bad bad things! Liars and they say Biden will win? I think not‼️47+ Year’s and look at what he’s not done‼️Now, his VP chewed his ass out over being a racist and worse, which he is! Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize for what? Trump deserves all three‼️ Because he earned it and actually did what he said like no politicians ever do‼️ God Bless you and your family wherever y’all go or may be❣️Stay safe and well❣️ WWG1WGA?? GOD BLESS

  48. Ralph says:

    You are a lying jerk! No I haven’t this is false

  49. Ralph says:

    You are a lying jerk!

  50. CJ says:

    Why anyone listens to this racist witch, I don’t know. Of course most liberals are racist anyway. She needs to just shut her lying mouth.