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Watch: President Trump Scoops 60 Minutes

In a move designed to scoop 60 Minutes because he felt he was treated unfairly by CBS News correspondent Lesly Stahl, President Trump just released his own video of the interview to show the public how he was treated and questioned.

The President released the video on Facebook along with this message: “Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse! #MAGA”


Watch for yourself and feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. Curtis Blackwell says:

    If Joe Biden gets elected it will be the first time in my 87 years of having an IDIOT for President!!!!

  2. K Buckner says:

    LS came into this interview with an agenda that was outlined by her network. She was not up to the task. Nice try LS. Fake news flunks again.

    • sheila asselin says:

      First off if you are so well informed you may want to first spell Lesleys Name right . So much for informed people!

  3. Mary Newsome says:

    Leslie was trying to present the facts, but you are so brainwashed you can’t see the truth .It is a matter of fact Trump has told over 25 thousand lies , He lies so much he does not know the truth from a lie. Use your critical thinking skills and then you will be able to see this man for who he really is.He has no respect for our Constitution. Wake up before it is too late and we become another Notth Korea with Donald Trump as our Dictator.I thank God everyday for the media but you have to be able to tell a fact from an opinion. The free press is the cornerstone that our freedom is based on.Be weary of a leader that calls the press fake. because you are on the way to being ruled by a dictator .As I stated before wake up. before it is too late !

    • K Buckner says:

      Spoken like a true consumer of the “kool-aide”.

    • Grace says:

      If the President only slept six hours a night and told nothing but lies all day he still wouldn’t have told 25000 lies. Be real, you exaggerate. Joe Biden is sure telling some pretty big lies about his and Hunters escapades. Biden’s lies are much more interesting than than presidents.

    • Shirley Henderson says:

      The press, the free press was gone the minute Trump announced he was running for president in 2016. And it is disgraceful how far the so called free press has gone to destroy Trump. Hate, Hate, Hate. Shame on free press. It just does not exist any more

    • Hope when you are in the bread line some one gives joint a crumb

    • Dabbler says:

      Maybe you ought to watch more closely. Trump has proven all of his statements and those like the ones about the virus were to keep you idiots from panic running and jumping off the proverbial cliff. Look what happened when the news was out, there was all this rushed survival buying and spending their mortgage money to buy toilet paper. That is the only lie you would have a chance of proving. Pull the fluff out of your ears and think things through for once. All the democrats lies even contradict themselves.

    • Sam B. says:

      Ms. Newsome. I respect your opinion but I must say I have no idea where u r getting your info. Both Leslie & Savannah Guthrie at the so-called town hall were combative with President Trump MUCH more than they were journalists/moderators. ALL these Narrative News Networks r so obviously BIASED it’s disturbing. Fair & honest journalism is dead. Nonsense like this as well as ALL the other biased bs he’s constantly blasted with is the reason why he stands up against ALL THE FAKE NEWS ASSCLOWNS. Trump has a spine! Good for u Mr. Trump!
      As for the constitution…Trump has ALWAYS supported & respects our constitution. Guess u also believe Trump will destroy social security, Medicare, Medicaid & pre-existing conditions too. That’s all “truth over fact” lol.
      I’m a irritated embarrassed (of my party) barely left leaning democrat who knows dozens of other dems that r over it! WE r patriots of our great country first.. & will b voting for TrumpPence & several others on the right.

  4. corey brown says:

    Didn’t he mention something sometime ago about fake news! L.S. what a boob!

  5. MikeMarkCA says:

    My gawd, she is such a whiner!
    Why do ALL of Trump’s interviews end up as DEBATES and ARGUMENTS? Ask the question, let him answer, then move on, let us decide.

    • Candy Shoemaker says:

      I was thinking the same….shes a whiner. She won’t shut up and let him finish answering. She went on and on about masks. She’d get on a subject but would go on and on forever and not let him get his complete answer out.

  6. Leslie Stahl should be completely embarrassed of this interview and of her treatment of America’s President. Personally, I will never listen to one wit of anything she “comes up with”ever again.I also doubt very much that I will be alone in my thinking! If I were her boss, she’d be fired the next day! The President is correct in saying that “She discredited herself”. Actually I think she did so and more by also by not giving the American people the smarts to realize how irrational her behavior and manners were. Shame on her! I remember a time when good people would listen and take thought to what she said.
    What a way to end years of having a good reputation. Now, she has put herself in the position of no one ever caring if they see or hear anything from her again.
    Open mouth…..insert both feet!

  7. Bobbi Matthews says:

    Lesley Stahl obviously has not seen the President very much in action! Neither has she done a very good job of keeping up with real current news! Pretty ironic for an experienced news person!
    Looks like our wise leader smelled another rat and got on about the real business! ???

  8. Sam B. says:

    Honest true Journalism with 90% of all media is dead. Pathetic. The media is so heavily narrative, biased it’s embarrassing & so obvious. We finally have a president that has a SPINE & stands up to anyone that crosses him, his family, his administration, our country..& shouldn’t worry about being pansy-ass politically correct &/or nice because the gentle snowflakes in the media “can’t handle the truth!” Truth doesn’t meet their narrative! Only “Truth Over Fact” does LOL yeah I said it. As a left leaning registered democrat(embarrassed)…I’m a PATRIOT FIRST. The attacks/disrespect of President Trump is absolutely ridiculous pathetic & embarrassing. Just like the “town hall” with the debater..I mean host Savannah Guthrie went south because of her actions…the 60mins interview aka disrespectful debate went south as well. Why? Because Trump has a SPINE & stands up against the fake news/establishment when they bash him! He fires back at these quacks times 2. Good for u Mr. Trump!! Let’s b honest.. 90% of the media has become nothing more than a promoter & a extension of the unhinged radical left. Very biased.
    This nonsense is yet another reason why I & dozens of other dems I personally know WON’T b voting for Biden nor any1 on the radical left. NO WAY IN HELL DO WE WANT TO LIVE UNDER THIS KIND OF RULE! With all the cognitive issues…being a puppet of the radical socialist left..Denouncing law enforcement & now with the factual evidence the FBI has shown with hunters “overseas business dealings” that Joe WAS aware/involved but “the big guy” always denied ever being a part of it. Ut-ooo Quid Pro Quo JOE!!
    These r all reasons to jump ship! Trump mite b brash, not pc, calls it like he sees it etc…but he for sure stands up for what’s right! I as a patriot of our great nation appreciate it!
    Get out to the poles & vote!

  9. Berniece says:

    Leslie Stahl must be living in a BUBBLE! If she can not acknowledge that the Russia Hoax was just that,the Obama/Biden admin spied on the Trump Campaign, that Joe Biden’s family is corrupt and making millions off his name and position as VP,besides everything else that is being revealed, she cannot pass herself off as a Reputable Journalist!!!! Happy President Trump released this interview, I never watch 60 Minutes or CBS!

  10. This was an absolutely obnoxious, rude, appalling, disrespecting attack on the President and the office of the president of the United States by a highly biased woman. It was not an “interview” by Stahl, it was an attempt to paint the president and his words in the false image created by the biased left. Stahl refused to acknowledge known facts and continually defended Biden. I can only imagine how this interview will be edited for 60 minutes. Stahl should be ashamed of herself, but we know that there is no shame in the deceitful biased media and its soldiers (not reporters or journalists). I have never seen anything like this in my 84 years and fear for the future of my grandchildren.

  11. Rosa says:

    Karma will bite her in the but one day. It’s people like you it’s what’s wrong with this country today.

  12. Carol C Erickson

    I”m the 28th to make a comment. Only 1 didn’t agree. The rest of the comments came from MY heart. I can’t understand Americans rather harm our country by word or actions. They seem to dishonor our flag, Our famous Statues,
    our {theirs} police, military, religion, and “in God we Trust” …. Leave !!!

  13. Thomas Whitehead 3rd says:

    Donald Trump is by a very patient man.He must be to put up with the nonstop hatred that was vividly displayed during that interview with Ms Stahl. But it’s like what he says: “I’m used to it.”
    Mr. Trump, your supporters who love you are also use to it and we believe you will be in the White House for 4 more years.

  14. John says:

    The man is not presidential material. He deserves everything he gets in the way of criticism. He has done nothing but promote racism and violence and division.

    • Berniece says:

      John!That’s why he is President because he is not “Presidential”! That’s why so many ppl voted for him! We had “Supposed Presidential” with Obama who all he had going for him was a lot of Word’s and Rhetoric that turned out to be all lies and corruption!

      • Sam B. says:

        John. Trump isn’t the stereotypical presidential type because he calls like he sees it…esp against the narrative, biased fake news media. They criticize him because he doesn’t take their bs like presidents have done before him. They Would take the criticism that came at them & NOT respond…just smile. Trump responds! Trump shoved it right back in their face times 2! The all-mighty media doesn’t like it. 1 person has brought down the entire corrupt fake news media. Right on Mr Pres!
        I’m a democrat & r sick of the media trying to divide the country with their narrative…twisting & turning everything. Enough!
        As for spreading racism & violence. This is the same president that has done so much for the black community, colleges & prison reform all that’s been LONG OVERDUE. The violence in the country wasn’t brought on by Trump. However he stood up firmly right from the start of all this bs for law & order…while my party denounced that there was any buildings, homes, vehicles etc etc r ON FIRE, looted, vandalized & destroyed. Sad.

  15. Nelli Harutyunova says:

    A Great Man and a Great President!!! Americans love Donald Trump for what He has done and will do for the country. Leslie proved that she is an unprofessional journalist who disgraced her profession.She showed lack of manners and decency while speaking with the President of the Leading Country of the World.That is so shameful!

  16. George Crenshaw says:

    I’ve never seen the President soo cool with this self-centered person, not a good reporter or commentator. I’d walker a long time before he did. Maya 2020

  17. John Chiarello says:

    Unbelievable. What planet is Leslie living on? I guess she means it hasn’t been verified because no one has gone to jail yet. C’mon Durham!

  18. Annette D McKinnon says:

    Blocked by the time I tried to view. How does this country allow this. 60 Minutes is a disgrace as is 90% of MSM!!

  19. Jan Strada says:

    The video was “Not Available” by the time I tried to watch it!!!!

  20. Pat says:

    Pathetic line of questioning by Stahl:

    Masks: Liberals want to follow the science. Scientist Fauci said early one that masks don’t work and should not be worn. America’s Front Line Doctors state masks don’t work. The virus is smaller than can be trapped by the masks. If you want people to wear masks, show us the pier reviewed scientific studies.

    Pre Existing Conditions: President repeated said his new medical plan will be cheaper, much more affordable and cover pre existing conditions, and Stahl repeated brought up pre existing conditions.

    Obama spied on Trump: Stahl repeatedly said it hasn’t been proven that Obama spied on Trump. It has been proven, he just hasn’t gone to jail yet.

    Biden Brides: Stahl repeatedly stated it hasn’t been proven yet. Really, seems like the FBI is trending that way. Is this woman living in a different world.

  21. I Agree 100%! Leslie Stahl should not be in office especially if she can’t even be respectable in a conversation to the President of the United States of America! He’s way above her in every respect! ??

  22. Apparently this interview was all about this woman wanting to selfishly achieve brownie points for herself! This Lesley sounds very self absorbed and not bipartial in the least. On the other hand, President Trump was so respectable and so patient it was amazing! I would have walked out a lot sooner on her had it been me, but I guess that’s why he’s the President and I’m not!

  23. Cheryl says:

    Let’s try boycotting our supposed media outlets as a start, it works for food chains, sports and box stores. Cut off the income from ads etc if viewing goes down.

  24. Judy Jones says:

    To listen to how the President of the United States of America is disrespectfully questioned and grilled for taking our nation back to prosperity and away from foreign dependence is despicable. He will never let communism into our lives and he is needed more than ever for the sake of Christianity, freedom, and the American way of life.

  25. John Woodward says:

    Leslie Stahl constantly interrupted Mr Trump, like every interviewer that I have seen interrogate him. I think there should be a mute button on these so called moderators. Their rudeness is reprehensible of their fake news biases.

  26. Christopher says:

    Where is the video?

  27. Jeanne Chromcak says:

    Please tell the IDIOTS that we live in FREEDOM in this great country. We will wear a mask when we want to. Thus if we get sick because of it then so be it. The left fights for the right to murder a full term baby but somehow we don’t have a right do decide if we wear a mask. This is a right to decide for our own body. This is very EVIL. WAKE UP AMERICA!! P.S. Leslie is not very up on the news. Maybe she should consider retiring. Oh and by the way, I am a suburban woman who LOVES Trump.

  28. Teal Tiki says:

    I don’t care who wins this election — I will NEVER listen to the media again. They have proven to be pushers of their own opinion and no longer relating the news. I have no reason to believe anything they say, they have lied, hidden the truth from the public, and denied many people a fair representation! Despicable behavior for supposed purveyors of the truth, you were to give us fair unbiased facts to allow us to decide for ourselves.

  29. Sherry Fitch says:

    I am really disturbed by the lack of respect that our President is given here……I can’t even imagine the pressure be is constantly under he deserves respect, he has more than earned it!! Leslie asks a question and he’s answering then she interrupts him. President Trump is dealing with huge situations in and around our country constantly. He has my prayers and support for this term and the next.!!!#

  30. George says:

    She was unbelievably rude to the President of the USA!
    She should be reprimanded and sidelined until she passes
    a common courtesy class. After which a public apology might suffice!
    So tired of medias’ obvious hatred of our representative republic!?

  31. T. S. says:

    So glad the President posted this. I am not at all surprised by the vitriol spouting from this woman. She apparently slept through the dispicable Pelosi impeachment show and has not kept up with the news of the Biden crime family, which is everywhere…btw, the laptop was not “found.” It was legally turned over to the authorities after being abandoned in a repair shop.

  32. Disgusted says:

    Stahl has a mouth big enough to put a Mack Truck in-she never shuts up. The whole interview was about her-her thinking, her feelings and her hate. She never stopped interrupting President Trump. We all should notify the evil media she works for and blast them all day long every single day. The media will be the downfall of America along with a couple other countries and the Democrats, Hollywood elite, Pro Ball Teams, Corporate heads ANTIFA, BLM, and LGBTQ, Hillary, Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rinos. I hope I didn’t forget one. It is getting very dangerous to stay in America

  33. Mimi Hayes says:

    Leslie Stahl is the wicked witch! I cannot believe how snarky she is. No respect for the office of POTUS. She sucks for sure!!! Never lets him finish his statements. Just “listen” to HIM without interrupting every sentence that he is trying to get across! I don’t know how our President can put up with these idiots.

  34. earl says:

    he is right they treat him like he is nothing and they treat uncle joe like its his first day of school

  35. Carol Phillips says:

    Best President Ever❤️❤️❤️

  36. Diana M Talmadge says:

    Stahl would never be this rude and shrill to the pervert, Joe Biden!

  37. Laura Snyder says:

    This interview is an obvious “Vote for Joe” production. Leslie Stahl fails to listen to our President’s answers to HER questions and is showing a lack of respect and fairmindedness. I could not watch til the end as I was disappointed in her journalism expertise or rather, the lack of it.

    • Jenelda R Woolery says:

      I agree 100% – this is the type of hatred the media feeds on – the lack of respect for the President is stifling!!!

      • joan dinnel says:

        why doesn’t this woman understand what president trump is tellig her. I’m old but do understand. personally i don’t feel he is responsible for the virus and what can he do go and manualy put a face mask on each person if they dont want to do it themselve. I have two kids in medical field one worke in financial at our hospital and othe is pharmacy director of a hospital in wisconsin they have told me obama care was a mess an didn’t help the people. as far as a vacine for the virus that could take years before the federal government okays one. trump is not a medical person he is a president. go afteer china they aare the ones who released this virus all over the world

        • joan dinnel says:

          if you are going to be moderator you need to listen to the news so you know what the hell is going on. excuse my swearing but you don’t seem to have any idea what is going on in the world. I know more of what is going on. hillary started the thing with russia then blamed it on trump. trump shouldn’t have to listen to you b.s. if you prefer biden. all of the comentaors are biased for biden the whole country knows it and if you haven’t figured it out so are you

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